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Dump Trucks are essential vehicles used in mining, construction, and other industries for transporting massive volumes of materials such as gravel, dirt, ore, sand, and waste.

Dump trucks are off-road machines, and tipper trucks are on-road vehicles. If you are moving large volumes of materials in off-road conditions on your jobsite, then continue below for some handy hiring tips, rates, and payload information.

Dump Truck Hire Rates Guide

Dump trucks aren’t super common, they are certainly not as common as tipper trucks, even though they would be one of the most recognisable machines in earthmoving. They are big, expensive to buy, hard to move around and cost a fortune in maintenance. But nothing packs a payload punch like them.

The most common dump truck is the ADT - or articulated dump truck. They have a few alternative names, including Moxy, ADT and Arctic Dumpers. The next most popular dump truck is the Rigid Rear Dump Truck, or the type of dump truck used in mining and quarrying. The other types of dump trucks in this category are fairly rare, niche machines. Their use is explained below.

TypeSizeDry Hire (Per Hour)Wet Hire (Per Hour)
Articulated Dump Truck10 Tonne$50$90 - $110
30 Tonne$170$210 - $230
40+ Tonne$400+$440 - $460+
Hi Rail Dump Truck15 - 25 Tonne$150 - $200$200 - $250
Rigid Rear Dump Truck30 - 100 Tonne$200 - $300$250 - $350
100 - 400 Tonne$1,000 - $2,000$2,000 - $2,400+
Site Dumpers & Front Tippers1 - 5 Tonne$40 - $60$80 - $100
5 - 10 Tonne$70 - $90$110 - $130
Track Mounted Dump Truck20 - 30 Tonne$180 - $220$220 - $260
Underground Dump Truck15 - 30 Tonne$150 - $200$200 - $250
30 - 60 Tonne$250 - $300$300 - $350

Note: All prices listed are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD.

Other Costs and Considerations

  • Mobilisation Costs: These can be significant, especially for large dump trucks. Consider rural area charges.
  • Standby Rates: Apply when the dump truck is ready but not in use. Usually slightly less than the operational rate.
  • Variable Rates: Include scheduled servicing, GET, safety attachments, track wear, tyre wear, minor and major parts for repairs, GPS capabilities.
  • The Fine Print: Consider consumables, cleaning fees, repair costs, maintenance, and servicing.
  • Minimum Dump Truck Hire Terms: Because Dump Trucks are so big and difficult to move, expect hire minimums to be a week (at least).

Types of Dump Trucks, Payload Ranges, and Applications

TypePayload RangeApplication
Articulated Dump Truck10 - 40+ TonneCivil earthmoving, major projects with limited space
Hi Rail Dump Truck15 - 25 TonneUsed on railway tracks for maintenance and construction
Rigid Rear Dump Truck30 - 400+ TonneMining applications, works in tandem with hydraulic excavators
Site Dumpers & Front Tippers1 - 10 TonneConstruction sites, small-scale projects
Track Mounted Dump Truck20 - 30 TonneRough terrains, mining, and large construction projects
Underground Dump Truck15 - 60 TonneUnderground mining and tunnelling projects

Do you really need a Dump Truck?

Dump trucks are usually designed for off-road use, especially in rough terrains like construction sites, mines, and quarries. Their heavy-duty construction and large tires allow them to navigate uneven surfaces and carry heavy loads.

Tippers, on the other hand, are more common for on-road use. They are generally used to transport materials over long distances on paved roads, such as in urban and suburban settings.

It's common for some of our Seekers to think they need a dump truck when they really need a tipper truck. Our suppliers likely won’t hire you a dump truck for a day, or anything short of a week minimum. This is just due to the inconvenience and drama of moving them, particularly if they are a wide load or need a pilot vehicle. If you have a smaller job or a shorter contract duration, consider pivoting to hiring a tipper, which can also operate off-road.

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