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iseekplant is the leading online B2B marketplace in Australia for construction supply and services. We offer an extensive catalog of fleets and capabilities from over 25,000 verified suppliers in commercial and civil construction, helping you find a variety of access equipment available for hire.

Access equipment, including boom lifts, scissor lifts, and elevated work platforms (EWPs), is vital to many construction projects. Our platform allows you to refine your search based on specific access equipment types, sizes, and supplier locations, using the filter of our supplier directory.

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The information below covers the average cost guides for access equipment as well as the types of access equipment available for hire and their height ranges.

Wet and Dry Hire Access Equipment Rates Guide

The cost to hire access equipment can vary significantly depending on the type and size of the machine, and whether you're looking for wet (operator included) or dry (no operator) hire. It's important to get a quote for your specific needs to ensure you're getting the best value.

All prices are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD.

Access EquipmentAv. Dry Hire Rate (per hour)Min Hire DurationAv. Wet Hire Rate (per hour)Min Hire Duration
Knuckle Boom EWP$45 - $704 Hours$75 - $1204 Hours
Straight Boom EWP$50 - $754 Hours$80 - $1254 Hours
Trailer Mounted Boom Lift$40 - $604 Hours$70 - $1004 Hours
Truck Mounted EWP$70 - $904 Hours$120 - $1604 Hours
Man Lift (Vertical Lift)$30 - $504 Hours$60 - $904 Hours
Duct Lift$25 - $454 Hours$55 - $854 Hours
Scissor Lift - Diesel$50 - $704 Hours$85 - $1204 Hours
Scissor Lift - Electric$45 - $654 Hours$80 - $1154 Hours
Scissor Lift - Tracked$60 - $854 Hours$100 - $1354 Hours
Spider Lift$55 - $754 Hours$90 - $1254 Hours
Fall Arrest System$25 - $454 Hours$55 - $854 Hours
Hi Rail Access Equipment$70 - $904 Hours$120 - $1604 Hours
Underbridge Access Equipment$80 - $1104 Hours$130 - $1804 Hours

Types of Access Equipment

Access equipment is a catch-all category including all types of working-at-heights equipment. Below are the subcategories or types of access equipment that are available for hire on iseekplant.

Knuckle Boom EWP (Elevated Work Platform): A highly versatile articulating lift that can manoeuvre over, around, and under obstacles, perfect for tight access areas.

Straight Boom EWP: Offers maximum horizontal and vertical outreach for situations where the workspace is directly overhead or hard to reach.

Trailer Mounted Boom Lift: A mobile, towable lift that is perfect for worksites requiring high reach in a variety of locations.

Truck Mounted EWP: A lift mounted on a truck, offering excellent mobility and height reach, often used for maintenance, construction, and repair work.

Man Lift (Vertical Lift): A compact lift designed for one person to work at height, often used in narrow indoor spaces.

Duct Lift: Specialised lifting equipment designed for lifting and installing ductwork and other HVAC equipment.

Scissor Lift - Diesel: A rough terrain, outdoor lift that uses crisscrossing supports to raise a stable platform vertically, powered by diesel.

Scissor Lift - Electric: Similar to a diesel scissor lift, but powered by electricity and more suited for indoor use or smooth surfaces.

Scissor Lift - Tracked: Scissor lifts with tracks for superior stability and ability to work on sloped or uneven terrain.

Spider Lift: A highly adaptable lift with outriggers for stability, excellent for working around obstacles and in tight spaces.

Fall Arrest System: Safety equipment designed to protect a user who is at risk of falling from a height, typically consisting of a harness, lanyard, and anchor point.

Hi Rail Access Equipment: Specialised equipment designed for work on or around railway tracks, including lifts and other access equipment mounted on a rail-compatible vehicle.

Underbridge Access Equipment: A specialised lift designed to give access to hard-to-reach areas underneath bridges or similar structures.

Height Limits and Ranges of Access Equipment

The size of access equipment is usually measured in reach - or the height to which the machine can take you or the materials it's designed to transport. Below is a table of the reach ranges of each of the types of access equipment and their general applications.

EquipmentHeight RangeGeneral Applications
Knuckle Boom EWP10m - 43mBuilding maintenance, window cleaning, tree trimming
Straight Boom EWP14m - 40mConstruction, painting, window installation
Trailer Mounted Boom Lift12m - 25mOutdoor maintenance, painting, construction
Truck Mounted EWP15m - 60mElectrical repair, billboard maintenance
Man Lift (Vertical Lift)4m - 14mStock picking, light bulb changes, HVAC maintenance
Duct Lift4m - 7mHVAC installation, warehouse maintenance
Scissor Lift - Diesel6m - 18mConstruction, building maintenance, events setup
Scissor Lift - Electric6m - 14mIndoor maintenance, warehouse operations
Scissor Lift - Tracked8m - 22mConstruction on uneven ground, outdoor maintenance
Spider Lift13m - 40mArborist work, interior atrium work
Fall Arrest SystemN/AAll height work where fall protection is needed
Hi Rail Access EquipmentVaries by modelRailway maintenance, signal work
Underbridge Access Equipment12m - 23mBridge inspection, bridge maintenance

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