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Right now, across Australia, there are almost 18,000 businesses that offer landscaping services. With the residential and commercial markets booming nationwide, it's easy to see why this is one of the fastest-growing services in the country. But how do you weed out the great landscapers that will blow you away with their ideas and go above and beyond with customer service from the ones that will go over budget and overtime? It's simple: iSeekplant is your ultimate solution to finding landscaping companies you can trust across Australia.

Don't take it from us — instead, browse through customer testimonials, access ratings, get quotes, and compare landscaping contractors before you make a decision. All you need to know is the type of operator you're looking for and where you'd like them to be located. Our powerful search engine will give you the results you want, and you can narrow down your search based on wet or dry hire. Don't get stuck with ballooning landscaping costs and shoddy providers. Count on iSeekplant to steamline your search for landscaping, hardscaping and rock pitching.

Landscaper FAQs

Here's some tips & frequently asked questions on how to find the right landscaper for your job

1. What do landscapers do?

As a practice, landscaping pulls in many different types of expertise. A great eye for design, knowledge about specialised equipment and machinery, an understanding of aesthetics, and expert planning and project management skills are required to execute a successful landscaping project.

Landscapers are at the heart of this process. Their technical skill and expertise, industry connections, and construction knowledge are what you count on to improve your property's look, feel, and function. That's the job of landscapers. They rely on these diverse skill sets to beautify your property's visible features with a combination of living elements. These include trees, plants, shrubs, natural elements such as water and hills, and abstract or non-living elements like lighting and hardscaping.

Many landscaping companies have pre-made designs or 'looks' you can choose from, customising the materials to suit your budget and personal tastes. Others offer custom, from-scratch plans that seek to make your vision come to life. They'll work in consultation with you to translate what you want into what they can make happen.


2. What does landscaping include?

Landscapers will be the first to tell you that the term 'landscaping' means different things to different landscaping companies. Some will offer a whole range of services, while others will stick to one or two.

Now, some landscaping companies are also experts at hardscaping and softscaping. This means they'll plan and execute a redesign for your front and/or backyard area, creating walkways, patio areas, garden beds, planting trees and more.


3. How much should I pay for landscaping work?

Landscaping costs are a tricky thing to pin down. Landscaping companies each have their own payment structure, and these differ by the types of projects and landscaping services you purchase.

So, for example, creating and building a covered outdoor kitchen might cost you $22,000. That's a one-time fee. On the other hand, landscaping companies may offer you a discount if you also purchase a retainer for services that include lawn and garden maintenance.

In general, plan for landscaping costs to come to about 10% of your home's total value. Landscaping services can start at $5,000, but the projects you decide on may put the final cost well over $100,000.

Factors that influence landscaping costs include:

  • Property size
  • Features and elements you plan to include
  • Materials and plants you select
  • Material sources
  • Location
  • Local labour costs

4. What is included in landscaping maintenance?

Traditional landscaping services include:

  • General landscaping maintenance — Usually includes weeding, ground cover trimming, debris removal, and removal of browning leaves, branches, and dried blooms.
  • Spring and fall cleanup — Along with general maintenance, this includes grass dividing, bed edging, mulch raking, and seasonal trims. It may also include overseeding patchy bits of your lawn, aerating, getting rid of thatch, and preparing the lawn for its next growing season.
  • Pruning/hedging — Includes pruning and hedging of particular plant and tree species done at the optimal time for growth.
  • Landscape plant protection and feed — Allows property owners to ensure that plants and soil have the right amount of nutrients and that they're protected from diseases and pests.
  • Lawn protection and fertilisation — Includes protection and care aimed at lawns, which need adequate soil nutrition and protection from grubs, fungus, and brown patches.
  • Irrigation set-up and winterisation — Includes setting up water and irrigation systems for blooms and lawns and monitoring for optimal water efficiency and winterisation of lines so that the water doesn't freeze and damage the system during cold temperatures.
  • Seasonal services — Includes planting and care for blooms, as well as holiday lighting.
  • Mulching — Laying down mulch to preserve soil moisture.
  • Leaf removal — Removing excess leaves that can suffocate the lawn if not cleared.
  • Lawn mowing — Includes keeping lawns mowed at a particular height, clearing grass clippings, and edging.

5. Where are iSeekplant's landscaping companies located?

iSeekplant has a nationwide network of quality landscapers operating in all Australian capital cities from Brisbane to Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne to Darwin, Perth and Adelaide. We also offer landscaping solutions in all major towns and cities from Townsville down to the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Geelong and Hobart.


6. How to use iSeekplant to find a landscaper?

Make your outdoor area as welcoming and inviting as your home's interiors with the right landscapers. Use iSeekplant's powerful Get a Quote tool to get the best landscaping companies right at your fingertips. You can call us on 1300 691 912 or email us at projects@iseekplant.com.au for assistance today.

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