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With almost 18,000 businesses offering landscaping services in Australia and booming residential and commercial markets, iseekplant is the solution to finding trusted landscaping companies. Using our Get a Quote tool you can get landscaping quotes directly into your inbox from local service providers.

Below you’ll find helpful content on the average costs and rates for Landscaping services, as well as the types of Landscapers and the work they complete.

Costs of Common Landscaping Jobs

Here are some of the most common landscaping tasks and the average costs to do those tasks. All average ranges are quoted exclusive of GST.

TaskCommon Price Estimate
Landscape Design$1,000 to over $7,000
Lawn Installation$13 to $135 per square meter
Retaining Walls$180 to $350 per square meter
Decking$6,500 to $10,000
Regular Paving$45 to $75 per square meter
Limestone Paving$50 to $85 per square meter
Gardening (Maintenance/Pruning/Hedging)$35 to $75 per hour
Softscaping$55 to $70 per hour
HardscapingUp to 10% of your home’s value
Water Features (e.g. pond, fountain)$9,000 to $25,000

Factors Affecting Cost in Landscaping Jobs

Getting an accurate quote using our Get a Quote feature is the only way to avoid these cost pitfalls. We’ve highlighted some below so you are aware.

  • Quantity of softscaping (less expensive), versus hardscaping (more expensive).
  • Design factors including garden size, earth quality, project scope, complexity, yard condition, climate, and input delays.
  • Soil and irrigation factors including soil fertility, testing, nutrient addition, topsoil replacement, water requirements, and climate impact on water supply.
  • Quantity and type of plants used in the design.
  • Hardscaping costs have increased due to the rising cost of concrete, which has doubled in some areas of Australia due to recent supply chain issues.

Average Landscaping Project Prices by State

Here are very broad average ranges of what typical residential landscaping project costs in each state and territory. All prices are ex GST.

State or TerritoryAverage Landscaping Prices
Australian Capital Territory$25,000 to $45,000
New South Wales$20,000 to $44,550
Northern Territory$17,000 to $32,000
Queensland$25,000 to $50,000
South Australia$16,500 to $30,000
Tasmania$12,500 to $30,000
Victoria$20,000 to $40,000
Western Australia$17,000 to $35,000

Average Landscaping Hourly Rates by State

Landscapers charge for their time by the hour, so here is a table of average hourly rates for landscaping services in each state and territory. Noting that landscapers rarely work alone, so you can end up with multiple people on a job (thus the charge for multiple hourly rates).

LocationLandscaping Cost Per Hour
Australian Capital Territory$55
New South Wales$55
South Australia$50
Western Australia$55

Types of Landscapers on iseekplant

  • Landscapers: provide end-to-end landscaping design, including land clearing, earthworks, concreting, pavers, mulching, planting, and finishing for residential, commercial and public space projects.
  • Hardscapers: involves creating heavy-duty retaining walls, large concrete or paved areas, fencing, trenches, and underground plumbing for landscaping projects.
  • Landscaping Suppliers: supply consumables like turf, aggregates, gravel, crushed rocks, plants, and fence chain for landscaping or hardscaping projects. They can be found in most cities and regional towns.

This category specifically deals with landscape supplier specialists, however, there are some other categories on iseekplant that are closely related to landscaping in the commercial sense - like aerial seeding and spraying, hydroseeding, hydromulching, land clearing, wood chippers, driveway concreters, mini excavators, & rock retaining walls.

Residential Landscaping Services on Offer

  • Lawn installation and maintenance
  • Garden design and planting
  • Tree and shrub planting, pruning, and removal
  • Installation of irrigation and drainage systems
  • Design and installation of outdoor lighting
  • Hardscaping services, including patio, walkway, and retaining wall construction
  • Installation of features such as waterfalls, ponds, and fountains
  • Fence and deck installation and repair
  • Soil testing and amendment for improved plant health
  • Regular yard cleanup and maintenance services
  • Landscape design consultation and planning

Civil and Commercial Landscaping Services on Offer

  • Site preparation and grading
  • Installation and maintenance of commercial lawns and turf areas
  • Design and installation of commercial landscapes
  • Tree and shrub planting, pruning, and removal
  • Installation of large-scale irrigation and drainage systems
  • Design and installation of outdoor lighting for commercial properties
  • Construction of hardscape features, such as walkways, parking lots, retaining walls, and outdoor seating areas
  • Installation of features such as fountains and public art installations
  • Erosion control and stormwater management
  • Environmental restoration and native planting
  • Snow and ice management for safety
  • Regular maintenance and upkeep services for commercial properties

Hiring Tips for Finding the Right Landscaper

Landscaping choices can impact home value, so choosing a qualified landscaper is crucial.

  • Look for a landscaping contractor with vocational qualifications and insurance.
  • Obtain 3 quotes from contractors using iseekplant, compare rates, and request a detailed breakdown of labour and materials to get accurate estimates.
  • Lock in material prices due to the current uncertainty in the construction supply chain.
  • Avoid cutting corners, but minimise expenses by looking for deals on materials and checking if your estimate includes excavation costs.

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