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Franna cranes, often called ‘pick and carry’ cranes, are a mainstay in the Australian construction industry. Their versatility and mobility make them the ideal choice for many lifting tasks.

At iseekplant, we feature a vast network of 497 Franna cranes available for hire, suitable for a broad spectrum of project needs. Looking for other cranes? We can also connect you with suppliers of all terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, mobile or non-mobile slew cranes and other heavy machinery on our platform.

In this quick guide, you’ll find learn Franna Crane hire rates; common sizes, specs and popular brands in Australia, the difference between non-slewing and slewing cranes, ideal alternatives and transport guidelines, as well as any additional costs to help you plan your project.

Franna Crane Hire Rates Guide

Franna cranes are versatile mobile cranes common in various projects due to their manoeuvrability and compact design. Understanding hiring rates can help in budgeting and project planning effectively.

This table can help give you a better idea of the hire rates based on their size and wet and dry hire rates:

Crane SizeWet Hire Rate (per hr)Dry Hire Rate (per hr)
12 tonne$150 - $170$100 - $120
20 tonne$170 - $190$120 - $140
25 tonne$190 - $210$140 - $160

Note: All prices listed on this page are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD. Price estimates can vary based on location, model and additional requirements.

Common Sizes, Specs and Brands of Frannas in Australia

Franna cranes are a staple in many construction sites across Australia due to their mobility, versatility and power. Named after the original manufacturer, Franna, these pick-and-carry cranes are mainly recognised for their ability to move the load they're carrying (hence, their nickname) and operate without outriggers, offering unmatched flexibility.

Over the years, multiple brands have taken the design and made their versions, maintaining the essence of the original. Let's take a look at what each brand offers:

  • Franna: The original and, for many, still the best. The brand name has become synonymous with the pick-and-carry crane category. They have consistently delivered high-quality machines trusted by contractors nationwide.
  • Terex: After acquiring Franna, Terex has expanded Franna with its innovations. They are renowned for integrating advanced technologies into their machines, offering enhanced safety and operational features.
  • ATN: As an emerging brand, ATN offers a fresh take on the Franna design. They are gradually gaining popularity for their reliability and competitive pricing.
  • MAC: Australian-built and designed MAC cranes focus on durability and ease of use. Their robust build quality is well-suited to the harsh Australian conditions.

The quick table below shows each brand's popular models, quick specs and their pros and cons:

BrandPopular ModelQuick SpecsProsCons
TerexAT 2020-tonne capacity, 17m boom lengthReliable, advanced safety featuresHigher price point compared to newcomers
MACMAC 2525-tonne capacity, 18m boom lengthAustralian-made, robust for local conditionsLimited advanced technological features
ATNPegasus 20.1020-tonne capacity, 16m boom lengthCompetitive pricing, increasing reliabilityNewer to market, lesser known
FrannaAT 1515-tonne capacity, 15m boom lengthOriginal design, highly reliable, industry standardOlder models might lack modern advancements

Choosing the right brand and model is crucial as it impacts a project's success. Factors such as lifting capacity, reach and onboard features can differ among brands and models, making selecting a crane tailored to specific project needs essential.

Non-Slewing Cranes vs Slewing Cranes

With cranes, understanding the distinctions between non-slewing and slewing varieties is crucial. Both types have unique features tailored for specific applications:

  • Non-Slewing Cranes: Also known as pick-and-carry cranes, these are mobile cranes designed without a rotating superstructure. Their strength lies in their ability to quickly pick up loads, transport them to a different location within a site and place them down. Franna is a popular example of a non-slewing crane.
  • Slewing Cranes: These cranes have a rotating superstructure, allowing them to turn and manoeuvre loads in a 360-degree radius. Tower cranes and crawler cranes are some classic examples of slewing cranes. Slewing cranes are ideal for precise load placements over wide areas.

The comparison table below will help you understand these crane types better and decide which might be best suited for your project needs:

Crane TypePopular Brands and ModelsPractical ApplicationsProsCons
Non-SlewingFranna AT20, Terex MAC25Short-distance material transport, road travelRapid mobilisation, versatile on roadsLimited to non-rotating operations
SlewingLiebherr LR, Manitowoc 999High-rise constructions, large-scale projects360-degree load manoeuvrabilityRequires more setup and space

Alternative Cranes and Applications to Franna Cranes

While Franna cranes are versatile, there are alternatives suited to specific tasks. For instance, tower cranes are ideal for high-rise projects, while rough terrain cranes easily handle uneven surfaces. Here are a few alternatives to Franna cranes:

  • All Terrain Cranes: All terrain cranes are ideal for off-road and on-road construction projects. They combine the mobility of a truck-mounted crane with the stability of a rough terrain crane.
  • Rough Terrain Cranes: Rough terrain cranes are your best choice for off-road applications. They have large rubber tires, making them suitable for tough terrains.
  • Crawler Cranes: Track-based crawler cranes can move around a site while carrying a load. Ideal for projects that require heavy lifting in one location over an extended period.
  • City Cranes: Smaller city cranes operate mainly in urban environments where space is limited. They combine compactness with mobility.
  • Tower Cranes: Fixed to the ground or attached to the sides of structures. Tower cranes are ideal for high-rise construction due to their height and lifting capacity.

Franna Cranes vs Other Crane Types

Here's a comparative look at various crane alternatives, outlining their primary applications and how they fare against a Franna:

Crane TypeApplicationProsConsVs. Franna Crane
All Terrain CraneBest suited for off-road and on-road construction projects.High mobility; Can quickly transition from site to site; Suitable for various terrains.Larger and may require more space for operation.While Frannas are versatile, All Terrain Cranes offer better performance across varied terrains.
Rough Terrain CraneIdeal for off-road construction sites, especially those with uneven terrain.Stable on rough terrains; Robust and durable.Limited to off-road sites; Slower mobility.Frannas have better on-road mobility, but Rough Terrain Cranes excel in challenging terrains.
Crawler CranePerfect for projects requiring heavy lifting in a single location over an extended period.High stability; Can lift extremely heavy loads; Doesn't require outriggers.Cannot be driven on roads; Requires transportation between sites.Frannas have better mobility, but Crawler Cranes have superior lifting capacity.
City CraneDesigned for urban environments with limited space.Compact; Easily manoeuvrable in tight spaces; Quick setup.Lower lifting capacity compared to larger cranes.While Frannas are great for various sites, City Cranes are specifically tailored for urban environments.
Tower CraneEssential for high-rise and skyscraper construction.Exceptional height and lifting capacity; Fixed position ensures stability.Requires a long setup time; Immobile once erected.Frannas can be moved quickly between sites, but Tower Cranes are unmatched in high-rise construction tasks.

Transport Guidelines for Frannas on Paved Roads

Transporting heavy machinery, including Franna cranes, on public roads needs a deep understanding of regulations and guidelines. In Australia, different states and territories might have specific regulations covering the transport of such machinery.

Below is a table highlighting transport guidelines for Franna cranes on paved roads for different Australian states and territories:

State/TerritoryMaximum WidthMaximum LengthSpecial Permit Required?Other Specific Guidelines
New South Wales (NSW)2.5m19mYes, for cranes exceeding standard dimensions.Always check with local councils for any additional guidelines or restrictions.
Victoria (VIC)2.5m19mYes, for cranes exceeding standard dimensions.Ensure pilot vehicles are used when necessary.
Queensland (QLD)2.5m19mYes, for oversized cranes.Always adhere to specific route restrictions.
Western Australia (WA)2.5m19mYes, if over standard dimensions.Follow approved routes and utilise pilot vehicles when required.
South Australia (SA)2.5m19mYes, for oversized cranes.Ensure adequate signage and safety measures are in place.
Tasmania (TAS)2.5m19mPermit required for special conditions.Abide by any time-of-day transport restrictions.
Northern Territory (NT)2.5m19mYes, if the crane is above standard sizes.Always use designated routes for heavy machinery.
Australian Capital Territory (ACT)2.5m19mYes, for cranes beyond standard measurements.Ensure all safety protocols are strictly followed.

Note: This table provides general guidelines, and the regulations might change. Consult with local transport departments or agencies before moving Franna cranes or other heavy machinery on public roads.

Additional Costs to Consider When Hiring a Franna Crane

As with hiring any heavy machinery, you'll need to prepare your project for potential additional expenses. These costs can include the following:

Additional CostEstimated Cost
Operator fees$70 - $90/hr
Transportation fees$100 - $200
Maintenance/Repair feesVariable

Note: All prices listed on this page are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD.

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