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How it works

Bobcat hire brings one of the most versatile pieces of equipment for home landscaping or commercial use within easy reach. If you need to shift soil, rip up concrete, remove old fence posts, prepare a driveway, or dig a drainage ditch, the bobcat is easy to manoeuvre and will save you time and effort. Even if the job is large and requires an excavator hire for the heavy digging, a bobcat is essential for those challenging earthmoving tasks.

A bobcat can be delivered with the right attachments for your job and should be something to discuss with your plant supplier when they draw up a quote for your project. Some appliances in a hire package can include buckets, augers for digging holes, scraping blades, brooms, cutting tools, and much more.

At iSeekplant you can source all of your earthmoving machinery online. You can work with an expert supplier and team a bobcat hire with a dingo hire or mini excavator hire for multi-faceted jobs. If you need a site vehicle, iSeekplant can connect you with providers for a tipper truck hire to assist in spreading soil, mulch, or road base. You can also consider a compactor hire to pack your newly-laid paving or driveway.

Moving loads up, down, and around

When planning a project that requires bobcat hire and the use of heavy machinery, check the requirements and specifications so that you have the right machine for the right job. Safety on construction sites is essential for moving items above head height. Our providers can assist you with the right equipment for working at heights such as crane hire and cherry picker hire to transport workers safely up to a working platform. Moving loads around at a ground-level on a worksite is made simple with a forklift hire, or a scissor lift so that people and material loads are moved around without the risk of damage to building materials or impacting the safety of others.

How to hire a bobcat?

By using iSeekplant’s online platform you can search for a bobcat hire by typing ‘bobcat’ in the search field. Enter your location to get matched with local providers in the area and then, click on ‘Find Suppliers’ in the blue box. It’s that easy to get started.

Via the search function, you can also filter the option for a bobcat hire with an operator or without an operator. You can also refine your quote by selecting the following options:

How much does it cost to hire a bobcat?

The price for bobcat hire will vary depending on factors such as where your land is located and if you require delivery. Transport in regional areas usually costs a bit more due to the travel involved and gaining access to the site. The providers you choose will be in contact with you to discuss the outline and requirements for your project.

When you receive a quote, contact the provider to discuss any additional equipment required to complete the work. You’re likely to need specific parts/attachments for the bobcat, and possibly other digging and lifting machinery. Before finalising the quote, make sure you have included the attachments required for the bobcat. Your quote will indicate if a hire is charged by the hour or day. You may be able to save money by bundling your bobcat with a truck hire or another piece of digging equipment.

As a general pricing guide, an entry-level bobcat operator can be hired for around $50 per hour. For a more experienced operator, hire cost can range up to $150 per hour.

When looking into bobcat hire, it is important to seek out reputable and reliable companies that are sought after throughout Brisbane and surrounds. iSeekplant holds a reliable and professional reputation for connecting contractors with services through a centralised database of equipment and services that can be used for searching companies and contractors. There is no better place to hire landscaping machinery at a fair price. Click to connect to a valued provider and hire a bobcat today.

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Bobcat FAQs

Here's some tips & frequently asked questions on how to find the right bobcat for your job

1. What is a bobcat?

Bobcats are commonly used to dig, collect, lift and move material. There are two types of commonly hired bobcats – skid steer loaders and posi-tracks. The biggest point of difference between these two machines are the environments in which they are used. The skid steer loader option is the traditional model specialising in hard ground works. On the other hand, posi-tracks are far superior in muddy or slippery conditions with their tracks effectively distributing weight for a smooth ride on large surface areas of sand or grass.


2. What is a bobcat used for?

As they are not constricted to only hauling dirt across construction sites, bobcats are invaluable tools used for land-levelling, compacting, debris removal and light excavation. Whether you are trenching, digging or even clearing snow, the bobcat is a trustworthy tool with several attachments. Need to dig some dirt and clear it to another area on-site? The 4-in-1 bucket will be your tool of choice with its ability to gather and release materials rather than spill. Need to do some basic trenching without wasting time using a shovel? Hydraulic chain trenchers are perfect for digging trenches designed for utilities or fences. You seriously can’t go wrong with reliable and multifunctional bobcat hire.


3. How much does it cost to hire a bobcat?

The hourly rate for bobcat hire is largely dependent on the machine size required and whether it is wet or dry hire. In Australia, it is typical for bobcat wet hire to cost you somewhere between $115-$140 per hour and then $85-$110 per hour for bobcat dry hire. Let’s say you are conducting some large debris removal and need an operator, this would cost approximately $140 per hour. Similarly, if you need to complete some minor work on a sports oval and have the necessary expertise, dry hiring a small posi-track loader would cost approximately $85 per hour. For a comprehensive analysis of how much it costs to hire a bobcat, check out the iSeekplant skid steer loader hire rates guide.


4. Do I need a licence to hire a bobcat?

No certification or licence is needed if you are hiring a bobcat for non-commercial use on private property, although a machine supplier will brief you on the safety and general operational use. For commercial bobcat projects, the operator controlling the machine has onus of responsibility to prove their competency. The only time you will require an operational licence or high-risk work licence is for activities with added danger such as demolition, asbestos removal or when other equipment like cranes are in the vicinity.


5. Is a bobcat easy to operate?

Operating a bobcat is as easy as a ride-on-mower, as anyone can drive a bobcat efficiently and safely. Switch a steering wheel for joysticks and you have a bobcat. This does not minimise the risks of operating this machine, as risks are associated with operating any piece of machinery. Bobcats should be used cautiously and responsibly.


6. Is Bobcat made by Caterpillar?

Bobcats are made by the Bobcat Company. But skid steer loaders are made by various brands such as; Caterpillar, Komatsu, JCB and Case.


7. Do you need to wet hire or dry hire a bobcat?

Here at iSeekplant, our extensive network of bobcat suppliers includes options for both wet hire (with an operator) and dry hire (without an operator). We have you sorted whether you need the extra assistance and expertise of an operator, or you are ready and qualified to seize the controls and get to work yourself.


8. Where can I hire a bobcat?

Through iSeekplant, we have bobcat hire suppliers Australia-wide in all capital cities from Brisbane to Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin. We also offer bobcat hire solutions in all major towns and cities from Townsville down to Mackay, Gold Coast, Bendigo, Ballarat and Geelong. No matter your project requirements and location, we will connect you with the best plant for your job.


9. How do I hire a bobcat through iSeekplant?

The simplest way to get a quote for a bobcat in your location is to use iSeekplant's get a quote tool. Just tell us the equipment or service gear you need and where you need it, and we'll get you the best quotes available! Alternatively, call us on 1300 691 912 or email us at projects@iseekplant.com.au.


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