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Road base materials are essential for constructing stable and durable road foundations. On iseekplant, you'll find a comprehensive directory of suppliers offering high-quality road base materials suitable for various construction projects. Whether you're working on residential driveways, major highways, or commercial parking lots, the right road base ensures the longevity and strength of the surface layer. Our platform connects you with reliable suppliers who provide tailored solutions to meet the specific requirements of your project.

Road Base Cost Guide

Understanding the cost of road base materials is crucial for budgeting your project effectively. The rates can vary based on factors such as material type, quantity and delivery distance. Below is a table detailing the average costs for different types of road base materials:

Standard Road Base Materials Cost Guide

Road Base TypeAverage Cost per TonneAverage Delivery Cost per TonneTotal Cost per Tonne
19mm Scalps CBR15$40 - $70$10 - $20$50 - $90
Type 2.3 Road Base$50 - $80$10 - $20$60 - $100
Type 2.1 Road Base$60 - $90$10 - $20$70 - $110
Class 2 Road Base$70 - $100$10 - $20$80 - $120

Alternative Road Base Materials Cost Guide

Alternative Road Base TypeAverage Cost per TonneAverage Delivery Cost per TonneTotal Cost per Tonne
Crushed Limestone$30 - $60$10 - $20$40 - $80
Recycled Concrete$30 - $50$10 - $20$40 - $70
Gravel Road Base$20 - $50$10 - $20$30 - $70
Recycled Asphalt Pavement$20 - $40$10 - $20$30 - $60

Note: All prices listed on this page are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD. Price estimates can vary based on location and additional project requirements.

Additional Costs to Consider When Hiring Road Base

When sourcing road base materials, it's important to consider additional costs that may arise during your project. Below is a table of potential additional costs:

Additional CostStandard RateDescription
Delivery Charges$10 - $20 per TonneCosts for transporting materials from the supplier to your site.
Material Testing$200 - $500 per TestQuality assurance tests to ensure material meets project specs.
Labour Costs$50 - $100 per HourHiring skilled labour for installation and supervision.

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of all expenses involved in your road base project, we recommend using our Get a Quote tool. This tool connects you directly with our experienced suppliers, who can provide tailored quotes that reflect the specifics of your project.

Factors that Influence Road Base Pricing

Several factors can influence the pricing of road base materials. Understanding these factors can help you make informed decisions and manage your project budget more effectively:

  • Material Type: Different materials, such as crushed limestone, recycled concrete, and gravel, have varying costs. Generally, natural materials like limestone are more expensive than recycled materials.
  • Aggregate Size: The aggregate size in the road base material can affect the cost. Larger aggregates typically provide better load-bearing capacity but may be more expensive. Smaller aggregates are usually cheaper but may require more material to achieve the desired stability.
  • Quantity: Bulk purchases often come with discounts. Ordering larger quantities can reduce the cost per tonne, making it more economical for extensive projects.
  • Delivery Distance: The distance from the supplier to the project site affects the delivery cost. Suppliers closer to your location typically offer lower delivery fees.
  • Supplier Pricing: Prices can vary between suppliers based on their operational costs, material availability, and market demand. Comparing quotes from multiple suppliers can help you find the best deal.
  • Market Conditions: Seasonal demand, fuel prices, and economic conditions can impact the cost of road base materials. Staying updated on market trends can help you time your purchases better.

Tips for Engaging with Road Base Suppliers

Engaging with road base suppliers effectively can streamline your project and ensure you receive quality materials on time. Here are some tips to help you navigate this process:

  • Engage a Quarry for Large Quantities: When your project requires substantial amounts of road base material, sourcing directly from a quarry can be more cost-effective. Quarries offer bulk pricing discounts and have the capacity to supply large volumes, ensuring you have enough material to complete your project without delays.
  • Engage a Landscaping Supplier for Small Quantities: For smaller projects, such as residential driveways or garden paths, a local landscaping supplier can provide the right amount of road base material. Landscaping suppliers often offer flexible quantities and can deliver smaller loads quickly, making them ideal for projects that do not require bulk purchases.
  • Request Multiple Quotes: Contact several suppliers to compare prices, delivery options, and material quality. This helps you get the best value for your money.
  • Check Supplier Reviews: Look for reviews and testimonials from previous clients to gauge the reliability and service quality of the supplier.
  • Discuss Project Specifications: Clearly communicate your project requirements, including material type, quantity, and delivery schedule, to avoid misunderstandings and ensure timely delivery.
  • Negotiate Terms: Don’t hesitate to negotiate prices and payment terms. Some suppliers may offer discounts for bulk orders or flexible payment plans.
  • Verify Material Quality: Ensure the road base material meets industry standards and your project specifications. Request samples if possible to assess the quality before making a large purchase.

Other Types of Quarry Supplies on iseekpant

In addition to road base materials, iseekplant offers a variety of other quarry products to meet your construction needs. Below is a table of additional quarry supplies available on iseekplant:

Supply TypeAverage Rates per TonneDescription
Crushed Rock$50 - $70Essential for base layers, pathways, and construction projects.
Washed Sand$20 - $40Ideal for construction, masonry, and as a base material for pavers.
Top Soil$30 - $50Perfect for gardening, landscaping, and top dressing lawns.
Sand Supplies$20 - $40Utilised in construction, masonry, and for laying pavers.
Soil Supplies$30 - $50Suitable for gardening, landscaping, and top dressing lawns.
Aggregate Supplies$50 - $70Essential for concrete production, landscaping, and drainage projects.
Crushed Concrete$25 - $45Environmentally friendly option for various construction applications.
Drainage Gravel$30 - $50Ideal for drainage systems, pathways, and driveways.
Crushed Limestone$50 - $70Commonly used for base layers, driveways, and construction projects.
Landscaping Supplies$40 - $60Enhances aesthetic value in gardens, walkways, and outdoor spaces.

Source Quality Road Base Supplies with iseekplant

The journey to finding the perfect road base can be challenging. But with iseekplant, it’s a smooth ride! We connect you with Australia’s top road base suppliers, ensuring you get high-quality materials tailored to your project's specific needs. Need to transport your road base materials? We’ve got you covered with a network of dump trucks, tipper trucks, trailers, and general heavy haulage providers. For any assistance or queries, drop us a line at [email protected] or ring us at 1300 691 912. Ready to get started? Click Get a Quote to begin.

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