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Earthmoving is a subcontracted service conducted by earthmoving equipment and generally completed by operators (not dry hire). At iseekplant, we have a large number of suppliers with diverse fleets of earthmoving equipment. You can run a search, specify your location, and refine that search using the filters to find the perfect supplier for your earthmoving project.

You can also use our Get a Quote tool to request earthmoving services and get responses from suppliers near you.

The content below covers a general guide of hire rates for earthmoving services and machines as well as types of earthmoving equipment available to hire and their attachments.

Earthmoving Rates Guide

Earthmoving Subcontractor Rates

It's not really possible for us to include rates for all different types of commercial or civil subcontracted earthmoving tasks because these are usually comprehensively quoted either on a time basis, or cubic meter basis.

We have included a table of common residential earthmoving tasks and their average subcontractor rates for a completed job. All prices are our best guesses.

All rates are in AUD and exclude GST.

Earthmoving TaskRate Range (AUD)
House Foundation Excavation$2,500 - $5,000
Pool Excavation$2,000 - $3,500
Under House Excavations$1,500 - $3,000
Driveway Excavation$1,000 - $2,500
Digging a Basement$3,000 - $7,000
Hardscaping$5,000 - $15,000
Landscaping$5,000 - $20,000
Water Trenches$500 - $1,500

Earthmoving Equipment Hire Rates

Here is a table of rates of the most common earthmoving machines, so you can get an understanding. These rates can vary greatly depending on the supplier, location, availability, and specific project requirements. All rates are in AUD and exclude GST.

Equipment TypeSize/CapacityDry Hire Rate (Per Hour)Min. Dry Hire DurationWet Hire Rate (Per Hour)Min. Wet Hire Duration
ExcavatorSmall (up to 5 tonnes)$40 - $601 Day$80 - $1004 Hours
ExcavatorMedium (6 - 14 tonnes)$60 - $801 Day$100 - $1204 Hours
ExcavatorLarge (15+ tonnes)$80 - $1201 Day$130 - $1604 Hours
BulldozerSmall (up to 150 hp)$70 - $901 Day$100 - $1204 Hours
BulldozerMedium (151 - 250 hp)$90 - $1101 Day$120 - $1404 Hours
BulldozerLarge (251+ hp)$110 - $1301 Day$140 - $1604 Hours
LoaderCompact$40 - $601 Day$80 - $1004 Hours
LoaderSmall (up to 3.0 cubic meter bucket)$60 - $801 Day$100 - $1204 Hours
LoaderMedium (3.1 - 4.5 cubic meter bucket)$80 - $1001 Day$120 - $1404 Hours
LoaderLarge (4.6+ cubic meter bucket)$100 - $1201 Day$140 - $1604 Hours

Earthmoving Attachment Hire Rates

Attachments can significantly enhance the functionality and versatility of earthmoving equipment. Always confirm with your supplier what attachments are available and suitable for your specific job.

AttachmentCompatible MachineApplicationHire Rate Range (per day)
Buckets (General Purpose, Heavy Duty, Rock, etc.)Excavators, Backhoes, LoadersDigging, trenching, back-filling, and material handling$35 - $80
Hydraulic Hammers/BreakersExcavators, Skid SteersBreaking rock, concrete, or other hard materials$100 - $200
AugersExcavators, Skid SteersDrilling holes for posts, footings, trees$75 - $150
RippersDozers, Graders, TractorsBreaking up hard ground or rock for easier excavation$50 - $100
GrapplesExcavators, Skid SteersHandling bulky material, waste, or brush$50 - $100
TrenchersSkid Steers, Mini LoadersDigging trenches for pipes or cables$80 - $150
Compaction WheelsExcavatorsCompacting soil in trenches or other confined spaces$40 - $80
MulchersSkid Steers, ExcavatorsClearing vegetation and undergrowth$100 - $200

Types of Earthmoving Equipment for Hire

At iseekplant, you’ll find a wide range of earthmoving equipment for hire, including Excavators, Loaders, Dozers, and Scrapers. We also have other subcategories relating to earthmoving-type services - including bulk earthworks, earthworks and Heavy Haulage.

Each type of earthmoving equipment has its specific applications and is suitable for different types of jobs.

Earthmoving TaskMost Appropriate Equipment
Soil excavationExcavator
Heavy lifting and loadingLoader
Rough gradingBulldozer
Fine grading and soil compactionSmooth Drum Roller
Compaction of soil with high moisture contentPadfoot Roller
Compaction of wide, open areasMulti-Tyred Roller
Moving large quantities of earthScraper
Earthmoving in tight spacesMini Excavator or Compact Loader
Digging trenchesBackhoe Loader
High precision diggingGPS-equipped Excavator
Demolition tasksExcavator with hydraulic hammer attachment
Digging holesExcavator or Skid-Steer Loader with auger attachment
Removal and relocation of soilArticulated Dump Truck

Below is how we’ve categorised our database of earthmoving equipment on iseekplant and the way in which we consider sizing, applications and the common types of jobs.

Earthmoving EquipmentSize RangesApplicationsTypes of Jobs
ExcavatorsMini (1-10 Tonnes), Midi (10-20 Tonnes), Large (20+ Tonnes)Digging, grading, liftingConstruction, mining, landscaping
BackhoesStandard (14-16 Tonnes), Large (Over 16 Tonnes)Digging, lifting, loadingConstruction, utility work
DozersSmall (80-150 HP), Medium (150-300 HP), Large (300+ HP)Grading, pushing, rippingConstruction, mining, roadwork
LoadersCompact (0.5-2 Tonnes), Small (2-6 Tonnes), Medium (6-10 Tonnes), Large (10+ Tonnes)Loading, lifting, gradingConstruction, agricultural, landscaping
Skid Steer LoadersCompact (1-2 Tonnes), Medium (2-3 Tonnes), Large (3+ Tonnes)Loading, grading, liftingConstruction, landscaping
GradersSmall (130-180 HP), Medium (180-250 HP), Large (250+ HP)Grading, finishingRoad construction, site preparation
Articulated TrucksSmall (25-30 Tonnes), Medium (30-40 Tonnes), Large (40+ Tonnes)Transporting, haulingConstruction, mining
ScrapersSingle engine (10-50 Cubic Yards), Twin engine (50-100 Cubic Yards)Cutting, loading, dumping, levelingConstruction, mining
Compactors (Rollers)Small (1-7 Tonnes), Medium (7-14 Tonnes), Large (14+ Tonnes)CompactingRoad construction, site preparation

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