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Welcome to iseekplant - the online marketplace connecting you with construction machinery and subcontractor suppliers across Australia. Our platform offers a wide variety of Dingo models and mini loaders with attachments to cater to different project needs, from small garden projects to medium-scale construction.

Finding the right earthmover for your jobsite on iseekplant is simple. Just enter your location, the type of Dingo you need, and our directory serves you up the most relevant, proximate and verified suppliers within cooee of your jobsite. Compare quotes, read supplier reviews, and hire the preferred option. We don’t get in your way - do the deal direct (and we step out of it).

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Dingo Hire Rates Guide - Wet and Dry Hire

Dingo Hire Rates

Hiring rates for Dingos can vary greatly depending on the model, location, and hire duration. The most common contract tenure is dry hire and usually, a full day is the minimum due to the overall hire charge being quite low. Dingos don’t really require a license to operate and are most frequently hired by weekend warriors on residential projects. Dingos can be operated by the general public with only a small amount of instruction.

You can still hire a Dingo on a wet hire agreement, and have someone come over and complete an earthmoving task at your instruction, it’s just less common. That said, don’t fear, with thousands of Dingos on our site, you shouldn’t have any problem finding one on wet hire. Here are some average rates based on market research in Australia:

Please note that these rates are approximate averages, and actual rates may vary substantially - the rates below are just a guide. Prices are listed in AUD and exclude GST.

Dingo SizeWet Hire Rate (per hour)Dry Hire Rate (per Day)Hourly Rate Minimums (Wet Hire)
Small (e.g. K9-2)$70 - $90$150 - $1702-3 hours
Medium (e.g. K9-4)$80 - $100$170 - $2503-4 hours
Large (e.g. K9-5)$90 - $110$250 - $3003-4 hours

Dingo Attachment Hire Rates

Dingos and mini loaders have dozens of possible attachments, making them highly versatile machines. Below is a table of common attachments and the estimated incremental hire costs you'll experience if you hire these attachments with the Dingo. Just ask the supplier you connect with - if they don’t have your required attachment in stock, they are easy enough to order in.

AttachmentAverage Additional Hire Price (per day)
4-in-1 Bucket$25 - $40
Auger$60 - $80
Trencher$80 - $100
Pallet Forks$25 - $40
Sweeper$70 - $90
Hydraulic Breaker (Hammer)$90 - $130
Dozer Blade$60 - $80
Grapple$70 - $90
Harley Rake (Soil Conditioner)$80 - $100
Stump Grinder$100 - $130

Additional Costs when Hiring a Dingo

Below is a table of common additional costs to factor into your quote for a Dingo.

Additional Dingo Hire ChargesRate
Dingo Dry Hire Delivery$100 - $400
Dingo Dry Hire Pick up$100 - $400
Travel to and from Site for Wet Hire Staff1 x Hour
GPS$15 - $40 per hour
Penalty Rates - Saturday after 12 pm1.5 x Rate
Penalty Rates Sunday2 x Rate
Penalty Rates Public Holidays2.5 x Rate
Penalty Rates Night Time1.5 x Rate

Do I need a Dingo or another Mini Loader?

So let’s get one thing straight: A Dingo is a mini loader. Dingo is a colloquial term for a mini loader, because Dingo is the most prolific brand of mini loader in Australia. That happens quite a bit in earthmoving, often machines get called by their brand rather than their technical name. We also have another category for Kanga Loaders - which are also mini loaders, and are the second most popular brand in Australia.

A mini loader is a very small wheel-mounted skid steer that you can stand on the back of, rather than sit inside the chassis. They are perfect for small to medium-sized tasks where space might be limited.

Just to confuse the issue, many of the earthmoving tasks that can be done with a Dingo can also be done with an excavator with an attachment or a skid steer loader, so think outside the box to get your job done, or reach out to our projects team on [email protected] or 1300 691 912 if you need help or your questions answered.

Brands of Mini Loaders

In Australia, several mini loader brands have earned their reputation for quality, reliability, and performance in the local market. At iseekplant, we are proud to offer a diverse range of top-quality brands that cater to various project requirements. From the renowned Dingo brand with its compact design to the sturdy mini loaders from Kanga, we have a wide variety of choices available to suit your needs. In addition to Dingo and Kanga, we also feature other notable brands like Toro and Vermeer, each offering a range of models with unique specifications.

BrandModelOperating Weight (kg)Bucket Capacity (m³)
ToroTX 4278400.07
TX 5258600.07
TX 10001,1250.1

Hiring a Dingo on iseekplant

Easily search for a Dingo on iseekplant's online marketplace by typing 'dingo' or 'mini loader' and entering your location. Filter by wet and dry hire options or refine your search down to size and attachments for a specific result.

Another way of getting a fast and accurate job price is to hit the Get a Quote button, this puts you into our tool that asks you some questions about your job so it can be sent to a large number of local suppliers. On average, around 3 suppliers will respond and be available (depending on the quality of your job and requirements).

Have a question? Our team of experts in our Seeker Success team can help you find what you’re looking for. Call 1300 691 912 or email [email protected] today.

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