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iseekplant is the largest online construction hire marketplace in Australia. We have continued to provide the best concrete sawing services and quotes across the country with our large nationwide network concrete service suppliers. Concrete grinding, concrete sawing, core drilling, concrete drilling and concrete cutting companies help construction industries get access to the highest quality equipment and contractors in their area.

Concrete cutting is the process of removing concrete through controlled drilling and sawing. This process is achieved by using special saws that can cut through concrete and asphalt with accuracy and precision. These machines are mostly used by skilled operators as it might lead to injuries or accidents if not properly operated. Before the introduction of specialised equipment, concrete cutting companies used jackhammers but this method resulted in a lot of dust and mess. Hence, specialised machinery was introduced which left behind only smooth and attractive finishes and not mess.

Diamond blades are mostly used in concrete cutting machinery. To accommodate various types and strengths, concrete cutters began using different specifications of the diamond blades. This enabled faster cuts and less water to result in a sleek finish. Some modern machines also have vacuum systems that can capture most of the dust which can save a lot of time for cleaning up later. Therefore, when hiring a concrete cutting company, make sure they use modern machines, or else the resulting work might not be of high quality or accuracy.

What methods are used for concrete cutting?

There are many concrete cutting methods but there are 5 methods that are more commonly used than others. First is diamond sawing, which is known for accuracy and precision. They are also quieter than other cutting methods; they also require fewer operators and can be used on other metals. Diamond saws can be quite costly hence they are mostly used by contractors in professional settings.

The second method is concrete wall sawing which is used to cut walls between 16 and 36 inches. Concrete wall saws have a unique circular blade on a track-mounted machine that makes it possible for the saw to climb walls or to cut ceilings.

Next comes flat sawing. These saws are placed on a cart which is pushed by an operator from behind. This method is used to get to broken pipes or wiring below a concrete floor or to cut plumbing trenches.

The fourth method of concrete cutting is core drilling. This method is generally preferred for creating openings for wires, pipes or air conditioners to fit through. This process can also be used to make accurate and precise holes. Though this method might seem simple, it requires a lot of skill and precision.

The final method of concrete cutting is wire sawing. This method is implemented when no other methods seem practical. This saw is made by installing many tiny diamond segments on a cable put through pulleys which are then attached to a hydraulic powered drive. These are very complex and should be strictly used by professionals.

Basics of the Concrete Cutting Process

The first step in the concrete cutting process is to layout the area of concrete that has to be cut. Then make a marking on the concrete, tracing the part that has to be cut - this acts as a guide while cutting. Then use a hand saw to cut the concrete if the depth is 4 inches or below. If the depth is more than 4 inches then it is better to use an industrial-grade machine.

With various concrete cutting suppliers using different methods and charging different prices, you might have to check around and spend a lot of time finding out who is the best supplier for you.

Well, you are in luck because with iseekplant’s marketplace, this process is made easy for you. iseekplant is Australia’s largest online construction hire marketplace. Our database can be accessed through our easy to navigate marketplace.

Just visit iseekplant and use the search options. Type in your requirements and find the nearest suppliers who match your requirements. If you are too busy to call each one independently, then you can simply post your requirements in our Get a Quote tool and we’ll submit your project request to the most suitable suppliers and have them contact you directly. Then it is up to you to choose the best one that fits your project needs. We have suppliers who operate in all the major Australian cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin.

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If you are unable to find a supplier then simply our team of experts who will assist you. Meanwhile, if you are looking for other equipment for your project, check out our excavator hire, mini excavator hire or dingo hire options. If there are a lot of concrete slabs that have to be moved around then you can check out truck hire or tipper truck hire to dump the debris. Once the concrete cutting is done, if you wish to clean it then the pressure cleaning section might interest you. Apart from this if you are looking for a concreter then check out concreter suppliers.

With over 18,000 suppliers in our database, we cater to a lot of customers all over Australia. We strive to make sure that you get your concrete cutting equipment or other construction hire gear on time so that you could complete your project without any delays or loss of money.

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