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Bulk Haulage involves the moving of precious aggregates, materials and chemicals in the mining, agriculture, construction, and manufacturing industries. With the use of specialised transportation equipment, mostly tippers and their variants, iseekplant's suppliers provide secure and efficient bulk haulage services tailored to your specific needs.

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Bulk Haulage Pricing Guide

Bulk Haulage is a subcontracted service that is usually quoted on the basis of the weight or loads of materials that are being moved. It differs from tipper hire, which is the hiring of trucks to carry materials which is paid for on an hourly rate basis. One is a hire contract, the other a defined subcontracted service.

Pricing for bulk haulage services varies widely based on the type of goods, distance, vehicle requirements, and specific regulations. Here's an average price guide:

Type of HaulageDistanceSize of Load (if applicable)Price Range
Mineral HaulageShort (up to 50km)Per Tonne$20 - $30 per tonne
Long (50km+)Per Tonne$30 - $50 per tonne
Liquid HaulageShort (up to 50km)Specific load size$500 - $1,000 per load
Long (50km+)Specific load size$1,000 - $3,000 per load
Agricultural HaulageShort (up to 50km)Per Tonne$10 - $20 per tonne
Long (50km+)Per Tonne$20 - $40 per tonne
Waste HaulageShort (up to 50km)Specific load size$100 - $200 per load
Long (50km+)Specific load size$200 - $400 per load

Note: All prices in this content are in AUD, exclude GST and are estimates.

Tipper Truck Hire Pricing Guide

You hire a tipper if you intend to ‘bulk haul’ materials, but it’s not a subcontracted service. It's a hire contract, either on wet hire (with operator and fuel) or dry hire (machine only) terms. Contractors with tippers for hire will lease you a truck for a defined period of time. There are big swings in the rates below because truck capacities vary so substantially.

TypeCapacity RangeDry Hire (Per Hour)Dry Hire (Per Day)Wet Hire (Per Hour)Wet Hire (Per Day)
Bogie Tipper3 - 10 Tonne$50 - $250$230 - $1,800$90 - $140$680 - $1,100
Truck & Dog15 - 30+ Tonne$100 - $400$700 - $2,500$160 - $200$1,100 - $1,500
Semi Tipper20 - 165 Tonne$70 - $500$500 - $3,600$135 - $600$970 - $4,300
Side Tipper20 - 30 Tonne$70 - $200$500 - $1,440$100 - $200$720 - $1,500

Bulk Haulage Overview

At iseekplant, we excel in finding you top-notch Bulk Haulage contractors to cater to the large-scale transportation needs of commodities, raw materials, and finished goods. Our listed suppliers' expertise extends across a wide range of industries, from agricultural produce and construction materials to minerals and waste products.

Types of Bulk Haulage

  1. Mineral Haulage: Specialised in transporting large quantities of minerals like coal, ores, and more.
  2. Liquid Haulage: Focused on transporting bulk liquids like petroleum, chemicals, etc.
  3. Agricultural Haulage: Includes the transport of grains, feed, and other farm products.
  4. Waste Haulage: Responsible for transporting large volumes of waste materials.
  5. Bulk Water Haulage: Hauling of bulk potable or non-potable water to be used on properties or in the construction process.

Trucks Used in Bulk Haulage

  1. Tanker Trucks: For liquid haulage, including chemicals and petroleum products. On our site, you can also search for: Fuel Tankers, Water Tankers, Vac Tankers
  2. Tipper Trucks: Ideal for transporting loose materials like sand, gravel, and waste. On our site, we have Truck and Dogs, Belly Dumpers, Semi Tippers, Road Trains, Pantechs, Prime Movers
  3. Flatbed Trailers: Used for hauling heavy machinery, equipment, or large quantities of palletized goods. On our site, we have Flatbed Trucks, Low Loaders, Crane Trucks, Tilt Trays, Tow Trucks, Pilot Vehicles
  4. Refrigerated Trucks: For perishable goods and temperature-sensitive items

Bulk Haulage Regulation & Safety

In Australia, the bulk haulage industry operates under strict regulations enforced by federal and state authorities. It's one of the most regulated areas in construction. Our verified suppliers prioritise safety and environmental compliance in every aspect of our operations. The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) oversees the implementation of heavy vehicle national laws, while state-based transport departments may enforce additional regulations.

Under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL), comprehensive rules are established for vehicle standards, fatigue management, mass, dimension, and loading. When you choose an iseekplant supplier as your bulk haulage partner, you should ask for their policy and compliance documentation.

We also need to let you know that as the person hiring the service, you have some culpability in accidents and safety issues. This is due to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws, which we also recommend you review before hiring anyone.

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