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What is a Road Truck?

Trucks for Hire for Construction Projects

Trucks are essential for most construction jobs in Australia and are one of iSeekplant’s most requested items. Unfortunately, truck hire suppliers in Adelaide for construction projects and elsewhere in Australia can be difficult for project managers to easily find, however our extensive database has a wide variety of trucks available for your next project.

What do you mean by 'road truck' for construction projects?

Strictly speaking, road trucks are generally anything that can be legally driven on the road (some other trucks like dump trucks aren’t registered for road use), and there are many different uses for these trucks. A “standard” truck setup is a single trailer with an open box bed and hydraulic pistons which dump loose material behind the truck - we call this a truck & dog. We have many different trucks available, with tippers which have up to 12 tonnes of capacity and can be used around the site, and large-scale solutions for transporting material and equipment, such as truck and dog setups, semi-trailers, b-doubles and even huge road trains. These trucks can be hired from a variety of road truck hire suppliers in Melbourne and elsewhere within Australia, including plant hire companies and pure haulage companies.

Our database also includes more specialised trucks for different projects, including belly dumpers. These trucks are ideal for material transport and asphalt paving, and are particularly useful on sites with overhanging power lines or trees since the material is dumped through a clamshell gate instead of using a tipper. Our Sydney truck hire suppliers also have low loaders available, which have a very low deck and are used to haul equipment around the country. Since vehicles can be driven both on and off the low loader, these are a good choice for transporting large machinery. Another example of a road truck is the prime-mover, which is also known as a semi-trailer, semi, or tractor-trailer and is a versatile truck which can transport a huge variety of goods and freight to your next job site.

Why Hire a Road Truck?

Road trucks have a variety of uses for the construction, mining, and civil industries. While there are many different types of road trucks and Perth road truck hire suppliers available, the best truck for the job will depend on the materials you’ll be working with, your project specifications, and the size of the area you’ll be using the truck in. Whether you need a small, compact, and easily manoeuvrable road truck for use within your job site, or you need a massive road train to haul equipment and supplies over a long distance, we have a huge variety of road truck hire suppliers in Brisbane and throughout Australia.

Take a look at our large database to compare road truck hire listings, or get in touch on 1300 691 913. If you need help choosing the best road truck for your next project, email our Projects Team who can use their industry experience to browse the suppliers for you, and find the best equipment for your next job.  

Some of our Road Truck Hire Suppliers

Equipment Hub Pty Ltd

1 Endorsement
2 matching machines
Archerfield, QLD

Transmech Crane Truck Services

6 Endorsements
2 matching machines
Upper Caboolture, QLD

MAC Plumbing & Civil

1 Endorsement
1 matching machines
Park Ridge, QLD
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