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A truck hire is mostly preferred when dealing with situations that involve moving heavy cargo. In general, trucks come in different sizes, power and configuration, but they have three basic functions: haul, tow, and carry. They can be configured to be mounted with specialised equipment such as concrete mixers and suctions excavators. These attachments can be of great use in the construction and mining industry.

Though there are many different types of trucks out there, three stand out. The first one is light trucks like a pickup truck – also referred to as a van. Though they are primarily used to transport people, sometimes pickup trucks are also marketed and used for their hauling and towing capabilities. The second one is the heavy trucks; these are generally road trucks that have various applications such as heavy dump trucks and concrete pump trucks. The third ones are the off-road trucks like haul trucks. These are not used for transporting people and have very specific purposes. Haul trucks are specifically engineered for use in heavy-duty construction and high-production mining environments. These trucks can also be used to transport construction equipment from one job site to another.

If you choose to go for a dingo hire, excavator hire or mini excavator hire for moving large amounts of the material then it might waste time and thereby costing you a lot of money. In such cases, you can simply use a truck hire or a tipper truck hire that can move a vast amount of dirt or sand quickly.

How much does truck hire cost in Australia?

The cost of truck hire in Australia varies daily. Additionally, it varies between each agreement. Therefore, there is no fixed amount. Hence it gets complex to choose the supplier each time you would want to hire a truck.

That is why iSeekplant has launched its amazing platform. iSeekplant is one of Australia’s largest online construction hire marketplaces. We act as a facilitator of connecting an equipment seeker with an equipment owner. We cover a range of industries from agriculture to mining and construction.

A truck hire business is a race. The one who reaches the customer faster has a higher chance of converting that interaction to business. We understand it and that’s why we offer a platform for suppliers to reach potential customers. We have a vast network of 8,000+ suppliers. Suppliers can simply sign up and register their company with us. Suppliers should also list down their capabilities, locations and upload some photos of their gear. By doing so you have a chance to get discovered by thousands of searchers.

Where to hire a truck?

You can simply find truck hire with your regular supplier, though sometimes machine availability is limited and pricing can be expensive. Another option is to call a couple of random suppliers or visit physical stores and get to know about their products and services and then do some analysis and figure out which one is best. Or you can simply use iSeekplant and not break a sweat. We have suppliers in all the major Australian cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin.

Simply visit the website and search for a truck to find the top suppliers near you. You can compare their services, check other user reviews and see their full fleet. Pick out a few best ones and contact them directly. Or you can submit your project requirements through our Get a Quote tool and matching suppliers would be notified and they will contact you with pricing within minutes. If the above two options don’t work for you then you can simply give us a call. Our team of experts would find the best supplier who fit your requirements and put you in touch with them. Apart from truck hire, we also have suppliers for bobcat hire, scissor lift hire, crane hire, forklift hire, cherry picker hire, compactor hire and more.

If you are looking for truck hire for your large-scale project then you would understand that in most projects, time is money. Looking for suppliers, partnering with one and finally get a truck delivered to you can take days. If you have an urgent requirement and if you are forced to wait for the truck to be delivered then this acts as a bottle-neck that leads to loss of money. With our industry best 30 minute response time, we can reduce this wait-time from a couple of days to hours and make sure that your project does not halt and is completed well within the scheduled date, thereby preventing any loss of money. Plant hires already cost 20% to 30% of the total project spend, with our timely and cost-effective solution, you can bring down the total project cost and increase your net profits.

So, save yourself some trouble because iSeekplant is here to take care of all your truck hire issues. Search now and let us help you find the best truck hire supplier in your area.

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