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iseekplant is a leading B2B online platform in Australia for construction supply and services. With a broad directory of gear and services from more than 25,000 verified suppliers in commercial and civil construction, we can assist you in finding a range of skid steer loaders available for hire.

Skid steer loaders, including both posi-tracks (sometimes called compact tracked loaders) and wheeled variants, are some of the most versatile and widely used machines in earthmoving. Some people call them 'Bobcats' - which is a colloquial term and refers to the most popular brand of skid steer loader. Many of Australia's top plant hire companies have multiple skid steer loaders in their fleets, ensuring you can find the right equipment for your project.

The extensive range of potential attachments makes skid steer loaders incredibly adaptable, capable of completing numerous detailed earthmoving tasks. Use our filters within the supplier directory to refine your search for specific attachments or alternatively use our Get a Quote tool to get multiple quotes in your inbox from suppliers near you.

The information below covers estimated hire rates for Skid Steer Loaders as well as attachments, applications and sizes and specs.

Wet and Dry Hire Skid Steer Loader Rates

The best way to get accurate skid steer loader rates from iseekplant is to use our Get a Quote tool. It allows you to send your job to a lot of local suppliers with skid steers, so you can compare rates and hire the right supplier for your jobsite.

Also remember there are a few other machines that can do jobs of a skid steer loader, including a Dingo, and a Mini Excavator(with the right attachments).

All prices mentioned below are average rates and do not include GST or additional costs.

Equipment TypeSizeAv. Dry Hire RatesMin. Dry Hire HoursAv. Wet Hire RatesMin. Wet Hire Hours
Posi TrackSmall$85.00One Day$1454 Hours
Posi TrackMedium$90.00One Day$1504 Hours
Posi TrackLarge$105.00One Day$1654 Hours
Wheeled Skid Steer LoaderSmall$75.00One Day$1354 Hours
Wheeled Skid Steer LoaderMedium$80.00One Day$1404 Hours
Wheeled Skid Steer LoaderLarge$95.00One Day$1554 Hours

Additional Charges to Consider when Hiring Skid Steer Loaders

Since each supplier on iseekplant has unique offerings, it's essential to request a custom quote for your construction project using our Get a Quote tool. However, here are some standard charges you might encounter when looking for skid steer loader rentals:

Additional Skid Steer ChargesRate
Pick up of Small Skid Steer on Dry HireUsually Free
Skid Steer Dry Hire Delivery$150 - $500
Skid Steer Dry Hire Pick Up$150 - $500
Travel to & From Site for Wet Hire Staff1 x Hour of Wet Hire Fee
GPS$20 - $50 per hour
3D GPS$50 - $100 Per hour
Penalty Rates - Saturday after 12 pm1.5 x Rate
Penalty Rates Sunday2 x Rate
Penalty Rates Public Holidays2.5 x Rate
Penalty Rates Night Time1.5 x Rate

What makes a skid steer the most versatile earthmover on the market, is the sheer number of attachments that are regularly available for it. Below is a table of the most common attachments, however there is approximately 100 or so possible attachments for a skid steer. Here is a guide to the 65 best attachments on our blog.

AttachmentAverage Hourly Hire RatesUse
Bucket$20 - $30For digging, grading, and carrying materials like dirt and gravel.
Auger$30 - $40For drilling holes in the ground, useful in tasks like installing posts or planting trees.
Pallet Forks$15 - $25For lifting and moving pallets or other heavy objects.
Backhoe$30 - $50For digging trenches or holes and removing large amounts of dirt.
Grapple$25 - $35For grabbing and moving large objects, such as logs or rocks.
Mulcher$40 - $60For grinding up vegetation and trees, commonly used in land clearing tasks.
Trencher$30 - $40For digging trenches typically used for laying pipes or cables.
Sweeper$25 - $35For sweeping and cleaning surfaces such as roads, parking lots, or construction sites.
Snow Plow$30 - $50For plowing snow from roads and other surfaces.
Stump Grinder$35 - $45For grinding down tree stumps.

Applications for Posi-Track and Wheeled Skid Steers

Ground conditions is the most important factor in deciding which type of skid steer you need. If you're dealing with loose terrain, opt for a posi-track skid steer loader. These track-mounted machines are specifically designed to operate on soft, sandy, and slippery surfaces, offering exceptional traction and stability. They excel in low soil compaction areas and wet conditions, minimizing surface damage due to their low ground pressure and specialised tread design.

If you're working on compact ground, wheeled skid steer loaders are the ideal choice. These high-performance machines can handle a variety of tasks when paired with attachments like buckets, augers, and drills. They also offer a cost advantage of approximately $30 per hour compared to posi-tracks, as they require easier maintenance and servicing. However, it's important to note that their break-out force may be slightly lower due to the absence of track ballast.

Sizes and Specs of Common Brands of Skid Steer Loaders

Skid steer loaders come in different sizes, typically categorised based on their operating weight, which generally correlates with higher horsepower and breakout force. Here's a handy reference table showing typical sizes for both wheeled and posi-track skid steer loaders. We have simplified our size models to include just small, medium and large types on the iseekplant directory. Use the filters to refine your search.

BrandTypeSizeCommon ModelOperating WeightWidthHeight
CaterpillarPosi-TrackSmallCat 239D33,468 kg1,525 mm2,050 mm
CaterpillarPosi-TrackMediumCat 259D34,600 kg1,650 mm2,030 mm
CaterpillarPosi-TrackLargeCat 299D3 XE5,215 kg1,980 mm2,170 mm
CaterpillarWheeledSmallCat 226D32,647 kg1,506 mm2,067 mm
CaterpillarWheeledMediumCat 262D33,779 kg1,727 mm2,081 mm
CaterpillarWheeledLargeCat 272D3 XHP4,354 kg1,959 mm2,130 mm
BobcatPosi-TrackSmallBobcat T4502,721 kg1,500 mm1,982 mm
BobcatPosi-TrackMediumBobcat T6504,175 kg1,730 mm2,080 mm
BobcatPosi-TrackLargeBobcat T7704,726 kg1,930 mm2,110 mm
BobcatWheeledSmallBobcat S4502,267 kg1,500 mm1,961 mm
BobcatWheeledMediumBobcat S6503,703 kg1,727 mm2,082 mm
BobcatWheeledLargeBobcat S8504,536 kg1,930 mm2,104 mm
KubotaPosi-TrackSmallKubota SVL65-23,610 kg1,525 mm2,004 mm
KubotaPosi-TrackMediumKubota SVL75-23,700 kg1,730 mm2,040 mm
KubotaPosi-TrackLargeKubota SVL95-2s4,600 kg1,905 mm2,084 mm
KubotaWheeledSmallKubota SSV652,690 kg1,515 mm2,007 mm
KubotaWheeledMediumKubota SSV753,115 kg1,725 mm2,040 mm
ASVPosi-TrackSmallASV RT-401,905 kg1,219 mm1,873 mm
ASVPosi-TrackMediumASV RT-754,080 kg1,780 mm2,080 mm
ASVPosi-TrackLargeASV RT-1205,192 kg1,905 mm2,133 mm

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