Australia’s Best Plant and Equipment Hire Suppliers are Listed on iSeekplant.

There are tens of thousands of small-to-medium sized plant hire businesses supplying to the multi-billion-dollar construction and mining industries in Australia. Our mission at iSeekplant is to locate every single one of these great companies in the plant hire market, identify their hire fleets and give them an affordable online footprint that is searchable by their current and future customers, streamlining the plant procurement processes for everyone involved.

At iSeekplant – our marketplace includes both wet hire suppliers and dry hire suppliers to the construction and mining industries. While the definition of wet hire and dry hire varies from state-to-state in Australia – the main difference is whether you want to hire the machine with someone who is skilled in the machine’s operation, or whether you want the machine without the operator. Wet and dry hire options are denoted on every machine listed, and you can refine your machine search on this basis.

We encourage all our suppliers of machinery for hire in Australia across the hundreds of categories of machines listed on iSeekplant , is to start by listing for FREE on iSeekplant. We recommend that if you are supplier with machinery for hire in Australia, you list your fleet and capability on our site, get your profile sorted with your company information, fleet of machines for hire and operational locations across Australia. Once your profile is sorted, you can choose to try the platform out on a free listing and roll the dice to get some enquiry, or you can upgrade to a paid membership and watch calls, emails and project leads start to stream into your business from people looking to hire your gear!

Great, so everyone who is anyone in plant and equipment hire is listed on iSeekplant in Australia. How do I know if a plant hire company is any good?

Good question! You obviously care about productivity on your site and so do we. We’ve solved that problem with our Endorsements system – good suppliers have endorsements on their profile page, and on their search listing. An endorsement looks like a guy wearing rigging gloves giving a thumbs-up. The more of these endorsements a plant hire company has, the higher they rank in search results. Getting a thumbs up from one of their customers in the construction industry means you could probably trust them with your earthmoving project, big or small.

How do we classify and categorise all the Australian plant and equipment suppliers on iSeekplant?

You search iSeekplant for the plant you need to hire first-and-foremost, but we rank our search results by suppliers and their proximity to your project. Because even though we know you need the machine right now, what you actually need is a supplier with that machine.

We measure plant hire companies supplying to the construction & mining industries by the size of their fleet for hire, or their ‘capability’ and the number of locations they service. Broadly speaking we categorise these companies in 6 categories – Owner / Operator (one machine, operating in one location), Tier 3 Plant Hire Companies (up to five machines, operating in one location), Tier 2 Plant Hire Companies (up to 20 machines, operating in two locations) and Tier 1 Plant Hire Companies (operating in multiple locations with between 30 and unlimited number of machines for hire).

Where it comes to denoting a company’s working or hiring ‘locations’ - there are obviously shades of grey on the subject of depots, locations, holding yards and places these companies will mobilise to, and machines move around Australia quite regularly. We do our best, and have many technological features attempting to best identify the most precise view on that machine, its location and availability – and we are improving our tools every day. We also have additional classifications on the basis of whether a customer will do Residential Projects, Civil Projects, Mining Projects, Agricultural Projects and Oli & Gas Projects. Companies can list service groups, brochures and other documents to publish on their member’s profiles on iSeekplant – to make sure users understand the quality of the supplier and the kind of work they will and won’t do.

Anyway – check out all the visionaries who have seen ‘the light’ and embraced online plant hire. There are literally thousands of them, and they grow in number by hundreds every month. If you have been a bit slow-to-the-punch, click here to join for FREE.