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Types of Tipper Trucks Available to Hire

Truck and Dog

Truck and Dog

Bogie Drive Train up to 12t

Bogie Drive Train up to 12t

Semi Trailer

Semi Trailer

B Double

B Double

Over 1,500 Tipper Trucks available for hire on iseekplant.

iseekplant is Australia's largest online marketplace for B2B construction supply and services companies. We've rounded up, catalogued and verified the fleets and capabilities of over 25,000 high-quality suppliers who work in commercial and civil construction.

Alongside tipper truck hire rates, below you’ll find a variety of tippers available for hire including the average tipper payload capacities and licensing required to operate.

Tipper Hire Rates Guide

Local plant hire suppliers most frequently offer tipper trucks on a wet hire basis due to the strict licensing requirements, however, you can hire some tippers on dry hire (usually in smaller capacities). Review the differences between wet and dry hire here.

Hourly rates are based on a wide range of conditions, such as the age of the truck, the conditions you're working on or under, and your location in Australia. Day rates are calculated on the basis of a standard 8-hour work day. All rates are ex GST.

Often our suppliers offer discounts for long-term hire, or if you are working for a reputable contractor. That’s why it’s so important to use iseekplant to get accurate rates. Click here to Get Quotes. We don’t recommend staking your project estimate on the generalist rates below.

Bogie Tipper / Body Truck Rates

Bogie drive tippers, also called Tandem Tippers and Body Trucks, are the most prolific kind of tipper available for hire. These tippers can be hired separately or as part of a combo hire with Excavators or Bobcats.

TypeCapacityHire TypePer HourPer Day
Bogie Tipper3 - 6 TonneDry Hire$50 - $100 Min 4 Hours$230 - $385
Bogie Tipper3 - 6 TonneWet Hire$90 - $110 Min 3 Hours$680 - $800
Tipper Truck8 - 10 TonneDry Hire$60 - $180 Min 4 Hours$420 - $720
Tipper Truck8 - 10 TonneWet Hire$105 - $120 Min 3 Hours$800 - $920
Tipper TruckOver 10 TonneDry Hire$100 - $250 Min 4 Hours$750 - $1,800
Tipper TruckOver 10 TonneWet Hire$120 - $140 Min 3 Hours$900 - $1,100

Truck and Dog Hire Rates

Truck and Dog and Truck and Pigs have similar capacities, the difference lies in the type of trailer used. A dog trailer is capable of pivoting on a wider radius, whereas a pig trailer is more fixed and tips on a smaller radius. The hire choice all comes down to how much flexibility you need to dump the trailer's contents.

There can be large swings in dry hire hourly rates for larger trucks, as many operators don’t put these trucks on dry hire, due to potential damage as well as the safety parameters and obligations under the NHVR.

TypeCapacityHire TypePer HourPer Day
Truck & Dog15 - 30 TonneDry Hire$100 - $200 Min 3 Hours$700 - $1,500
Truck & Dog15 - 30 TonneWet Hire$160 - $175 Min 3 Hours$1,100 - $1,300
Truck & DogOver 30 TonneDry Hire$150 - $400 Min 3 Hours$1,000 - $2,500
Truck & DogOver 30 TonneWet Hire$180 - $200 Min 3 Hours$1,200 - $1,500

Semi Tipper Hire Rates

Semi Tippers have a large capacity and are built for transporting bulk materials across paved roads, and over the long haul. The difference between a single semi-tipper, a B Double (2 trailers) and a Road Train (3 or more trailers) is just the number of trailers attached to the prime mover.

Typically trucks as big as Semi Tippers aren’t offered as short-term dry hire, so we haven’t included a standard minimum for hourly rates, as these vary wildly.

TypeCapacityHire TypePer HourPer Day
Semi Tipper (1 Trailer)20 - 40 TonneDry Hire$70 - $200$500 - $1,440
Semi Tipper (1 Trailer)20 - 40 TonneWet Hire$135 - $155$970 - $1,200
Semi Tipper (2 Trailers)40 - 60 TonneDry Hire$150 - $300$1,080 - $2,160
Semi Tipper (2 Trailers)40 - 60 TonneWet Hire$180 - $210$1,300 - $1,600
B Double40 - 70 TonneDry Hire$150 - $400$1,100 - $2,800
B Double40 - 70 TonneWet Hire$200 - $500$1,500 - $3,600
Road Train70 - 165 TonneDry Hire$200 - $500$1,500 - $3,600
Road Train70 - 165 TonneWet Hire$250 - $600$1,800 - $4,300

Side Tipper Hire Rates

Side Tippers provide an alternative dumping position to the conventional tipper, allowing for easier unloading in projects with specific tipping requirements. These tippers are commonly used in construction sites such as pipelines (where materials need to be dumped along a long-straight line) and can carry a variety of products, from bulk commodities to raw materials and mining products.

These are general rates for side tippers with 1 trailer. Request accurate rates from suppliers on iseekplant for side tippers with more trailers.

TypeCapacityHire TypePer HourPer Day
Side Tipper20 - 30 TonneDry Hire$70 - $200$500 - $1,440
Side Tipper20 - 30 TonneWet Hire$100 - $200$720 - $1,500

Tipper Average Payloads & Licensing

Tipper truck hire provides various functions for construction, mining, and earthmoving jobs. It's important, however, to determine the right tipper truck for your project and what license is required. Below the the operating requirements and licensing obligations for tipper trucks is detailed by type.

TypeLow PayloadHigh PayloadLicence to Operate
2 Tonne Tippers0 Tonnes2 TonnesCar Licence OK
Bogie Tipper2 Tonnes12 TonnesMedium Rigid (MR)
Tandem Tipper / Body Truck8 Tonnes14 TonnesHeavy Rigid (HR)
Truck and Dog Tipper20 Tonnes40 TonnesHeavy Rigid (HR)
Truck and Pig Tipper20 Tonnes40 TonnesHeavy Rigid (HR)
Belly Dumper14 Tonnes42 TonnesHeavy Combination (HC)
Side Tipper20 Tonnes50 TonnesHeavy Combination (HC)
Single Semi Tipper20 Tonnes40 TonnesMulti-Combination (MC)
B Double Semi Tipper40 Tonnes68 TonnesMulti-Combination (MC)
Road Train Tipper40 Tonnes164 TonnesMulti-Combination (MC)

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