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Survey Equipment Hire

Surveying is the mapping and measurement of an environment (often a construction site) using specialised technology, equipment and mathematics. Surveying contractors work out in the field, using technology like GPS, taking photos and making computations. They then use sophisticated software to draft maps and plans.

We have many equipment hire suppliers and surveying contractors in Sydney and throughout Australia available for hire on the iSeekplant website.

Surveying Contractors Hire Suppliers

Surveying was originally developed to help people determine the shape and size of pieces of land by using mathematical measurements. These days, a construction survey should generally be performed before any large-scale construction can take place on the land.

Surveying contractor hire suppliers in Perth and throughout Australia complete both land and construction site surveying.

Land surveyors use their skills to mark out land by using recorded documents like deeds, historical evidence and current surveying standards and practices. These surveys are often used for mortgages, condominiums and titles.

Construction surveyors are as experienced as land surveyors, only they specialise in the construction industry. This type of surveying is used to establish where man-made objects like pipes, buildings, bridges and highways should be located, and these surveyors also help ensure that projects like roads have been finished in terms of dimensional measurements like length.

One of the main tasks of construction surveyors is ensuring that a building or other project will be placed on solid, stable ground.

Mining surveyors are also used in the mining industry, and are involved in the construction and development of mines around the country.

There is a wide range of surveying contractor hire suppliers in Adelaide and throughout Australia, so you can easily find a surveyor for your next project using the iSeekplant database. Surveyors can be used at many stages of the construction process, including the tender stage, preliminary phases or once the project is finished.

Surveying Equipment Hire Suppliers

Often you’ll find that you’ll need your own surveying equipment onsite, and there are many Melbourne surveying equipment hire suppliers available to choose from.
These include transit levels, surveying instrument tripods, surveyors safety vests, planimetres, surveying bipods, levels, land surveying markers, marking machines, GPS equipment, surveying prisms, land surveying rods, transits, stakes, grade rods and much more.

These days, most modern surveying equipment uses a combination of optics, allowing for dual selectable lasers, huge amounts of memory to be recorded (including tens of thousands of measurements), lightening fast response times for calculations, and pinpoint accuracy.

Generally, the higher-tech the equipment, the more expensive it is to hire. We have a wide range of surveying equipment hire suppliers in Darwin and throughout Australia, so you can select your equipment based on a number of factors, including price.

If you’re looking for surveying equipment hire, but you’re not sure which type of equipment is suitable for your next project, get in touch with our expert Projects Team today. They’ll use their industry experience to do the looking for you and will find you the best surveying equipment for your next job.

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