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370 Diesel Generators for Hire on iseekplant

Diesel generators play a pivotal role in ensuring continuous power supply across different industries, especially in places where access to the power grid is inconsistent or unavailable. With a massive range of 370 diesel generators listed on iseekplant, you have an extensive selection, spanning from portable units for smaller applications to robust industrial-grade generators that can support large projects.

These generators serve multiple sectors, including earthmoving, construction, mining, events and emergencies, offering the flexibility and assurance of constant power. In this guide, let's look at diesel generator rates, quick specs, our most popular generators, a quick comparison between diesel and petrol generators and other factors that can influence your decision.

Diesel Generator Hire Rates Guide

The cost to hire a diesel generator can vary significantly based on several factors. This includes its power output, brand reputation, age and geographical location.

Understanding the hire rates is crucial for budgeting and ensures you get the best value for your spend. Below is a comprehensive guide to provide insight into the costs associated with various generator capacities:

Generator CapacityDry Hire Rates (Per Day)
5-30 KVA$80 - $250
30-100 KVA$300 - $600
100-500 KVA$700 - $1300
500+ KVA$1600 - $2300

Note: All prices listed on this page are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD. Price estimates can vary based on location, model and additional requirements.

Specs of Common KVA Capacity Generators

Choosing the right diesel generator is more than just cost. Understanding the technical specifications is essential, ensuring that the generator aligns perfectly with your project's power demands.

A generator too small might fall short, while one too large could be cost-inefficient. Let's examine the specifications of common generator sizes to help you make an informed decision:

Generator CapacityAverage WeightFuel Tank SizeRuntime at Full Load
5-30 KVA500kg - 1T50 - 100L8 - 12 hours
30-100 KVA1.5T - 3T150 - 300L8 - 10 hours
100-500 KVA4T - 10T500 - 1,000L6 - 8 hours
500+ KVA11T+1,200L+6 - 8 hours

A generator's efficiency, durability and performance are significantly influenced by its brand. Some brands have carved a niche in the power generation industry by consistently delivering top-notch products. Here are some of the brands that have become the go-to options for professionals and businesses in Australia:


Globally recognised for producing dependable power solutions. Cummins generators are popular for their robustness and state-of-the-art technology that ensures efficient fuel consumption and prolonged service life.


A titan in the construction and power equipment domain, Caterpillar generators are synonymous with durability and resilience. They have a reputation for withstanding harsh conditions and delivering consistent power output.


This brand stands out for its innovative designs and commitment to noise reduction. Kohler generators are top-rated when silent operation is a priority, such as events or urban settings.

Atlas Copco

Known for user-centric designs and flexibility, Atlas Copco has developed generators catering to the user's needs. Their models often come with features that enhance ease of use and maintenance.

Here's an overview of the leading brands available on iseekplant and their standout models:

BrandMost Popular ModelKey FeatureProsCons
CumminsC220D5Efficiency in fuel consumptionDurable; High fuel efficiencyMight be pricier than other brands
CaterpillarC15Renowned durabilityExtremely rugged; Wide service networkConsumes more fuel on certain models
KohlerKD1250Exceptional noise reductionSilent operation; Modern designsLimited models for very high capacities
Atlas CopcoQAS 500User-centric designEasy to use; Flexible featuresParts can be specific and hard to source

Petrol vs. Diesel Generators

Petrol and diesel generators each have advantages and drawbacks, depending on the application and requirement. While diesel generators are generally more fuel-efficient and durable, petrol generators are typically lighter and less noisy.

Choosing the right generator often depends on the specific needs of the project. Here's a comparison to help you make an informed decision:

GeneratorProsConsPopular Models on iseekplant
Petrol GeneratorLightweight and portable; Quieter operation; Faster start-upShorter lifespan; Less fuel-efficient; Higher maintenance costsHonda EU22i, Yamaha EF2000iS
Diesel GeneratorFuel-efficient; Durable and longer lifespan; Lower maintenance costsHeavier; Can be noisier than petrol variants; Slower start-up in cold conditionsCummins C220D5, Caterpillar C15

Remember, the choice between petrol and diesel largely hinges on your requirements. A petrol generator might be more suitable for shorter tasks and smaller loads.

Conversely, a diesel generator might be the preferred choice for prolonged use and heavier tasks. Always check the generator's suitability for your specific job with the supplier.

Other Factors to Consider When Hiring a Diesel Generator

When hiring a diesel generator, there are several considerations to remember that can greatly impact the efficiency, safety and your project's overall cost. Here's a comprehensive guide on other pivotal factors to take into account:

1. Purpose of the Generator

Is it for emergency backup, a construction site or an event? Each scenario will have its requirements and, as such, might demand a different type of generator.

2. Generator Sizing

It's not just about the generator's physical size but its capacity. Assess your site's or event's power needs and hire a generator to manage that load with some room to spare.

3. Fuel Availability & Consumption

Consider the generator's fuel efficiency and factor in the availability of diesel fuel in your area. Diesel is generally available. Still, certain remote projects require planning for fuel transport.

4. Noise Levels

While efficient, diesel generators can be noisy. If your project is in a residential area or requires quiet operation, look into generators designed for quieter operation or think about noise mitigation solutions.

5. Placement & Ventilation

Generators need proper ventilation and should be away from flammable materials. Also, consider factors like rain, direct sunlight and other weather elements when choosing a spot for your generator.

6. Features & Technology

Modern generators have multiple features, from automatic shut-offs in the case of malfunctions to digital displays for easy monitoring. The generator you hire should have the necessary technology for smooth, continuous operation.

7. Maintenance & Support

When hiring, know what kind of support the supplier offers. Will they assist with maintenance? Is there a helpline in case of issues? Regular maintenance is paramount for diesel generators to ensure longevity and efficient operation.

8. Duration of Hire

Consider how long you'll need the generator. For long-term projects, negotiating a bulk rate or looking into purchasing options might be more cost-effective.

9. Environmental Considerations

While more efficient than their petrol counterparts, diesel generators do emit greenhouse gases. If your project needs to adhere to environmental standards, it might be better to look for generators that meet emission regulations.

Evaluating these factors ensures you're making the most informed decision, optimising the efficiency and success of your project.

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