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iseekplant is Australia’s largest online construction marketplace providing a range of surveying services. We can supply competitive quotes from our vast network of contractors all over the country for aerial surveying, mining surveying, building surveying, cadastral surveying, engineering surveying and land surveying.

Surveyors are responsible for creating and shaping our roads, tunnels, stadiums, houses and skyscrapers. They work closely with civil engineers, urban planners and landscape architects to develop comprehensive design documents. Whenever a property is bought or sold, surveyors are involved for legal purposes. They help in the creation of a happy, safe and better community.

What do surveyors do?

Surveyors measure the distance, direction and angle between points above, below or on the earth’s surface. They first choose a reference point and then find out the exact location of important features in the survey area using special equipment. They make these accurate measurements to determine property boundaries. Surveyors establish the official land, water and airspace boundaries. They take care of previous boundaries to determine where future boundary lines should lie. They also help in researching land records and other sources of information that might affect properties. They can also use the data related to shape and contour of the earth’s surface for engineering and construction projects. They record the results obtained from surveying and verify the accuracy of that data. They later prepare plots, maps and reports based on the data obtained. Then they present the findings to clients, government agencies and others.

In construction, they help in determining the exact location where roads or buildings have to be built. They also determine the depths for foundations and roads. Their role is extremely important in construction and development projects and they provide necessary information for buying and selling of properties.

How accurate are surveyors?

Land surveyors are generally employed for their accuracy and their licensed documentation of official titles and plans. They achieve this accuracy through specialised equipment such as Global positioning systems (GPS) and Total stations. Therefore, accuracy depends a lot on the GPS they use.

Selecting the perfect GPS unit depends on the processing capability of the unit. These GPS units communicate with the satellite through a radio-based system. These units are coupled with a staff of top-mounted antenna; the staff ensures stability for some time to record a point averaging position. This is the best technique that reduces multipath propagation and increases the accuracy of the position recorded.

There are three categories of GPS receivers that surveyors use: recreational grade GPS receivers, map grade receivers and survey-grade receivers. Recreational grade GPS receivers are mostly used to help drivers navigate from one place to another. These have a very poor accuracy of about 100 feet, and their precision is very low. The map grade GPS receivers, on the other hand, offer way better accuracy. On the lower level they offer an accuracy of 3 to 5 meters and on the higher level, they offer accuracy of 1.5 to 5 feet. Survey grade GPS receivers are the ones with the best accuracy; they can provide accuracies from 1 meter to even 1 millimetre. But the catch is that the higher the accuracy, the higher the cost.

How much does it cost to hire surveyors?

The cost of hiring surveyors depends upon various factors of the property. The average cost of land surveying is about $165 per hour. But these prices may vary depending upon where the property is located and the shape and size of the property. If the property is located up in the mountains or if there are a lot of trees around that affects accessibility then it might cost a little more. The cost also depends on size, the larger the property’s size, the more it costs. Then comes the shape of the property, if the property is oddly shaped then it might cost more as compared to a rectangular-sized property. This also varies depending upon the city in which you reside. Depending on the city, the cost of hiring a surveyor may vary from $95 to $180 per hour.

Apart from the pricing, it is also mandatory to hire a licensed professional. iseekplant offers a marketplace where you can find the top surveyors for hire near you in just minutes. Just enter a search on the site with your requirements and immediately get the top suppliers near you. You can also use our Get a Quote tool, post your requirements, and within minutes you’ll get calls from matching suppliers informing you about their rates. You can then choose the best supplier who fits your requirement. We have suppliers in all the major Australian cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin etc.

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A good beginning always results in a good ending, so make use of iseekplant’s database now to find the best surveyors near you and start your project on the right foot.

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