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Whether you're after a 4x2, 4x4, or a tracked backhoe, iseekplant is your ultimate solution for finding the right backhoe supplier. With access to a vast network of verified suppliers across Australia, we ensure you get the perfect equipment tailored to your project needs. Trust us to simplify your backhoe search and get competitive quotes using our Get a Quote tool.

Backhoe Wet Hire and Dry Hire Rates Guide

Below, we've included a quick rates guide for different types of backhoes available on iseekplant. Please note, all quoted prices are averages and do not include GST or additional costs.

Backhoe TypeSize ModelAverage Dry Hire RatesMin Dry Hire HoursWet Hire Rate (p/h)Min Wet Hire Hours
Backhoe 4x2Less than 10t$75.00One Day$95.004 Hours
Backhoe 4x2More than 10t$85.00One Day$110.004 Hours
Backhoe 4x4Less than 10t$80.00One Day$100.004 Hours
Backhoe 4x4More than 10t$90.00One Day$110.004 Hours
Tracked BackhoeAll sizes$100.00One Day$120.004 Hours

Additional Costs when hiring a Backhoe

Consider these additional costs when hiring a backhoe - noting that every supplier is different so we’re encouraging you to get an accurate quote from a supplier using our Get a Quote tool:

Additional Backhoe ChargesRate
Mobilisation and Demobilisation$500 - $1,000
Travel to & From Site for Wet Hire Staff1 x Hourly Rate
Attachments$20 - $50 per hour
Penalty Rates - Saturday after 12 pm1.5 x Rate
Penalty Rates Sunday2 x Rate
Penalty Rates Public Holidays2.5 x Rate
Penalty Rates Night Time1.5 x Rate

Backhoe Attachment Hire Costs

Below are common backhoe attachments and their associated hire costs - add this incremental charge onto the average hiring costs:

AttachmentPer Hour ex GST
Rock Breaker$60
Compaction Wheel$20
Pallet Forks$10
Post Hole Borer$60
Vibration Plate$50

Earthmoving Applications for a Backhoe

Backhoes are versatile due to their dual-functionality as both an excavator and a loader. Their applications extend from small to large scale projects, especially in construction, agriculture, and civil engineering sectors. Here are some specific tasks that backhoes are commonly used for:

  • Digging trenches for electrical or plumbing installation
  • Excavating foundations for residential and commercial buildings
  • Clearing and leveling land for landscaping projects
  • Breaking up and removing asphalt or concrete during road construction and maintenance
  • Excavating basements and underground structures
  • Material handling and loading, especially in supply yards and warehouses
  • Digging and filling in for septic tank installation
  • Creating irrigation systems in agricultural settings
  • Removing snow and debris in urban maintenance
  • Building and repairing rural roads and pathways
  • Grading and smoothing soil or gravel in preparation for construction

The adaptability and mobility of backhoes make them a staple machine in many construction sites and projects across Australia, but they aren’t very common. See below for the more common machines that can be substituted in for a backhoe if you can’t find one locally on iseekplant.

Substitute Machines for a Backhoe

Backhoes aren’t everywhere (at least, not as available and prolific as excavators are). Here are a few machines that can undertake similar tasks to a backhoe:

  • Excavators (Civil Sized) and Mini Excavators: Larger than backhoes, excavators are capable of performing heavy-duty digging and lifting tasks. They offer better performance in large-scale construction and mining projects. Mini excavators can perform most of the same tasks as the back boom of a backhoe.
  • Trenchers: Backhoes are often used for trenching because their back boom is suitable for digging a narrow trench in the ground as the wheels move the machine forward. Trenching machines however, are the specialist gear for long range trenching come in a variety of sizes and propulsion systems depending on the size of trench you need.
  • Wheel Loaders: These are used for loading and transporting materials, similar to the front boom & bucket of a backhoe. They're an excellent choice for projects that require high lifting capacity.
  • Skid Steer Loaders: These compact machines offer great maneuverability and can handle tasks like digging, loading, and lifting, making them a suitable alternative in smaller or more confined sites. Skiddies can literally be turned into almost any type of detailed earthmoving machine, due to a very large range of available attachments.
  • Tracked Loaders: Like backhoes, tracked loaders are adept at digging, loading, and material handling. Their tracked design offers better stability, especially on challenging terrains. Backhoes only operate successfully on compact ground (due to their wheel mounts).

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Looking for reliable backhoe suppliers? You’ve arrived at iseekplant - the world’s largest database of plant and equipment for hire. You can call us on 1300 691 912 or email [email protected] and we’ll post the job for you.

If you don’t want to contact our projects team, you can operate our powerful marketplace yourself. Run a search on a local area to pull up all the suppliers on our directory, then use the filter options to refine your search down to the most relevant machine or supplier. You can refine your search down to find the perfect backhoe models and attachments tailored to your specific needs. You can also deal directly with the suppliers without our involvement, and use our communications platform to call, SMS or send a message.

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