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Tips and guides to help you find the right dozer

Here's some tips and guides on how to find the right dozer for your job

1. What is a Dozer?

Short for the word “Bulldozer”, Dozers are tracked tractors with a substantial wide metal blade that is mounted to the front of the machine. Dozers are powerful pieces of earthmoving equipment and are able to operate in a number of tough terrains. There are 3 different kinds of dozers you’ll frequently find available for hire in Australia - these include tracked dozers, swamp dozers and wheeled dozers.

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2. What is the right Dozer for my job?

When deciding what the right dozer for your job is, you need to consider a number of factors. Dozer hire can vary massively in size and the type of work they’re designed to execute. Prior to hiring it’s important to consider the size and scope of your project and what surface you’re working on. The 3 main types of dozers for hire in Australia include swamp dozers, tracked dozers and wheeled dozers - each are suited to different industries.

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3. Do I need a ticket to operate a Dozer?

If you’re looking to operate a dozer, good news! You are not required to have a license or ticket. There is no such thing as a Dozer license or certification in Australia - however, the machinery supplier will brief you on general operation use and safety of the equipment. In a commercial setting, you’ll likely have to undertake extensive training before you’re given the keys, too.

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4. How much should I be paying to hire a Dozer?

Dozers have had one of the most profound transformations in usability in the era of equipment technology. They have many different uses, and when paired with GPS and surveying technology, can be used for detailed earthworks and grading application. Taking this into consideration, hourly rates fluctuate substantially - here are some typical wet and dry hire prices by size.

  • D6 Dozer $180 per hour (dry hire) $260 per hour (wet hire)
  • D7 Dozer $200 per hour (dry hire) $280 per hour (wet hire)
  • D8 Dozer $325 per hour (dry hire) $400 per hour (wet hire)
  • D9 Dozer $430 per hour (dry hire) $510 per hour (wet hire)
  • D11 Dozer POA POA
  • D12 Dozer POA POA

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5. What are common attachments for a Dozer?

With the modern construction marketplace constantly expanding, a number of different dozer hire attachments have been made readily available. It is important to know what ones your project will benefit from, as it can drive down costs and make your job more time-efficient. Some of the most common dozer attachments include:

  • S Blade
  • Cushion blade
  • Sidewall blade
  • Folding blade
  • Sloping blades
  • PAT blade

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6. What are the best Dozer brands?

Dozers have been a key player across construction sites for over 100 years. They’re an incredibly useful and common earthmoving machine, with a wide range of reliable manufacturers in Australia. Some of the most popular Dozer brands you’ll see across the country include:

  • John Deere
  • Komatsu
  • Caterpillar

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Multiple Dozers available for hire near you

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