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1,278 Concrete Pump Specialists on iseekplant

Concrete pump specialists play a pivotal role when laying the foundation of structures or filling large slabs. Boasting a directory of 1,278 experts from all corners of Australia, iseekplant ensures your project's concrete pumping needs are addressed with precision and professionalism.

This quick guide highlights the concrete pump specialists on the iseekplant platform. We also discuss boom pumps and line pumps and their differences, placing systems for optimum delivery and shotcreting for specialised applications.

Boom Pumps for Large-Scale Projects

Utilised predominantly on vast construction sites, boom pumps offer a combination of extended reach and impressive pumping capacities. These are especially useful for multi-storey projects or when you need to bypass obstacles.

With its extended arm, the boom pump’s design ensures accurate delivery, minimising wastage and speeding up the entire construction process. Whether you're building skyscrapers or large commercial complexes, boom pumps make the task straightforward.

Boom Pump Specifications and Hire Rates

This table shows the standard specs of most boom pumps and their hire rates:

Boom LengthOutput Capacity (m³/hr)Max. Pressure (bar)Reach DepthVertical ReachDry Hire Rate (per hour)Wet Hire Rate (per hour)
24-28 metres70-9070-9020 m24 m$200 - $250$300 - $350
36-42 metres110-14080-11030 m36 m$250 - $300$350 - $400
50+ metres160+80-12045 m50 m$300 - $350$400 - $450

Note: Listed prices are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD.

Line Pumps: Versatile and Flexible

From pouring slabs and footings to filling block walls, line pumps provide the versatility many projects demand. They're the perfect solution when working with a site with a lot of nooks and crannies. The flexibility of their hoses means you can manoeuvre them around obstacles, ensuring every area receives the required amount of concrete, no matter how remote.

Line Pump Specifications and Hire Rates

The table below highlights line pump types, their specs and going rates for dry and wet hire:

Pump TypeOutput Capacity (m³/hr)Max. Pressure (bar)Hose LengthEngine PowerDry Hire Rate (per day)Wet Hire Rate (per hour)
Standard40-7060-80150 m60kW$500 - $700$150 - $200
High Output80-10080-110200 m110kW$800 - $1,000$200 - $250

Note: Listed prices are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD.

Boom Pumps vs. Line Pumps

With concrete delivery, boom pumps and line pumps serve distinct roles, tailored to varying project demands. Boom pumps are ideal for large-scale operations with their extensive reach. On the other hand, Line Pumps offer flexibility for smaller, intricate or congested sites.

Understanding the differences in their capabilities can significantly impact the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a project. Here's a comparative look at these two types of concrete delivery:

Concrete Delivery TypeProsConsBest For
Boom PumpExtended reach for high and far placement; Rapid deployment and pumping; High volume output for large poursRequires larger setup area; Higher cost for equipment and operation; Not suitable for small, confined areasLarge construction sites; High-rise buildings and large slabs; Projects requiring high volume and speed
Line PumpHighly maneuverable, ideal for tight spaces; Minimal setup, good for smaller projects; Capable of long-distance pumpingLower output capacity, not for large volume pours; More manual labor for hose management; Slower pour rateResidential projects; Filling block walls or small slabs; Projects with accessibility challenges

Placing Systems for Optimised Delivery

Sometimes, the challenge isn't just pumping the concrete but placing it accurately. Enter placing systems. These advanced systems, like conveyor belts or placing booms, are designed to take the pumped concrete and deliver it precisely where needed. Whether feeding concrete to a specific floor or ensuring even distribution across a vast slab, placing systems reduce manual labour and enhance efficiency.

This table shows dry and wet hire rates for these placing systems, as well as a few quick specs:

System TypeDry Hire (Per Day)Wet Hire (Per Day)System LengthMax. Output (m³/hr)
Conveyor Belt$200 - $300$350 - $45012 m - 18 m60-90
Placing Boom$500 - $700$750 - $95020 m - 32 m70-140

Note: Listed prices are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD.

Shotcreting for Specialised Applications

When traditional concrete laying methods fall short, shotcreting is the superior choice. This technique involves projecting concrete at high velocity onto a surface, making it an indispensable method for complex constructions. From stabilising embankments to sculpting swimming pools and building tunnel linings, shotcreting provides a resilient and homogenous layer that adheres firmly, guaranteeing strength and longevity.

Below is a table that outlines the different types of shotcreting, their specifications, maximum output rates and the respective advantages and disadvantages:

Shotcreting TypeSpecsMax OutputProsConsDry Hire RatesWet Hire Rates
ManualHandheld nozzle operationUp to 4 m³/hrHigh level of control, flexible applicationLabor-intensive, lower output$120 - $170$160 - $210
Dry MixLess water in the mix, requires additional water at the nozzleUp to 5 m³/hrGood for smaller jobs, less reboundMore dust and rebound, requires skilled nozzleman$150 - $200$190 - $240
Wet MixPre-mixed concrete delivered wet to the nozzleUp to 10 m³/hrLess rebound and waste, better control of the water-cement ratioRequires more complex equipment$180 - $230$220 - $280
RoboticAutomated, precise application, often for tunnels and minesUp to 15 m³/hrIncreased safety, uniform applicationHigher cost, requires programming skills$200 - $260$250 - $310

Note: Listed prices are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD.

Additional Costs to Consider When Hiring Concrete Pouring Services

When planning a concrete pouring project, it's important to factor in more than just the base cost of materials and labour. Various additional expenses can affect the overall budget. These can range from preparation work to post-pour finishing and cleanup.

Understanding these costs upfront can help in accurate budgeting and avoid unexpected overruns:

Additional CostAverage RateDescription
Site Preparation$60 - $180 per hourCosts for clearing, grading and preparing the land for concrete pouring
Concrete Delivery$120 - $240 per m3Fees for the transport of mixed concrete to the construction location
Concrete Finishing$1.50 - $6.50 per m2Involves the process of texturizing and smoothing the concrete's surface post-pour
Reinforcement Materials$0.20 - $0.40 per m2Expenses for materials such as steel bars or mesh used to reinforce the concrete slab
Formwork Installation$13 - $40 per m2The cost associated with setting up temporary molds to shape the concrete as it cures
Concrete Pumping$600 - $1,000 per dayCharges for utilizing a concrete pump for hard-to-reach areas
Post-pour Inspection$240 - $480Charges for structural and regulatory inspections following the concrete pour
Cleanup and Waste Removal$360 - $720The service fee for site cleanup and the proper disposal of debris post-construction
Permits and Regulatory FeesVariesCosts related to obtaining the necessary permits for construction and ensuring regulatory compliance

Note: Listed prices are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD.

Remember that these are just estimates, and the final cost will vary based on your project's specifications. With our Get a Quote tool, you can connect with our network of suppliers to get a customised quote tailored to your needs today!

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For those seeking unmatched efficiency in their construction projects, concrete pump hire through iseekplant offers a streamlined solution. Our network of skilled specialists ensures your concrete needs are met with precision, reliability and expertise.

Reach out to us at [email protected] or dial 1300 691 912 for more information. Ready to move forward? Click 'Get a Quote' now.

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