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What is an Access Equipment?

Access Equipment Hire - EWPs & Scissor Lifts for Hire

We have stacks of access equipment hire suppliers on the iSeekplant database, allowing you to achieve vertical access on job sites, and get to hard-to-reach places. For access equipment hire throughout Australia, be sure to browse our listings for options like EWPs and scissor lifts which will increase productivity on site. EWPs and scissor lifts are much safer and mobile compared to ladders or small scaffolding, so if you’re looking for equipment for your next project, take a look at the extensive rental listings on the iSeekplant database.

EWPs for Hire

EWP stands for Elevating Work Platform, and they can be trailer mounted (and towable) truck mounted, or self-propelled. We have a range of EWPs for hire, including spider lifts, boom lifts, scissor lifts and more, and the type you choose will depend on the terrain and stability of the ground. A ground assessment should be made to determine the best EWP for the job, so you can examine if there are poor wind conditions, underground services, soft ground, ground cavities, or sloping surfaces. EWPs is often used by firefighters, to gain emergency access, and for a variety of different tasks within the construction industry. Most EWPS are used to lift less than a tonne and some allow the use of power tools with connectors for compressed air or electricity. Worker safety is a priority, which is why EWPs for hire have safety and guard rails set up around the platform, to reduce the risk of workplace accidents.

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The different types of access equipments

What is a Scissor Lifts- Diesel Access Equipment?

Scissor lifts are a type of elevating work platform, and you’ll find plenty of diesel scissor lifts for hire around Australia on our website. These are incredibly mobile machines, and yet still have a sturdy platform for operators and railings to ensure safety. Scissor lifts get their name from the supports which look like crisscrossed, connecting scissors once they’re elevated, and these are versatile machines which can be used both in and outdoors. Diesel scissor lifts are typically louder than electric models making them better suited for outdoor use, where the noise would tend to be drowned out. Another difference between the two models is load capacity. Diesel scissor lifts can lift heavier loads and are slightly taller than the electric lifts, with our hire suppliers tallest models starting from 15.1 metres.

What is a Scissor Lifts- Electric Access Equipment?

There are a number of electric scissor lifts for hire on the iSeekplant database you’ll find mobile, easily manoeuvrable scissor lifts to increase productivity and safety. Scissor lifts can be powered with a pneumatic or hydraulic system (generally considered to be safer as operators can easily release pressure to descend back to the ground), and mechanical operation system (usually with a rack system and sometimes with a pinion).  You can also choose the best scissor lift for your project based on the weight you need to lift and whether you will be using it inside or outdoors. Electric scissor lift models typically have a silencing muffler and offer zero emissions, making them the preferred choice for indoor use. Electric scissor lifts commonly stretch out less and accommodates lighter loads than diesel models with our hire suppliers tallest models being 12+ metres.

What is a Knuckle Boom EWP Access Equipment?

If you're looking to hire an EWP which allows you to be precisely positioned, every time, and can work at heights from under 10 metres up to 30.1+ metres, then hiring a knuckle boom lift will be the right solution for you. These versatile EWPs are fitted with articulating jibs which allow the knuckle boom lift to go up-and-over. At iSeekplant, we have a variety of suppliers offering knuckle boom lifts for hire, specifically designed for working on places a straight boom lift simply can't reach, like roof apexes. This allows you to work around obstacles such as machines, building, fixtures, walls and other obstacles.

What is a Straight Boom EWP Access Equipment?

Straight boom lifts offer the greatest horizontal reach of any aerial platform or EWP - successfully enhancing work productivity. Their high-reach capability makes hiring a straight boom lift ideal for sites with limited access, including construction, maintenance and industrial jobs. This type of EWP allows you to manoeuvre above, below and straight out from ground level. Our straight stick boom lift hire suppliers across the country offer a range of straight booms with platform heights of less than 12 metres up over 30 metres, allowing you to work up high safely. 

What is a Truck Mounted EWP Access Equipment?

Truck mounted elevated work platform (EWP) units are typically hired when working at large heights. Truck mounted boom lifts, also known as "cherry pickers", are also ideal when you have various worksites throughout the day and need to move fast from one location to another. Hiring a cherry picker is an excellent alternative when a knuckle or straight boom isn't suitable. This includes when a project requires safe access to power lines such as working on telecommunications towers, overhead power line maintenance and tree lopping. Many truck mounted boom lifts are electrically insulated for safe use around high voltage electricity. For on-the-road EWP solutions, check out iSeekplant's cherry picker hire suppliers across the country.

Image Source: Monitor Lifts

What is a Tracked Scissor Lift Access Equipment?

On the iSeekplant database, you’ll find a range of tracked scissor lift hire suppliers throughout Australia. This piece of equipment, frequently called a crawler scissor lift, is a self-propelled tracked scissor lift with bi-leveling capabilities allowing you to take this unit outside, work indoors, or anywhere else you may need to go. The tracks on the crawler scissor lift provide access over rough terrain. These units have a specialised system which allows levelling side to side and front to back. If you're looking to hire a versatile and productive scissor lift, then a tracked scissor lift is the right bit of gear for you.

Image Credit: Monitor Lifts

What is a Spider Lift Access Equipment?

Spider lifts, also known as trailer lifts, are extremely useful where narrow access is of major importance. Their compact dimensions allow them to gain access through most standard doorways, gates, and narrow aisles. A spider lift can rotate 360 degrees and has “legs” which can be locked into place, allowing the unit to be set up safely on stairs, multi-level platforms and gradients. Hiring a trailer lift makes working on various terrains safe and stable, from building maintenance on flat ground to construction on uneven surfaces. Our EWP hire suppliers offer a variety of spider lifts for hire from around Australia with both a tracked or wheeled chassis.

Image Credit: Universal Mobile Tower Hire

What are Common Access Equipment Hire Rates?

If you’re not sure which scissor lift or EWP is right for your next project, get in touch with the iSeekplant Projects Team, and they’ll take a look for you, comparing suppliers until they find the best choices and rates based on your project specifications. Alternatively, give us a call today on 1300 691 912.

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