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Compactors are integral to numerous construction projects, ensuring solid ground support. From road construction to foundational site preparation and landscaping, compactors ensure the ground is sufficiently dense to support structures or pavements.

At iseekplant, you have access to 162 top-notch compactors, bridging the gap between your project needs and the right equipment. This quick guide details compactor hire rates, specs and sizes, suitable aggregates for compactors and other types of compaction equipment, as well as additional costs.

Compactor Hire Rates Guide

Hiring the right compactor is critical, but understanding the rates can provide clarity on project costs. The table below shows what you can expect with wet or dry hire rates based on compactor size:

Compactor SizeWet Hire RatesDry Hire Rates
Small (30-50hp)$60 - $100/hr$45 - $75/hr
Medium (50-100hp)$80 - $130/hr$65 - $90/hr
Large (100+hp)$120 - $200/hr$90 - $150/hr

Note: Rates vary depending on the machine's age, brand and location within Australia. All prices listed on this page are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD.

Keep in mind, the rates we've provided in the table are estimates and may fluctuate depending on different factors. However, if you need a more accurate quote today, use our Get a Quote tool to connect with our network of suppliers!

Specs and Sizes of Common Compactors

To choose the right compactor, understanding their specifications is crucial. Below are some standard compactor sizes:

Compactor TypeWeight CompactionDepthWidth
Vibratory Plate70-100kgUp to 50cm40-50cm
Double Drum1-3 tons50cm-1m1-1.5m
Single Drum5-8 tonsUp to 1m2-2.5m

Aggregates Suitable for Compactors

Different compactors are optimised for various materials, ensuring efficient compaction:

  • Gravel: Compact using vibratory plate or single drum roller.
  • Sand: Suitable for vibratory plates or double drum rollers.
  • Clay: Best compacted using padfoot compactors or large drum rollers.

Remember to match your material with the ideal compactor for optimal results.

Other Types of Compaction Equipment

Apart from traditional compactors, there are several compaction tools and machines to consider:

  • Tamping Rammers: Ideal for narrow spaces and offers deep compaction.
  • Pad Foot Compactors: Pad foot rollers are perfect for cohesive soils like clay.
  • Jumping Jacks: Mostly used for trench works and tight areas.
  • Smooth Drum Rollers: Smooth drum rollers are common in highways and large asphalt applications.

Each machine has its unique set of advantages depending on the project’s requirement.

Additional Costs to Consider

When hiring a compactor, it's important to factor in these additional costs:

Potential CostEstimated Cost
Transportation to/from site$50 - $150
Operator fees (if on wet hire)$30 - $50/hr
Maintenance (if not included)Variable; depends on the project
Fuel Costs$10 - $30/hr

Remember, getting a clear picture of all costs upfront can prevent budget overruns later.

Find the Right Compactor for Your Project

Hiring the right compactor can make a world of difference in your compaction project. At iseekplant, we connect you with Australia's leading equipment suppliers, whether you require multi tyred rollers, road plates or general site equipment. Post your requirements, receive multiple quotes, and pick the best fit.

For any queries, contact us at [email protected] or call 1300 691 912. Ready for your next project? Click Get a Quote today!

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