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4,149 Quarry Supply Companies on iseekplant

At iseekplant, we're proud to offer access to over 4,149 reputable quarry supply companies from our vast network spanning across Australia. Whether you're looking for high-grade crushed rock, washed sand, top soil, gypsum or other niche products, these suppliers ensure consistent quality and reliable delivery.

Every project has unique requirements, and our platform streamlines the process of finding the ideal supplier to match your project's specifications and budget. With such an extensive database, you're guaranteed to find a solution tailored to your requirements.

In this guide, we'll look at quarry products on our platform, standard market rates, how the quarry industry works and the process of delivering and removing materials from your site.

Quarry Products Rates Guide

Understanding the cost of quarry products is essential when budgeting for construction or landscaping projects. The type of product, its grade, quarry location and current market trends can influence the price.

We've compiled a list of common quarry products and their average prices per tonne below based on historical data and prevailing industry trends.

Quarry ProductAverage Price (per tonne)
Crushed Rock$20 - $30
Sand$40 - $60
Gravel$25 - $40
Aggregates$15 - $35
River Stone$50 - $70
Soil$10 - $25
Crushed Limestone$35 - $55
Road Base$18 - $28
Decorative Pebbles$55 - $90
Blue Metal (10mm)$70 - $85

Note: All prices listed on this page are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD.

This table should offer a baseline, but it's always recommended to get a direct quote for the most accurate pricing tailored to your project's specifics. Consult with our suppliers directly using our Get a Quote tool for the most current rates and get a customised quote.

Additional Costs to Consider

When budgeting for quarry products, the price per tonne isn't the only factor in the total cost. There are often overlooked expenses, such as delivery, handling and specific project requirements, which can add to your overall expenditure.

It's essential to account for these additional costs to ensure you remain within your project budget:

Additional CostsEstimated Cost
Delivery Charges (Distance-based)$50 - $300+
Specialised Handling or Processing$10 - $50 per tonne
Environmental or Council LeviesVaries by region
Import/Export Taxes (if applicable)Varies by product
Oversize Load Permits$100 - $500+
Site Preparation (if required)$200 - $2,000+
Rush Orders or After-hours Delivery$50 - $200 extra
Product Testing or Certification$100 - $500 per test

Take note these estimates can change based on specific project details, location and the current market conditions. Always work with your suppliers to obtain an accurate cost breakdown for your project.

Types of Quarry Products on iseekplant

Quarry products cater to a broad category of construction and landscaping needs. With an expansive range on iseekplant, understanding each type's primary use can guide project managers and contractors to the most suitable choice.

The list below highlights the top quarry products on our platform:

  • Crushed Rock: Typically used as a base layer for roads, the coarse nature of crushed rock helps with drainage and strength.
  • Washed Sand: Washed sand is sand that's washed to remove dirt and silt, making it ideal for concrete mixing and masonry.
  • Top Soil: Top soil is a nutrient-rich upper layer of soil often used for gardening and landscaping to promote plant growth.
  • Gypsum: A soft mineral, gypsum is common in plaster and as a soil conditioner.
  • Road Base: Essential for road construction, road base offers a sturdy foundation for asphalt and concreting.
  • Sand Supplies: Sand supplies cater to various applications from buildings to playgrounds. Sand types vary in coarseness and colour.
  • Soil Supplies: Soil supplies range from organic-rich garden topsoils to clayey soils for construction projects.
  • Aggregate Supplies: Essential for concrete production, aggregates include various sizes of sand, gravel and crushed stone.
  • Crushed Concrete: Repurposed concrete crushed into smaller parts; it's a sustainable alternative for road bases and other applications.
  • Drainage Gravel: Specifically designed to facilitate water drainage, drainage gravel is often used around pipes or in ditches.
  • Crushed Limestone: A versatile product, crushed limestone is used in projects from road bases to enhancing garden soils.
  • Landscaping Supplies: Landscaping supplies is a broad term that includes decorative stones, mulches and other garden and landscape beautification products.

Here’s a table detailing these products and a few more details you might want to know:

Product NamePractical ApplicationTexture & CompositionAverage Price/TonneCommon Sizes/Grades
Crushed RockIdeal for road construction and as a base layer for asphaltCoarse, angular fragments$50-$705mm, 10mm, 20mm
Washed SandUsed in concrete mixing and landscaping for top dressingFine-grained, free from impurities$60-$80Fine
Top SoilBest for gardens, lawns and landscaping projectsRich organic material$30-$50N/A
GypsumSoil conditioner and for use in plasterboardSoft mineral, powdery$40-$60N/A
Road BaseFoundation material for roadways and pathsBlend of rocks, finer gravel and sand$45-$6520mm, 40mm
Sand SuppliesGeneral construction and landscapingFine to medium grain$50-$70Fine, Medium, Coarse
Soil SuppliesIdeal for landscaping and garden bedsVaries: loam, clay, silt$25-$45N/A
Aggregate SuppliesUsed in concrete mixes, drainage and road constructionMixture of sand, gravel, crushed stone$55-$7510mm, 20mm
Crushed ConcreteSub-base layers and driveways; more sustainable than gravelRecycled concrete, various sizes$40-$605mm, 20mm
Drainage GravelUsed for improving drainage in gardens and drivewaysRounded or angular, often porous$50-$7010mm, 20mm, 40mm
Crushed LimestoneRoad base, under slab fill, drivewaysFine to medium grain, white-grey$55-$7510mm, 20mm
Landscaping SuppliesVaried use, depending on specific type; general landscapingWide range: from stones to mulchVariesVaries

The prices in this table are average estimations and might fluctuate based on region, supplier and current market conditions. Always consult directly with our suppliers for the most accurate rates.

How the Quarry Industry Works

The quarry industry is the backbone of many construction and infrastructure sectors, providing the necessary raw materials for numerous projects. Understanding the quarrying process is essential with Australia's regulations and the ever-increasing demand for high-quality building materials.

This section provides an overview of the process and regulations to help you through each step of the process:

Site Selection

Quarries are strategically placed based on the availability of specific rock types and their proximity to construction projects. Adherence to Australia's Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 ensures that environmental assessments and approvals are in place for new quarrying operations.

Extraction Process

Once the site is decided, extraction begins. Extraction involves carefully mining raw materials while abiding by guidelines set in The Mining Act 1992 and The Mining Regulation 2016 to ensure minimal environmental impact.

Quality Control

After extraction, materials are subject to rigorous quality testing. Standards like Australian Standard AS 2758.0 detail the general requirements for the supply of aggregates and rock, ensuring every batch meets specific criteria.


Once processed, materials are then transported to various sites, typically by heavy trucks. The Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) governs their movement, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of heavy loads, including quarried materials.

Charging Model

The pricing for quarry materials typically depends on the volume or weight. Consumer protection laws within the country ensure transparency in pricing and that the quarrying industry remains free from unfair business practices.


Every quarry has a life cycle. Once extraction is complete, sites often undergo rehabilitation to restore the environment. The Department of Industry’s Leading Practice Sustainable Development Program for the Mining Industry provides clear guidelines on this rehabilitation process.

Delivering and Removing Materials from Your Site

When working with quarry materials, both the delivery and removal processes are crucial in maintaining the flow of your project. Efficient delivery ensures your project stays on track. At the same time, effective removal guarantees the site remains tidy and compliant with environmental regulations.

Here are a few tips to help give you an idea of this final step of the process:

Ordering and Scheduling

Begin with placing an order with a trusted quarry supplier. This involves specifying the type and quantity of material required. Ensure a clear schedule is established. This helps in coordinating with other activities on-site.

Safety Protocols

All delivery vehicles should adhere to specific safety protocols. This includes using designated routes, obeying speed limits and securely fastening loads. Proper signage on-site can guide drivers and alert workers, minimising the risk of accidents.

Material Delivery

The delivery trucks transport the ordered materials to your site. Some materials might require special vehicles, especially for bulk orders. Ensure to set a designated area for unloading to ensure safety and efficiency.

Environmental Considerations

The removal of excess or waste materials should be done with the environment in mind. Avoiding spillage and ensuring proper disposal are key. Use sediment control measures if the site is close to water bodies, ensuring no material runoff enters these areas.

Material Removal

Any excess material that isn't needed should be removed from the site promptly. This might include materials like debris, old aggregates or any waste. Coordinate with the quarry supplier or a waste removal company for proper disposal.

Site Preparation Tips

Before material delivery, ensure the site is adequately prepared. This might involve levelling the ground, marking designated areas and ensuring easy access for delivery vehicles. Post-delivery, regular site cleanup and organisation are crucial. This helps maintain a safe work environment and ensures the project's smooth progression.

These steps and tips ensure that receiving and returning materials happens efficiently and safely, keeping your project's momentum uninterrupted.

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Of course, you'll want to transport your quarry products safely. So we can connect you with dump trucks, tipper trucks, trailers and general transport service suppliers. Remember, for assistance or queries, you can always reach out at [email protected] or call 1300 691 912. Ready to get your materials? Click 'Get a Quote' to begin.

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