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Mini excavator hire is fast becoming one of the most used services for both domestic and commercial landscaping and trenching. The use of mechanical aids such as excavators, dingos and bobcats are being utilised by home renovators, construction professionals, and demolition experts alike. However, before hiring out any equipment there are a few things you need to know.

What is a mini excavator used for and who can operate them?

A mini excavator can be tracked or wheeled and can be used for a large variety of jobs on a site or in a backyard. Mini excavators are usually hired for small to medium-sized projects but can also be used for larger projects as well. Some of the main reasons a mini excavator is hired are:

  • Digging holes for foundations, ponds, and large trees and pools.
  • Digging trenches for utility services such as electricity and water, irrigation, and drainage.
  • Drilling holes for fence posts and other structures
  • Levelling site cuts and other grounds where a large amount of dirt needs to be moved.
  • Demolition of concrete slabs, asphalt, and other small structures.

All mini excavators have the full range of motion similar to their larger models. This includes 360-degree rotation and multi hydraulic arms to ensure all digging and loading is made easy.

Although a mini excavator is easy to use, there is some specialist training for safety and compliance that will need to be completed before using them. It is recommended that when looking for mini excavator hire that you also consider hiring a skilled and experienced operator. This will help avoid any hidden costs such as additional hire fees, and your job will be completed to a higher standard and degree of accuracy.

iseekplant can connect you with the right mini excavator hire service who will offer you all the necessary advice on what licences are needed. Through our online marketplace, you will have direct access to skilled operators of mini excavators and other plant machinery.

How much does it cost to hire a mini excavator?

Hiring a mini excavator doesn’t need to break the bank. In fact, due to the huge popularity of the machines, they are available locally, and hiring one can be really affordable. To break it down, here are some general pricing rules:

  • 1-2 Tonne Mini Excavator = DRY hire rate $30-$50+/hr +GST, WET hire rate $100-$120+/hr +GST
  • 3-4 Tonne Mini Excavator = DRY hire rate $50-$90+/hr + GST, WET hire rate $120-$150+/hr +GST

Hiring a mini excavator will often have a minimum hire time of around 4 hours or longer. You will also be required to refuel the machine at the end of the hired period. If your project requires removing soil, some hire plants offer the mini excavator in combination with a tipper truck. This can be a very handy combination as materials that are removed with the excavator will often need to be removed from the site as well.

What are the advantages of hiring a mini excavator?

One of the major advantages of a mini excavator hire is that you can use them for several different applications in a single sitting. They have multiple attachments that are easy to change and don’t take up valuable room on small sites. The multiple tools and attachments make the mini excavator the ultimate all-rounder.

A mini excavator is a great machine to kick start your project. These machines have taken off over the past 15 years and have found a niche in the construction and landscaping industry, working alongside or even replacing larger specialist machinery. Larger excavators aren’t always practical on a smaller site and have many limitations with site access and transport. Hiring a mini excavator on the other hand means you can do most things that the larger machines can do and with some added unique advantages that come in handy. These are:

  • Easier access - Mini excavators are designed to fit in small spaces such as through backyard gates, sheds, and other tight spaces. Often only requiring less than a metre space to fit through.
  • Easy to transport - Mini excavators can fit on a trailer or small truck tray, making transport far easier than large pieces of equipment. Transporting larger machines often require special licenses and oversize permits and can cost far more to transport and operate.
  • Less environmental damage - Mini excavators are light causing minimal damage to surfaces such as concrete and lawns. There is also less site preparation needed to ensure the ground can support the weight of the larger machines. They are also more environmentally efficient and produce far fewer emissions and thus, reduce their overall carbon footprint.
  • Noise pollution - Running a mini excavator is quieter and you’re less likely to encounter trouble due to noise pollution laws.

When looking into mini excavator hire, it is important to seek out reputable and trustworthy companies. iseekplant holds a reliable and professional reputation for connecting contractors with services. If you are interested in connecting, get in touch with our customer service team to learn more about how the iseekplant marketplace can work for you.

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