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Searching for the right mulcher hire can be tricky. But with iseekplant's vast network, we've accumulated a diverse range of 179 mulchers, spread across numerous trusted suppliers in Australia, whether you're looking for arborists, landscapers or tree mulching services.

No matter if you're in a bustling city centre or a remote town, our platform makes it easy to find a mulcher that perfectly fits your project's scale and requirements. In this quick guide, let's look at mulcher hire rates, capacities of common mulchers, what you can (and can’t) mulch and viable alternatives.

Mulcher Hire Rates Guide

Mulching is critical in landscaping, land clearing and vegetation management projects like tree felling or tree stump removal. When hiring a mulcher, understanding its cost ensures you get top value for your investment.

Rates for mulcher hire can differ based on the type, size, region and duration of hire. Our guide below breaks down the average costs you can anticipate, factoring in wet and dry hire options.

Mulcher TypeWet Hire (per hour)Dry Hire (per day)
Small Mulcher$50 - $70$150 - $200
Medium Mulcher$80 - $120$220 - $350
Large Mulcher$130 - $200$380 - $600

Note: Rates vary depending on the machine's age, brand and location within Australia. All prices listed on this page are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD.

Additional Costs to Consider When Hiring a Mulcher

Hiring a mulcher isn't just about the initial rates. These are extra costs you might need to factor in for a smoother experience:

Cost FactorEstimated CostDetails
Transport & Delivery$50 - $200Based on distance and machine size
Replacement Blades$20 - $100 per bladeDepending on wear and tear
Additional Operator CostsVariesFor extended hours or special requirements
InsuranceDepends on providerAlways recommended for peace of mind
Fuel (for non-electric)Current fuel pricesLarge mulchers can consume more

Always remember to clarify all potential costs with your hire provider before sealing the deal. We recommend using our Get a Quote tool to get a customised quote from one of our suppliers today. You wouldn't want any unwanted surprises on your invoice!

Mulching Capacities of Common Mulchers

Being incredibly versatile, mulchers come with various capacities suitable for different tasks. From light brush clearing to heavy-duty tree mulching, the type of mulcher and its capacity can significantly influence its efficiency and output.

Understanding these capacities is critical when hiring to ensure the machine aligns with your project's needs. The table below gives an overview of the capabilities of popular mulchers, notable brands and models and typical capacities to give you a clearer picture.

Mulcher TypePopular Brands & ModelsMulching DiameterTypical Engine PowerTypical Uses
Light Duty Brush MulcherFecon FTX128L, Bobcat Forestry CutterUp to 4 inches60 HP - 120 HPClearing small shrubs, undergrowth and grassy terrain
Medium Duty MulcherCAT HM415B, Fecon FTX1504 to 6 inches120 HP - 200 HPMedium-sized vegetation, overgrowth management
Heavy Duty Tree MulcherRayco C200, CAT HM418C6 to 12 inches200 HP - 400 HPLarge tree stumps, thickets and woodland clearing

What Can a Mulcher Handle (and What Can't You Mulch)?

Mulchers work best when shredding and cutting vegetation, transforming them into a fine layer that aids soil enrichment. However, not all materials are fit for mulching.

Some could dull or damage the mulcher blades, while others might introduce undesirable elements to the landscape. Knowing what you can and can't mulch will help extend the machine's life and achieve the desired outcome for your landscaping or gardening project.

Below, we outline what’s fair game for mulching and what to steer clear of, helping you avoid mishaps during your project:

Suitable for Mulching

  • Small to medium-sized branches: These are the mulcher's bread and butter, easily shredded into mulch.
  • Branches and Twigs: Common mulching materials. They break down over time, providing essential nutrients to the soil.
  • Leaves: When shredded, they can act as a protective barrier on flower beds, preventing weed growth.
  • Grass Clippings: These decompose quickly and release nitrogen back into the soil, promoting plant growth.
  • Bark: Provides a long-lasting mulch layer that's aesthetically pleasing and beneficial to plants.
  • Shrub Prunings: Like twigs, they break down to enrich the soil, though they may take longer.

Not Suitable for Mulching

  • Diseased Plants: These can transfer diseases to healthy plants when used as mulch.
  • Weeds with Seeds: If mulched, these seeds can propagate, leading to an increase in weed growth.
  • Treated Woods or Plywood: Contains chemicals that can leach into the soil, harming plants and beneficial microorganisms.
  • Inorganic Materials: Plastics, metals or any non-plant-based materials can damage the mulcher and are harmful to the environment.
  • Large tree trunks: Beyond a certain diameter and density, tree trunks are better suited for industrial shredders.
  • Rocks and stones: These can seriously damage the mulcher's teeth or blades, leading to costly repairs.

Alternative Machines with Mulcher Attachments

Mulchers are one of many options for turning vegetation into ground cover or clearing land of unwanted growth. Many machines can be fitted with mulcher attachments, making them versatile for landscaping and site prep tasks.

Understanding the alternatives below can help you make an informed decision based on your project's specific needs:

  • Skid Steer Loaders: Compact and manoeuvrable, skid steer loaders can access tight spaces. They offer quick attachment changes, making them perfect for projects requiring multiple tools in quick succession.
  • Excavators: Typically used for digging tasks, excavators can be equipped with mulcher heads for clearing large areas with thick vegetation.
  • Tractors: The power and size of tractors make them suitable for large-scale mulching tasks, especially in agricultural settings.
  • Backhoe Loaders: A hybrid of tractors and excavators, these can handle both digging and mulching tasks, though they might not be as efficient as specialised machines.

The table below shows the typical uses of these alternatives and their pros and cons:

Alternative MachineTypical UsesProsCons
Skid Steer LoaderLand clearing, landscape grading, debris removalCompact size, versatile with quick attachment changesLess powerful than larger machines
ExcavatorLand clearing, digging tasks with mulching needsPowerful, suitable for rugged terrainsCan be overkill for smaller projects
TractorAgriculture mulching, large land clearingPowerful and efficient for large areasNot ideal for tight or confined spaces
Backhoe LoaderMulti-purpose: digging and mulchingVersatility in handling different tasksJack of all trades, master of none

These machines provide diverse options for mulching, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Your choice should align with your project's scope, the type of terrain you're working on and your budget constraints.

Need a Mulcher? We’ve Got You Sorted.

Let's keep things easy. Whether it's a standalone mulcher you're after or something with more versatility, like an excavator or skid steer with mulching capabilities, we've got you covered.

Browse our extensive list of suppliers, compare rates and get the machine you need now. Don't let the green stuff grow under your feet – start your search on iseekplant now. For questions, email us at [email protected] or call 1300 691 912. If you're set to begin, click 'Get a Quote' now.

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