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What is a Scraper?

Scrapers often play a crucial role in large earthmoving projects, and are a powerful and versatile tool, commonly used for agricultural, mining and construction projects. iSeekplant have an extensive range of scraper hire suppliers in Melbourne and throughout Australia, including twin-powered, elevating and open-bowl scrapers.

These machines work most efficiently when the fill and cut areas are close together and are therefore long enough for the hopper to be filled in one run. It’s also possible for a team to use multiple scrapers in a long cut area, by using dozers and a push-pull technique.

Scrapers have a hopper and a gate with a blade at the bottom. As the blade scrapes up dirt or other materials when the machine moves forward, the material is forced into the hopper. Once the hopper is completely full, the material is taken away to be disposed of.

Open Bowl Scrapers

An open bowl scraper is the most basic type of scraper, featuring a hopper powered by hydraulics which moves on a vertical axis. While the front part of the hopper can self-fill, a dozer will be necessary for most projects.

Open bowl scraper hire suppliers in Brisbane and throughout the country provide scrapers for a range of applications, and these scrapers have a hydraulic system, allowing all components (including the apron, and ejector) to function independently.

Elevating Scraper

For those looking for scraper hire suppliers in Perth, elevating scrapers offer higher efficiency without needing to use a dozer, as they can self-full and can also do fine finish work and material homogenization.

Unlike open bowl scrapers, which have an apron that drops down over the material to retain it, these machines have an electricity or hydraulically-driven elevator which is two chains and a series of crossbars.

Material is dumped when the floor of the bowl is slid backwards, and the elevator can also be reversed to ensure that the load is evenly dumped.

Twin Powered Scrapers

Twin powered or tandem-powered scrapers are often used for large scale earthmoving projects, and they have rear axles with an engine on the front and can have a capacity of up to 400kW.

For those looking for Adelaide scraper hire suppliers offering heavy-duty scrapers that can get the job done quickly and efficiently, the tandem push-pull scraper is like combining the horsepower of two machines into one, and the scrapers can self-load, with both machines often being able to be loaded in less than a minute.

Our database features a wide range of scraper hire suppliers in Darwin, with many different setups including auger scrapers, pull scrapers, and more, so you can easily browse the listings and find the scraper best suited for your next project.

If you need help narrowing down your options, we can help you choose a reliable and cost-ffective solution from one of our manyscraper hire  suppliers across Australia. Simply send our Projects Team an email or call 1300 691 912 and let us know your project specifications.

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