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As the name suggests, a compactor is used to reduce the size of any waste material or biomass through the method of compaction. It can also be used to compact sand, soil, gravel and bedding in paving and bricks. Compaction is an important application in the construction industry because if the soil is not compacted correctly, then the construction that is built on that foundation will not be supported properly. Compaction also prevents soil settling, reduces water seepage and damage from frost. So, a compactor plays an invaluable part in the construction business.

Three main types of compactors are used in the construction industry, the plate, rammer and roller. The plate compactors have a large vibrating baseplate and are useful in soil levelling. The rammer compacter is used to compact the backfill in narrow trenches for water or gas supply pipes etc. Roller compactors or vibratory compactors are used for compacting crushed rocks that can later be used as a base layer under the stone or concrete foundations.

Compactor hire or any other equipment hire can be a tedious process. You would have to go to different suppliers, compare their products and services offered, compare their rate per day and hope that they deliver it to you on time and all this can be physically tiring and time-consuming. With iseekplant, you can do all that at the click of a button. You can find the top suppliers for compactor hire within minutes and have quotes delivered to you in a matter of hours. If you are looking for a small scale digging and earthmoving gear, then we can connect you with the best dingo hire suppliers. If you are looking for a large scale project, then we can suggest a good truck hire or tipper truck hire supplier. If you are in search of something to lift or gain access to raised areas then we can connect you with a forklift hire, cherry picker hire or scissor lift hire. Apart from these we also have bobcat hire, excavator hire, mini excavator hire, crane hire and so much more equipment and services listed on our marketplace.

How does a compactor work?

If you are in search of compactor hire then it might be a good idea to know how it functions so that you understand the capabilities of the machine and avoid any unwanted damages. Plate compactors come in different sizes and designs. Though they have a wide number of accessories and details, their basic functioning has remained the same. Plate compactors use centrifugal force to vibrate its baseplate at very high frequencies against the ground. This results in the compaction of the soil underneath it. It can work best on granular soil like sand and gravel. However, if there are rocks on the ground then a plate compactor might not work properly, and you might end up damaging the compactor.

Roller compactors generate static pressure, vibration and impact to compact the materials like rocks, sand and asphalt. Some also generate a manipulative force that allows for uniform compaction. They are fitted with tapered pads that penetrate and compact the soil to build up soil strength.

If you want something that can give deep compactions then you can get a rammer from your compactor hire supplier. On the other hand, a rammer does not use any vibrations like the other two but uses the impact force to compress the ground below. Its engine lifts the foot of the rammer and then slams it back down with a strong force. This leads to deeper compaction depths and is ideal for trenches and other tight spaces.

What size plate compactor do I need?

It all comes down to your requirements. The resulting amount of compaction depends on the baseplate and the force generated by the compactor. If your task is quite simple, then a small single plate compactor can be used. They move only in one direction and hence require lesser centrifugal force and are the most popular choice for small jobs. They are also the most affordable options.

If you are dealing with a thick layer of material to compact, then you might want to look at bigger sized plate compactors. As these have bigger base plates, they can cover large areas. They also generate higher centrifugal forces, therefore resulting in higher vibrations per minute. These can be done with help of reversible plate compactors and high-performance plate compactors which can operate in both forward and reverse directions.

How to hire a compactor near me?

Compactor hire can be easily done through iseekplant's user-friendly marketplace. You can use the search option to search for the best-in-class compactor hire suppliers and then connect with them through phone or you can make use of our Get a Quote tool wherein you simply post your requirements and matching suppliers will contact you with their quotes and you can select anyone you like. If we don't have any listed suppliers on the platform then we also have an expert team with great industry knowledge that take care of sourcing and connect you with any equipment hire service that you are looking for.

iseekplant is Australia's largest online construction hire marketplace. With over 500k+ visitors per month, we help projects spanning from small scale residential and agriculture to large-scale construction and mining. We operate in all the major Australian cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin. So, don't waste time and money looking for compactor hire, simply make use of our marketplace and complete all your projects with ease.

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