Thousands of Bobcats and Skid Steer Loader Hire Suppliers

Bobcats are some of the handiest earthmoving machines you can hire - we've got loads of suppliers with machines ready to hire now.

What is a Bobcat & Skid Steer Loader?

Bobcat and Skid Steer Loader Hire Suppliers

Skid steer loaders are versatile pieces of machinery and are suited to many different project sizes and tasks. These are also often called “bobcats” in Australia, although this refers to a particular skid steer brand that grew in popularity in the 1970s and still continues to be one of the world’s largest skid steer brands.  We have many bobcat and skid steer loader hire suppliers around the country, all located on the iSeekplant database, so you can compare listings and find the best equipment for your next earthmoving job.

Bobcat Loader Hire Suppliers

Bobcats are known for their versatility and compact size and can perform an ever-widening variety of tasks thanks to their many machine attachments, which are available through the bobcat loader hire suppliers throughout Australia. These machines are usually four-wheel drives, and have double acting cylinders, and can, therefore, drive in opposite directions and skid. While bobcats come equipped with a bucket, this can be replaced with many different attachments such as a tree spade, dumping hopper, trencher, tiller, ripper, roller, tilt, sweeper, auger, pallet fork, hydraulic breaker, stump grinder, cement mixer, wheel saw, snow blade, wood chipper or mower.

Bobcat hire suppliers also have tracked bobcats available, which are sometimes known as multi-terrain loaders. Once hydrostatic motors were introduced, the transmission was removed from these machines and they’re now powered by a set of hydraulic motors and pumps. Each vehicle will typically have two motors (one motor for each set of wheels) and four pumps.  The motors have a unique operating system, ensuring that the bobcat avoids stalling, and while the wheels are operating, the full force of the motor is focused on that function, while when other implements are being used the motor is then focused on powering that instead.

Skid Steer Loader Hire Suppliers

Skid steers have their steering locked on both sides, meaning the right and left wheels can be operated separately and it can skid, achieving remarkable manoeuvrability and the ability to “turn on a dime.” The loader arms are usually operated with hydraulics which allows the bucket or any other attachment to lift either vertically or radially. The radial movement means the bucket will arc away from the skid steer until reaching as high as the cab before it moves back inward.

Skid steer loader hire suppliers provide skid steers which are heavily reinforced- meaning they’re protected from any torsional forces as the wheels skid. The machine still manages to stay light and small, allowing it to complete the same tasks as a front-end loader with versatile applications and increased mobility.

We have a number of skid steers available, and the size you’ll need (and the attachments you should hire) will depend on the scale of your project (especially regarding any restrictions in height). You can choose from small to large machines, between tracked and wheeled systems, and a wide variety of attachments, simply check the iSeekplant database or get in touch for expert assistance today.

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The types of Bobcat & Skid Steer Loaders

Posi Track

A posi track is a compact track loader or multi terrain loader. Similar to the skid steer loader except a compact track loader moves along the ground with tracks instead of wheels.  The machine's tracks allow it to have less of an impact on softer terrain. Posi tracks are used for the same reasons as a standard wheeled skid steer however it has better capabilities in levelling pads. The track allows the machine to leave less of a "footprint" as it drives around. Multi terrain loader's excel in loose, wet, muddy conditions, on slopes, uneven terrain and is very good at leaving a perfect finish on level pads. The versatile compact track loader can be used for detailed levelling of roadways, driveways, tennis courts, house pads, and is particularly useful for landscaping projects. iSeekplant has a variety of posi track hire suppliers in Australia, have a search today!


A wheeled skid steer loader is a compact rigid frame, engine-powered earthmoving machine with lift arms. Typically, a skid steer's wheels have no separate steering mechanism and therefore can hold a fixed straight alignment. When an operator drives the left and right wheel pairs at contrasting speeds, the skid steer loader turns by skidding across the land. A skid steer loader typically weighs less than their tracked counterpart - the posi track, which allows for more flexibility in transporting.  The first skid steer loader was designed by the Bobcat Company. This is one of the reasons Bobcat is the most well-known producer of skid steer loaders and often this machine is referred to simply as a 'bobcat'. These versatile, high-performance and reliable machines are often rented with a wide range of labour-saving tools and attachments. From buckets, augers, drills, trenchers, rock breakers, grabbers to brooms and much more. Skid steer loaders and Bobcats can be hired to carry out many earthmoving, digging, landscaping, and excavation tasks. For quality wheeled bobcat and skid steer loaders for hire, visit the iSeekplant platform today. 


There's plenty of mini loader and dingo hire suppliers nationwide on iSeekplant. Dingo and Kanga Loaders are the most popular brands of compact utility loaders in the mini digger industry. They were the first "stand-on" mini skid steer and operators can either walk behind the unit or attach a ride-on platform. One of the major benefits of these compact utility loaders is their ability to pass through narrow passageways, tight spaces and small gates.  With a mini loader, one team member can lift and carry larger volumes of materials in fewer trips more quickly —  reducing the amount of work completed by hand. Dingo loaders are often hired out with a selection of attachments compatible with the compact utility loader making them a highly versatile machine.

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Bobcat & Skid Steer Loader Hire Rates

Whether you need to hire a dingo loader, wheeled skid steer loader or posi track, iSeekplant provides the most reliable and best value options on the rental market, all available at the click of a mouse. Call today on 1300 691 912 or get in touch with our projects team to hear some our bobcat hire supplier's competitive rates!

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Thousands of Bobcats and Skid Steer Loader Hire Suppliers

Bobcats are some of the handiest earthmoving machines you can hire - we've got loads of suppliers with machines ready to hire now.