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No matter if you’re a DIY’er, a civil contractor or anything in between, the fact is that you will need to hire plant at some stage during your project. It’s often difficult to know where to start, and you may feel limited by the larger rental companies located in your area. iseekplant is shaking up the plant hire industry in Australia and we can help you with your plant and equipment needs. So, whether you’re after forklift hire, EWP rental or truck hire, iseekplant can connect you with a local plant and equipment supplier Australia-wide.

How does forklift hire work?

No matter what type of machine you’re looking to hire, you’ll have to decide if you need wet or dry hire. Some types of machinery, including forklifts, require safety training and a license to operate them, and this may be the deciding factor as to whether you engage in a wet or dry hire agreement. One of the great benefits of using iseekplant is that our database connects those needing equipment with plant owners and operators based on their capability, availability and location. If you need a wet hire agreement (that is, a machine and an operator), the iseekplant marketplace can streamline the process of procuring the right gear and the right people. If you require dry hire only, iseekplant can provide a list of suppliers to meet your needs.

Forklift hire through iseekplant can work in three different ways. Firstly:

  • A plant user, be it a contractor, builder, developer or ‘weekend warrior’, jumps on the iseekplant marketplace and specifies the type of forklift they require
  • The iseekplant database returns a list of available machines in your local area
  • You can then refine your search, using very specific parameters in order to hone your results
  • You contact the suppliers directly by phone or email in order to finalise the hire agreement

Secondly, plant and equipment hire can be arranged by:

  • Posting your project requirements using our Get a Quote tool and allow our team to find suppliers for you in your area
  • Suppliers will then get back to you with their availability and price

And finally, if you need a little extra assistance with your forklift hire or other equipment rentals, our projects team offers expert and friendly service:

  • Simply call us on 1300 691 912 or email [email protected]
  • Tell us what machines or services you need, and our experts will find them for you, at absolutely no cost
  • Once we’ve done this, we step aside and allow you to discuss rates and availability directly with suppliers

Engaging with our projects team is very helpful if you’re unsure of your exact requirements. For example, you might know your project requires a type of lift equipment, but our experts can use their industry knowledge to advise you on whether you need forklift hire, scissor lift hire, cherry picker hire or crane hire. Knowing site specifics such as the terrain, materials handling, hours required and staff experience within the company can all influence how we choose the best businesses for you to use for your project.

Why choose forklift hire over purchasing a machine?

If you’re just carrying out some weekend DIY, purchasing plant and equipment is not a viable option. However, for a business, it’s worth noting how plant and equipment rental can be more beneficial than owning it. No matter whether you need forklift hire, EWP hire, scissor lift hire or a cherry picker, iseekplant has got you covered when it comes to plant and equipment rental. Don’t forget, our supplier database includes listings for both wet and dry hire, so you don’t need to be an expert operator to use iseekplant. This is particularly useful for smaller projects or DIY jobs, eliminating the need to go and get safety training and licensing. Simply choose forklift hire with an operator and leave the job to an expert.

When you access the iseekplant database of plant, equipment and operators, you’re getting so much more than you would from your local hire yard. Rather than having to follow a hire company’s particular brand bias, you can choose from a fleet of suppliers using a broad range of brands. Often, you will be able to enjoy the use of quality new plant and equipment that simply would not be an option if you had to buy it. Not only that, but you’re not liable for any expenses such as insurance, servicing, parts, repairs or maintenance. Simply lock in the agreed rate and only pay for the time the machinery is used. We can facilitate a huge range of open hire agreements so you can move on your project. In addition to forklift hire, our suppliers offer truck hire (including tipper truck hire), dingo loader hire, compactor hire, excavator hire (including mini excavator hire), bobcat hire or even grader hire.

When you next need forklift hire or any other plant and equipment for your tender or live project, make iseekplant your first port of call. There’s no need to waste time making Google searches anymore; simply connect with Australia’s largest construction hire marketplace and take advantage of our centralised database of equipment and services. When you need a plant, choose iseekplant.

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