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If you are in the mining, construction, or infrastructure industry, then you would know how essential a tipper truck hire is. Tipper trucks are just normal trucks fitted with a platform that can raise to discharge its load. Tipper truck hire is used to transport aggregates, crushed rocks or other materials that have to be dumped at one site. If the project’s purpose is to transport material from one site to another, then a truck hire would do the job. These tipper trucks have low operational costs and are preferred for their high manoeuvrability, performance and long-term endurance.

There are many types of tipper trucks. A standard tipper truck uses a vertical hydraulic ram installed below the front of the body to raise the platform. These are mostly used for smaller capacity purposes. Due to its low capacity, tipper trucks have high manoeuvrability.

Next is the transfer dump truck. They are powered by an electric motor and a pneumatic motor and roll-on small wheels, riding on rails from the frame of the trailer. The dump truck’s design increases payload capacity without affecting the manoeuvrability. They also have a capacity of 26 or 27 short tonnes and are capable of 3 to 5 loads per day. A roll-off tipper truck comes with a subframe and a hoist. The container is placed on the ground and it is pulled back on the truck with the help of a winch and a cable. These containers have rollers on the rear and can be moved forward or back until the front of it is lowered onto the ground. They are used for carrying the rubble and building debris left after the demolition of any property. There are also many more but these tipper trucks are widely used and each comes with different functionality and uses. Therefore, while planning for a tipper truck hire, you should also know which type of tipper truck would do the job for you.

Having a dump truck on your worksite also comes with some potential safety risks to be aware of. Firstly, make sure the truck is on level ground before unloading the platform, or else the sudden off-balance and weight change due to lifting of the body and dumping of material can cause the truck to slide or even tip over. Also, because of their huge size, there may be a difficulty with maintaining visual contact with workers at the site; therefore these tipper trucks can be a threat to those workers especially when backing up. Hence make sure your tipper truck is fitted with proper mirrors and backup alarms. You must always ensure that you have a well experienced and a professional operator at your worksite before you go for a tipper truck hire.

There are many tipper truck hire suppliers in Australia. But you wouldn’t want to visit every local supplier to know which one aptly matches your requirement, would you? It would take a lot of time; you would have to spend money and energy. What if you could outsource it to someone who will give you the suppliers who match your requirement and that someone doesn’t even charge you for this service. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, it is true. With iseekplant’s user-friendly marketplace, you can find the best supplier for your service truck, belly dumper, pilot vehicle, dolly trailer, beaver tail truck, tandem tipper, bogie tipper and tipper truck hire near you in just a couple of hours.

Visit iseekplant’s marketplace and search for tipper truck hire to immediately get the top suppliers for tipper trucks near your location. You can choose the ones you want and contact them directly. Or if you don’t want to go through the trouble of going through the search results, simply use the Get a Quote tool. Post your requirements and we match those to a shortlist of suppliers. Then the suppliers get notified about your job and they contact you to let you know about the services they offer and the price they charge for it. Then it is up to you to choose your best tipper truck hire supplier.

If you are looking for a tipper truck for construction purposes then you might also want to look at a compactor hire, excavator hire or mini excavator hire which can be used along with the tipper truck to help you complete your project on time.

With over half a million monthly visitors, we are Australia’s largest online construction hire marketplace. We have a total supplier base of over 8000, so, visit iseekplant now and simplify the process of your tipper truck hire. We also have an option for suppliers to sign up with us to register their machines and rates to make it easier for them to reach their customers. We operate in all the major Australian cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin. Apart from tipper truck hire, we also have suppliers who offer dingo hire, cherry picker hire, bobcat hire, scissor lift hire, crane hire, forklift hire plus more.

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