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iSeekplant is Australia’s largest online construction marketplace. We offer a range of land clearing services including arborists, stump grinding, tree clearing, tree felling, tree lopping, tree mulching, tree pruning and stump removal from our vast network of contractors all over the country.

Tips and guides to help you find the right tree lopping

Here's some tips and guides on how to find the right tree lopping for your job

1. What is tree lopping?

Tree lopping is an antiquated method of tree pruning. In most cases, tree lopping is completed for safety reasons. Tree lopping involves chopping off branches and stubs of trees that pose safety hazards to households or the public. Another reason for tree lopping is to provide aesthetics or promote new tree shoots to grow.

The process of tree lopping eliminates all the tree leaves, which makes the tree open to receive sunlight. Lopping of trees also leaves wounds allowing space for pests and fungi to get into the tree, slowly rotting the tree inside out.


2. What should I look for when hiring a tree lopping service?

When looking for a tree lopping service, it is best to check several factors to find the right tree lopping contractor before starting your project. These factors include:

  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Public liability insurance
  • Certificate II in Horticulture for ground and climbing work
  • Certificate III in Horticulture for supervising work

When hiring a tree lopper from iSeekplant, you can expect to find well-established professionals in your area who can provide you with references. A high-quality tree lopping service will take every precaution to prevent accidents and injuries along with undertaking a full clean-up once the tree is lopped.


3. What are the alternatives to tree lopping?

Aside from tree lopping, iSeekplant also provides different services from our large network of arborists across Australia. These services include land clearing, tree clearing, tree pruning, tree felling, tree mulching, stump removal, stump grinding and many more.


4. How much does it cost to lop a tree in Australia?

On average, tree lopping costs between $110 to $150 per hour. Prices vary depending on several factors such as the location, height of the tree, condition of the tree, site accessibility as tree loppers use many different tools.


5. Where can I hire a tree lopping contractor near me?

iSeekplant has a nationwide network of quality tree lopping contractors operating in all Australian capital cities from Brisbane to Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne to Darwin, Perth and Adelaide. We also offer tree lopping solutions in all major towns and cities from Cairns down to Townsville, Toowoomba, Gold Coast and Newcastle.


6. How do I hire tree lopping services through iSeekplant?

Looking for tree lopping contractors? The iSeekplant get a quote tool is the easiest way to get a quote from the best tree lopping contractors in your area. Just tell us your tree lopping requirements and we’ll give you the best quotes available. You can also call us on 1300 691 912 or email us at projects@iseekplant.com.au.

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Tree Lopping Services

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Rated 4.6 by 290 Customer Reviews