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What is a Water Cart?

On the iSeekplant database, water carts are some of our most-requested machines, and we’re continually finding new and improved variations that are repurposed for broad civil and mining applications.

If you’re looking for water truck, water carts, and water tanker hire suppliers in Perth or anywhere else in Australia, we have a number of options for you.

Water Truck Hire Suppliers

Water trucks are often used in mining, and usually for dust control. There are often a series of spray nozzles on these trucks, which spray water, hydrating mines. They need to be able to contain large volumes of water, meaning they have special mounting apparatuses and tank specifications.

You’ll find a number of water truck hire suppliers in Sydney and throughout Australia, and they’re often used in the construction industry for fire-prevention and protection, dust control and compaction.

These trucks come in both large and small sizes, meaning you’ll be able to find one that fits your worksite, and many have off-road tires so the truck can be mobilised and are able to travel on rough terrain throughout many different sites. There are a variety of spray options, including gravity dumps, water cannons, hose reels and sprays on the side or front.

Water Cart Hire Suppliers

There are two types of water carts which you’ll generally see from our Melbourne water cart hire suppliers. These include dump truck mounted and road truck mounted water carts. While road truck mounted water carts can travel on the road as a road registered vehicle, they typically have a smaller capacity compared to the larger dump truck mounted carts, and can usually only carry between 16,000 and 20,000 litres.

Dump truck mounted water carts can only be used for off-road applications, however they can carry up to 50,000 litres. You’ll usually find larger dump truck mounted water carts on mining projects.

Water Tanker Hire Suppliers

Water tankers are purpose-built tanker trailers which can be fitted onto a tipper and look similar to a large fuel tanker. These are often used for carrying water long distances, and we have many different water tanker hire suppliers in Darwin and throughout the country.

This is an ideal solution if you’ll be working on a remote site and need a lot of water, as they can be quickly mobilised and driven across states to sites around the country.

You’ll also find water scrapers, which are water tanks that have been mounted onto the body of a scraper, which means that the water load can be carried low to the ground and allows them to be slowly crawled across even ground.

If you’re looking for water truck, water carts, and water tanker hire suppliers in Newcastle or anywhere else in Australia, take a look at the listings on the iSeekplant database. If you need help choosing the best equipment for the job, contact our friend and experienced Projects Team and they’ll do the hard work for you.

Some of our Water Cart Hire Suppliers

Townes Contracting

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3 matching machines
Tenterfield, NSW

Roo Constructions Pty Ltd

2 Endorsements
1 matching machines
Alexandra Hills, QLD

Raville Contracting

3 Endorsements
1 matching machines
Port Hedland, WA
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