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On the iSeekplant database, water carts are some of our most-requested machines for civil and mining applications with new and improved variations being created. We have a number of water truck, water cart and water tanker hire suppliers available throughout the nation in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide and remote areas.

Water Truck hire suppliers

Water trucks are commonly used in mining for dust control. There are a series of spray nozzles on these trucks that spray water to hydrate mines. Water trucks need to be able to contain large volumes of water, meaning they have special mounting apparatuses and tank specifications. Some of the spray options include gravity dumps, water cannons, hose reels, along with side or front sprays. You’ll find a number of water truck hire suppliers often used in the construction industry for fire-prevention and protection, dust control and compaction. These trucks come in both large and small sizes, meaning you’ll be able to find one that best suits your project. Water trucks are also equipped with off-road tyres so the truck can travel on rough terrain throughout many different sites.

Water Cart hire suppliers

There are two types of water carts that you’ll generally see from our water cart hire suppliers - dump truck mounted water carts and road truck mounted water carts. While road truck mounted water carts can travel on the road as registered vehicles, they typically have a smaller capacity between 16,000 and 20,000 litres. Dump truck mounted water carts can only be used for off-road applications, however they can carry up to 50,000 litres. You’ll usually find larger dump truck mounted water carts on mining projects.

Water Tanker hire suppliers

Water tankers are purpose-built tanker trailers that can be fitted onto a tipper and looks similar to a large fuel tanker. Water tankers are usually hired to carry water for long distances across states, particularly for remote work needing a large volume of water. You can also find water scrapers, which are water tanks mounted onto the body of a scraper. Water loads can be carried low to the ground with water scrapers, allowing them to be slowly crawled across even ground.

To connect with the top water cart suppliers in your local area, get in touch with the iSeekplant team by calling 1300 691 912 or emailing projects@iseekplant.com.au. Alternatively, you can use our get a quote tool for quick quotes based on your project requirements.

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Water Cart FAQs

Here's some tips & frequently asked questions on how to find the right water cart for your job

1. What is a water cart?

Water carts have a specialised use - they hold water in a storage unit, spray water with water cannons and cab operated batter sprays to suppress dust, and transport water across construction and mining projects. Water carts operate by mounting a water tank to the body of a truck or dump truck with multiple hose and cannon attachments. Water carts are available for hire through iSeekplant for your next construction or mining project.

Learn more about water carts here!


2. What is the right water cart for my job?

Different water carts are available for hire through iSeekplant. The size of the water cart hire you use will depend on your project and capacity requirements.

  • Standard Water Carts: Carries large volumes of water between 16,000L to 20,000L and used on construction and mining worksites.
  • Dino Water Carts: Used in the farming and agriculture industries to transport large volumes of water to harder to reach areas.
  • Moxy Water Carts: Used in the civil and mining industries and pumps out 1000L per minute with a full capacity of 34,000L.
  • Truck Mounted Water Carts: Often seen at mining sites with 36,000L capacity and offer stability over rough terrain.
  • Articulated Water Carts: Appropriate for off-road use in construction and agriculture environments with a capacity of 6,000L to 10,250L.
  • Dump Truck Mounted Water Carts: Similar to truck mounted water carts but has a smaller capacity of 16,000L to 20,000L.

Learn more about water cart sizes here!


3. Do I need a license to operate a water cart?

It is an Australian legal requirement for anyone operating a hired or owned water cart to hold a Water Truck Operator certification, also known as a license to operate. There are two courses that can be completed to obtain your water cart license over one to five days:

  1. RIIMPO206D conduct bulk water truck operations course – The standard training to obtain a water truck operator license.
  2. RIIMPO326D conduct civil construction water cart operations course – A step higher to ensure the water truck operator is competent in managing water trucks on civil construction sites.

Learn more about water cart operator courses here!


4. How much should I be paying to hire a water cart?

The cost of water cart hire is dependent on the type of water cart, water volume capacity, and whether you require a hired operator. Water cart wet hire ranges from 4000L at $155 per hour to over 20,000L at $245 per hour, and dry hire ranges from 4000L at $75 per hour to over 20,000L at $185 per hour. Dump truck mounted water cart wet hire ranges from 20,000L at $145 per hour to over 50,000L at $230 per hour, and dry hire ranges from 20,000L at $90 per hour to over 50,000L at $170 per hour. Dino water cart wet hire ranges from 10,000L at $145 per hour to over 20,000L at $175 per hour, and dry hire ranges from 10,000L at $90 per hour to over 20,000L at $125 per hour.

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5. What are the best water cart brands?

Australia has 6 top water cart brands that provide superior water cart hire for water storage, water spraying and water transportation projects. These top brands are:

  1. Shermac
  2. Magnum Australia
  3. Allquip Water Trucks
  4. Felco Manufacturing
  5. Trans Tank International
  6. Boomerang Engineering

Learn more about water cart manufacturers here!


6. Where can I hire a water cart?

iSeekplant has a nationwide network of quality water cart hire suppliers operating in all Australian capital cities from Brisbane to Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne to Darwin, Perth and Adelaide. We also offer water cart hire solutions in all major towns and cities from Cairns to Mackay down to the Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Newcastle, and then across the country to Geraldton and Mandurah.

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Water Cart Hire

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