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Types of Scrapers Available to Hire

Elevating Scraper

Elevating Scraper

Laser Scoop

Laser Scoop

Open Bowl Scraper

Open Bowl Scraper

Open Bowl Twin Power Scraper

Open Bowl Twin Power Scraper

287 Scrapers for Hire on iseekplant

Scrapers play a crucial role in bulk earthworks, agricultural, mining and construction projects, as powerful and versatile bulk earthworks machines. iseekplant has an extensive range of scraper hire suppliers throughout Australia who offer open bowl, elevating, laser scoops and twin powered scrapers on wet and dry hire terms.

Below we highlight the various rates and costs of Scraper hire as well as the different types of scrapers available for hire and the work they can complete.

Scraper Hire Rates Guide

Scrapers and laser scoops are a relatively niche bit of gear and aren't as easy to find in every area of Australia, so you might have to consider mobilising one from somewhere nearby if you have a decent contract tenure. Below is a table of average rates you can expect for scrapers, these are just estimates, and we always tell our Seekers to use our Get a Quote tool to get accurate quotes from local suppliers.

Because scrapers are so big, you'll notice that the hire minimums are really long for both wet hire and dry hire, compared to other earthmoving machines. No one will want to hire out a scraper for a day or less than a week because of the hassle of moving it to your site.

If you have a short job, there are other machines you could hire that could do the same work. Reach out to our earthmoving experts for a chat using the chat tool in the bottom left corner of this page.

All prices are estimates and exclusive of GST.

Scraper TypeScraper ModelWet Hire RatesWet Hire MinimumsDry Hire RatesDry Hire Minimums
ElevatingCAT 613 or equivalent$2051 Week$1752 Weeks
ElevatingCAT 615 or equivalent$2151 Week$1852 Weeks
ElevatingCAT 623 or equivalent$2451 Week$2152 Weeks
ElevatingCAT 633 or equivalent$2601 Week$2302 Weeks
Open BowlCAT 621 or equivalent$2701 Week$2402 Weeks
Open BowlCAT 631 or equivalent$2951 Week$2652 Weeks
Open BowlCAT 651 or equivalent$3101 Week$2802 Weeks
Open Bowl Twin PowerCAT 627 or equivalent$2801 Week$2502 Weeks
Open Bowl Twin PowerCAT 637 or equivalent$3251 Week$2952 Weeks
Open Bowl Twin PowerCAT 657 or equivalent$3751 Week$3452 Weeks

Additional Hire Costs for Scrapers

Moving scrapers around is a cost killer, so use iseekplant to find the closest one to your job, then speak to the supplier about mobilisation options.

Additional Scraper ChargesRate
Scraper Mobilisation$500 - $2,500
Scraper Demobilisation$500 - $2,500
Travel to & From Site for Wet Hire Staff1 x Hour
GPS$20 - $50 per hour
Penalty Rates - Saturday after 12 pm1.5 x Rate
Penalty Rates Sunday2 x Rate
Penalty Rates Public Holidays2.5 x Rate
Penalty Rates Night Time1.5 x Rate

Different Types of Scrapers for Hire

Open Bowl Scrapers

An open bowl scraper is a heavy-duty machine designed for excavation, hauling, and levelling large amounts of soil or lose materials in construction and mining sites. It is aptly named for its open, bowl-like container that can be hydraulically controlled to cut into the ground, collect materials, and then spread them evenly across a site.

Elevating Scrapers

An elevating scraper has a self-loading mechanism consisting of a conveyor belt inside the bowl. It is ideal for mixing, loading, and evenly distributing soil, particularly in softer or sandy terrains where precision and constant material blending are required.

Twin Powered Scrapers

A twin-powered scraper is equipped with two engines: one powers the front wheels and the other powers the scraper mechanism. This setup provides enhanced power and efficiency, making these machines suitable for very heavy earthmoving tasks, such as digging and hauling large amounts of soil or rock over long distances.

Laser Scoops

Laser scoops, also known as laser-guided scrapers, are equipped with advanced laser technology for precision grading. They are primarily used for levelling and fine-grading tasks, where the laser system enables the operator to achieve highly accurate, consistent elevations and slopes.

Earthmoving Applications of Different Scrapers

The small differences in types of scrapers can make a big difference to the productivity of the bulk earthworks task that you are intending to do. Below is a table of common large civil and earthmoving tasks and the right scraper for that job.

TaskMost Appropriate Scraper
Mass excavation, land clearingOpen Bowl Scraper
Precision grading, levellingLaser Scoop (Laser-guided Scraper)
Moving large volumes of dirt quicklyTwin Power Scraper
Mixing, aerating, or drying soilElevating Scraper
Rough grading for roadsOpen Bowl Scraper
Fine grading for roadsLaser Scoop (Laser-guided Scraper)
Site preparation for building padsLaser Scoop (Laser-guided Scraper)
Loading material into trucksElevating Scraper
Spreading topsoilOpen Bowl Scraper or Laser Scoop
Construction of dams or dikesOpen Bowl Scraper

Size and Power of Scrapers for Hire

Here is a table of the most common scrapers for hire and their relative power and capacity ratios.

ModelTypeEngine Power (Net)Bowl CapacityHeaped Capacity
621KOpen Bowl366 HP13.7 m³18.3 m³
627KOpen Bowl Twin Power366 HP x 213.7 m³18.3 m³
631KOpen Bowl470 HP16.7 m³25.9 m³
637KOpen Bowl Twin Power449 HP x 216.7 m³25.9 m³
627HElevating337 HP x 214.4 m³20.5 m³
637HElevating402 HP x 214.4 m³25.9 m³
AccuGrade™Laser ScoopVariesVariesVaries

Hiring a Scraper on iseekplant

iseekplant is Australia's largest online construction marketplace, connecting people with construction services and plant hire. With over 18,000 suppliers across the country and hundreds of suppliers listed with scrapers for hire in their fleet, iseekplant helps users find the right people for their construction needs. The platform allows project managers and civil contractors to connect with suppliers and get projects done efficiently.

The best way to make use of our massive database to find a supplier is to use our Get a Quote tool. This way, your job can be sent to the most appropriate suppliers in the local area, and you can get accurate quotes within a few hours.

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