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Types of Water Carts Available to Hire

Water Cart Trailer

Water Cart Trailer

Truck Mounted Water Cart

Truck Mounted Water Cart

Water Tankers

Water Tankers

Dump Truck Mounted Water Cart

Dump Truck Mounted Water Cart

Over 2,300 Water Carts & Trucks for Hire at iseekplant

Iseekplant is the world’s largest database for construction equipment and services. Water carts, also known as water trucks, are some of the most requested bits of gear on our site. Water carts are used in various industries such as mining, construction, agriculture and landscaping to control dust, help compact aggregates and transport water.

We have over 1,600 suppliers with over 2,300 water carts, trucks and tankers in their fleet on iseekplant. That’s a whole lot of specialist suppliers, with a whole lot of water you can cart around. Need to hire a water cart now? Our Get a Quote tool can get you a range of quotes from our suppliers direct to your inbox.

Below you’ll find information on the hiring costs and rates of a wide range of water carts, as well as additional costs to be aware of and the types of water carts available.

Water Cart & Water Truck Rates Guide

All rates quoted on iseekplant are 'best guess' averages and rates do very strongly vary from location to location across the country. The longer the contract tenure of your job, the sharper your rates will likely be.

The only way to get accurate rates is to use our directory to interact with suppliers directly, or to use our Get a Quote tool. This cool tool will send your job to all the available suppliers in your job site's local area and then the suppliers come back to you with the information you’re seeking.

All below rates are AUD and excluding GST.

Truck-Mounted Water Truck Hire Rates

Truck-mounted water carts are usually just referred to as water trucks. These are machines built on a modified truck chassis and are road registered to be driven on asphalt roads. They are the most common water truck on the market. The below rates are just a guide.

Water Cart TypeCapacity (L)Dry Hire RateWet Hire Rate
Truck Mounted Water Cart4,000 - 8,000$75 - $105$155 - $162
Truck Mounted Water Cart9,000 - 16,000$85 - $120$125 - $178
Truck Mounted Water Cart17,000 - 20,000$112 - $130$172 - $192
Truck Mounted Water CartMore than 20,000$140 - $185$195 - $245

Dump Truck Mounted Water Cart Hire Rates

Dump truck-mounted water carts, also known as Off-Road or Articulated Water Trucks, are designed for larger, off-road applications and provide a rugged alternative for dust control, soil stabilisation, and compaction. They cannot be driven on asphalt roads, but often have much larger carrying capacities as a result of their larger tyre mass.

Water Cart TypeCapacity (L)Dry Hire RateWet Hire Rate
Dump Truck Mounted Water Cart20,000$90 - $105$145 - $160
Dump Truck Mounted Water Cart30,000$100 - $115$162 - $178
Dump Truck Mounted Water Cart40,000$130 - $145$190 - $205
Dump Truck Mounted Water CartMore than 50,000$155 - $170$215 - $230

Dinosaur Water Cart Hire Rates

Dino water cart hire is a cost-effective solution for bulk water haulage in the farming and agricultural industries, providing high-quality dust suppression and irrigation in hard-to-reach areas.

Water Cart TypeCapacity (L)Dry Hire RateWet Hire Rate
Dino Water Truck10,000 - 14,000$90 - $105$145 - $155
Dino Water Truck15,000 - 20,000$100 - $110$150 - $165
Dino Water Truck20,000+$110 - $125$160 - $175

Water Tanker Hire Rates

Water tankers are purpose-built tanker trailers that can be fitted onto a tipper or towed behind a prime mover. They look similar to a large fuel tanker. Water tankers are usually hired to carry water for long distances across states, particularly for remote work needing a large volume of water.

The cost of hiring a water tanker in Australia varies based on factors such as the model, capacity, location, and rental duration. For daily rentals, prices can range from $300 to $1,200, while monthly hires can range from $3,000 to $10,000. Keep in mind that these prices are averages and can differ between providers and regions.

Water Scraper Hire Rates

You can also find the rarer water scrapers on iseekplant, which are water tanks mounted onto the body of a scraper. They also only operate off-road. Water loads can be carried low to the ground with water scrapers, allowing them to be slowly crawled across uneven ground. Rough estimates suggest dry hire rates of $100 to $200 per hour and wet hire rates of $150 to $250 per hour, actual costs may vary.

Water Trailer Hire Rates

Water trailers are small capacity rigs that can be towed on a ute (with a tow ball) and max out at about 3000L to 4000L. They are pretty common and can be hired at your local dry hire company. Usually, all water trailers have a single-day hire minimum and aren’t offered on wet hire (of course).

Water Cart TypeDry Hire Day RateDry Hire Week Rate
800L Water Cart Trailer$150$525
1000L Water Cart Trailer$185$650
2000L Water Cart Trailer$225$760
3000L Water Cart Trailer$280$980

Water Cartage & Usage

When hiring a water cart, be aware that water load costs are typically not included in the hire rates and can vary based on local laws and regulations. Below is our rough guide on how much water costs you. You will need to factor this in every time you fill up (which might be multiple times in a day or across your contract tenure).

The cost of a truckload of water is about 2c a litre. So that’s about $200 for 10,000L, $300 for 14,000L and $430 for 20,000L and so on. Just take your truck capacity and multiply by 2c, then multiply by how many circuit laps you’re likely to do each day to calculate the water cost required for your job.

Additional Hiring Costs

Additional Water Cart & Truck Hire ChargesRate
Truck Mounted Water Cart Pick UpUsually Free
Truck Mounted Water Cart Travel to SiteUsually 1 Hour Each Way
Dump Truck Mounted Water Cart Mobilisation$500 - $2,500
Dump Truck Mounted Water Cart Mobilisation$500 - $2,500
Travel to & From Site for Wet Hire Staff1 x Hour
Penalty Rates - Saturday after 12 pm1.5 x Rate
Penalty Rates Sunday2 x Rate
Penalty Rates Public Holidays2.5 x Rate
Penalty Rates Night Time1.5 x Rate

Types of Water Cart for Hire on iseekplant

There are six different types of water carts and water trucks available for hire on iseekplant, below is how we categorise them and what their average water capacity ranges are:

Water Cart TypeDescriptionLow Capacity (Litres)High Capacity (Litres)
Dump Truck Mounted Water CartA water cart attachment mounted on a dump truck, used for distributing large volumes of water on a site.8,00020,000
Truck Mounted (road registered) Water CartWater cart mounted on a road-legal truck, used for both on-site and off-site water transportation tasks.5,00018,000
Dinosaur Water CartA large, robust water cart with high capacity, used for heavy-duty water distribution in large-scale sites.15,00045,000
Water ScraperA dual-purpose machine that not only carries water but can also grade the land, ideal for dust control.20,00030,000
Water TankersLarge trucks with a water holding tank, used for transporting water over long distances.10,00030,000
Water Cart TrailerA portable water tank attached to a trailer, designed for smaller-scale or short-term water distribution needs.8004,000

Other Water Services in Construction

Need a service beyond just water truck or cart hire? No problem, follow these links to other categories on our site that deal with water.

  • Dust Suppression
    • is a contractor service, completed by water carts or trucks. Head over to this category if you have a dust suppression job (as a subcontract, rather than hiring a water cart to suppress dust)
  • Water Pump Hire
    • if you need to remove water from your job site
  • Water Cartage
    • If you need to fill something (pool, dam, tank)
  • Water Bore Drilling
    • If you want to drill down to the water table and develop your own source of water on your property or site.
  • Jet Rodding
    • Process of clearing pipes, sewers and plumbing of roots and other obstructions using a high-pressure stream of water.

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We’ve rounded up, verified and organised over 2,300 water carts so you can browse and select the perfect job site partner for your B2B construction project. To connect with the top water cart suppliers in your local area use our Get a Quote tool for quick quotes based on your project requirements.

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