Roller Hire in Darwin

Roller Hire for the Construction Industry in Darwin

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You can enter in your location plus the roller type you need to get an extensive list of the nearest suppliers in Darwin. Finding the right supplier nearest you has never been easier - just get in contact with them!

People often call rollers 'compactors' - but these are actually their own class of plant.

Rollers are like the 'mower' of the civil construction industry. They are not seriously sophisticated, but you can't do the job without them. Right now, with all the roadworks and aviation projects underway around Darwin, demand for roller hire is at the highest it has been in over ten years.

The surface of the drum on the roller is what matters. Padfoot rollers are suitable for light-to-medium compaction activities. Smooth drum rollers, by comparison, are for heavier compaction and are often used to finish. Multi-tyred rollers are better for creating a denser base in aggregates as a road is under construction.

The world of compaction is changing and there are plenty of innovations in the roller space, even if they are relatively simple plant by nature. Vibrating rollers, and other iterations such as aviation rollers with fine tolerance, are becoming more and more popular, particularly in the Darwin area as billions are invested in infrastructure, residential and commercial projects.

Compactors, also available for hire in Darwin, are a different piece of plant to rollers with different applications on site.

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