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Whether you need a tractor for land clearing, earthmoving, agriculture, or construction projects, iseekplant has you covered. As Australia's largest digital marketplace with over 28,000 equipment hire and construction service providers, iseekplant links suppliers and job seekers, ensuring clients find the ideal machine (including the perfect tractor!) for their projects.

Tractors are the workhorses of the agriculture and construction world, offering a blend of power, versatility, and reliability that farmers and contractors can't live without. Fun fact: All earthmoving machines are tractors or have a tractor chassis and motor. In this category on iseekplant, we refer mostly to tractors in the agricultural sense, which have large front-mounted chassis and motors and are capable of dragging different types of attachments.

Tractor Hire Rates Guide

Hiring a tractor is a smart move for contractors conducting land clearing, environmental or tree clearing operations. Here is a look at average rates:

Tractor TypeWet Hire Rate (per hour)Dry Hire Rate (per hour)
Compact Tractor$80 - $120$40 - $60
Utility Tractor$100 - $150$50 - $80
Agricultural Tractor$120 - $180$60 - $100
Industrial Tractor$150 - $200$80 - $120
Specialty Tractor$180 - $250$100 - $150

Note: All prices listed on this page are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD. Price estimates can vary based on location, model and additional requirements.

Additional Costs When Hiring a Tractor

When planning to hire a tractor, understanding the full scope of associated costs is crucial for accurate budgeting. Beyond the rental fee, several other expenses can affect the overall cost of hiring.

Additional CostStandard RateDescription
Mobilisation and Demobilisation$150 - $500Costs for transporting the tractor to your site and back to the rental company.
Fuel ChargesBased on usageFuel consumption costs, which might not be included in the hire rate.
Operator Fees$30 - $60 per hourAdditional cost if a qualified tractor operator is required.
Damage Waiver7% - 15% of hire costOptional coverage for accidental damage during the rental period.
Cleaning Fees$75 - $200Charges for extensive cleaning if the tractor is returned in dirty condition.
Late Return FeesVariablePenalties for returning the tractor later than the agreed period.
Equipment Attachment Hire$50 - $200 per dayExtra cost for any additional attachments needed for specific tasks.

Different Types of Tractors & their Common Uses

Understanding the different types of tractors and their common uses is essential for contractors, farmers, and anyone involved in agricultural or construction work. Tractors are versatile machines with various capabilities, and knowing their multiple types and uses, facilitated by platforms like iseekplant, ensures selecting the right machine for specific needs, resulting in enhanced efficiency and superior outcomes.

Tractor TypeCommon Uses
Compact Tractor(small-scale) landscaping, property maintenance, light construction, small-scale farming
Utility Tractor(heavier applications) agriculture, landscaping, heavy material handling, infrastructure maintenance
Agricultural Tractorprimary tillage, planting, cultivation, harvesting, hauling, mowing and haymaking, spraying, livestock management
Industrial TractorEarthmoving, construction, site preparation, road maintenance, quarry work, bulk material handling, forestry products handling and movement, mining works
Specialty TractorDesigned for more specialised tasks (with specialised attachments) compared to utility tractors. Specific tasks include vineyard work, orchard work, and row crop farming.

Tractor attachments greatly enhance the machine's functionality, transforming it into a versatile powerhouse capable of tackling a wide array of tasks in the agricultural sector and beyond. These attachments enable tractors to perform specialised operations, from ground preparation and crop management to material handling and construction tasks, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity on the farm or job site. The right attachment can turn a single tractor into a multifunctional tool, essential for maximizing the utility and value of agricultural machinery in various operations.

Tractor AttachmentStandard Hire RateApplication
Arena Rake$40 - $60 per daySmoothing and conditioning arenas
Stick Rake$50 - $70 per dayClearing debris, scrub, and undergrowth
Agricultural Bucket$30 - $50 per dayGeneral loading and material handling
Rock Bucket$40 - $60 per daySifting rocks from soil
Ram Drill (3pt Linkage)$70 - $90 per dayDrilling holes with tractor's 3-point linkage system
Ram Drill (PTO Shaft Driven)$80 - $100 per dayDrilling powered by tractor's PTO shaft
Ram Drill (Hydraulic)$90 - $110 per dayHigh-efficiency drilling with hydraulic power
Auger Drive$60 - $80 per dayDrilling holes for fencing and planting
Post Driver$50 - $70 per dayInstalling fence posts
Post Hole Digger$50 - $70 per dayDigging holes for posts and foundations
Bale Grab$40 - $60 per dayHandling and transporting bales
Bale Spear$30 - $50 per dayPicking up and moving bales
Pallet Forks$35 - $55 per dayTransporting palletized goods
Aluminium Loading Ramps$25 - $45 per dayLoading equipment onto trailers
Ripper$40 - $60 per dayBreaking up hard soil
Chipper$70 - $90 per dayChipping wood and brush
Flail Mower$50 - $70 per dayCutting brush and mowing uneven terrain
Heavy-Duty Mulcher$90 - $110 per dayMulching heavy vegetation and small trees
Backhoe$80 - $100 per dayDigging, trenching, and backfilling
Billet Planter$100 - $120 per dayPlanting sugarcane billets
Power Arm$80 - $100 per dayManaging vegetation along fences and roads
Front End Loader$60 - $80 per dayLoading, material handling
Boom Sprayer$70 - $90 per daySpraying crops with pesticides or herbicides
Under Axle Blade$50 - $70 per dayGrading and leveling soil under the tractor
Over Axle Blade$50 - $70 per dayClearing and grading soil above the tractor axle
Rotary Hoe$60 - $80 per dayTilling and aerating soil
Box Scraper$40 - $60 per dayLeveling and grading soil

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Tractor

When hiring a tractor, several factors can significantly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations. Understanding these factors is crucial to selecting the right tractor for the job.

  • Size and Power Requirements: A compact tractor may is ideal for light-duty tasks like mowing and landscaping. For ploughing or towing, a utility or industrial tractor with higher horsepower may be required.
  • Attachments and Implements: Ensure the tractor you hire has the attachments and implements necessary for your tasks. For example, if you need to plough fields, make sure the tractor is compatible with a plough attachment.
  • Terrain and Conditions: Take into account the terrain and conditions where the tractor will operate. A track tractor may be more appropriate for challenging environments like rough terrain or steep slopes compared to a standard-wheeled tractor.
  • Manoeuvrability and Accessibility: Evaluate the manoeuvrability and accessibility of the tractor, especially in tight spaces or around obstacles. Compact tractors are often more manoeuvrable than larger utility or industrial tractors.
  • Comfort and Ergonomics: Take the comfort and ergonomics of the tractor into account, particularly if operators will spend extended periods in the machine. Seek out features such as adjustable seats, climate control, and ergonomic controls to enhance operator comfort and efficiency.
  • Maintenance and Support: Tractors do so much work that maintenance and support services should also be on top of your mind. Confirm the availability of spare parts and ensure there are local service providers capable of maintaining the machine.
  • Cost and Budget: Factor in the cost of hiring the tractor, including attachments or services your project requires. Compare prices from different suppliers to find the best value for your budget.
  • Environmental Impact: Consider the environmental impact of the tractor, especially if you'll be using it in sensitive areas. Look for tractors with low emissions and fuel-efficient engines to minimise environmental impact.

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