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Vacuum excavators are used to remove unwanted material away from an area, including water from pools or dirt from surrounding utility assets. Vacuum excavation trucks are also known as sucker trucks, suction excavators or vac trucks. It is primarily used to safely excavate around cable networks and buried pipelines for emergency repair, rail track maintenance, deep excavation, confined spaces, sewer clearance, clearing around tree roots, basement work and more. Vacuum excavation is also commonly used for environmental maintenance, including clearing away environmental damage and cleaning blocked street gutters or gullies. The iseekplant directory offers vacuum excavation services from suppliers throughout Australia. These suppliers offer a diverse range of vacuum excavation, dust suppression, vac tanker, ground penetrating radar and non-destructive digging services to suit any project, including radar utility location and soil transfer.

What is Vacuum Excavation?

Vacuum excavation covers a range of activities, including digging and collecting dirt around utilities or cables without using traditional digging tools like excavators and shovels. This process has become popular in recent decades as it alleviates the risks commonly associated with conventional digging. Using non-destructive digging techniques like vacuum excavation and hydro excavation has proven to significantly mitigate the risk of line strikes and utility damage, while also decreasing project time. In layman terms, vacuum excavation is an excavation technique that uses a combination of air suction, compressed air lances and high-pressured water jets to safely expose underground utility cable networks, buried pipelines and even dated railways tracks for emergency repair, removal and inspection.

How does Vacuum Excavation work?

Vacuum excavators use twin or triple air vehicle fans to create airflow. A vacuum then pulls material inside the intake hose, where it’s transported into the catchment chamber. Sometimes the end of the tube will be toothed which helps to cut into the earth when it’s being used for excavating. From there, the material is sent to the holding tank, while a micro-mesh filter system captures all dust particles. In action, you’ll typically find a vacuum truck parked close to the location that needs to be dug up to access damaged or redundant utility cables. Powerful water jets are used to break up the ground while the suction tube sucks up the dispersed waste, leaving the utility exposed.

How much does Vacuum Excavation cost?

Typical vacuum excavation hire rates: *3000L - $150 to $175/hour for 1 operator, or $200/hour for 2 operators *6000L - $200/hour for 1 operator, or $270/hour for 2 operators *9000L and above - around $220 to $250/hour *Water usage - Fees dependant on local council *Waste disposal - Typically $6 per cubic metre of waste

Vacuum excavation service rates vary significantly depending on the project type, scale and duration. There are additional fees for water consumption and waste disposal, which is a requirement in Australia. Additionally, your project may require one or two operators depending on its scope. For rates tailored to your project, contact the iseekplant team by calling 1300 691 912 or emailing projects@iseekplant.com.au. Otherwise, use our Get a Quote tool.

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