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Excavator hire is most useful for digging trenches, demolition, construction and mining. Excavators are heavy construction equipment that has a piece of shovel-like equipment attached to a mechanical arm. It also has a cab which houses the operator. This is a tracked vehicle; it uses a vehicle track propulsion system. The wheels are made of steel solid chain tracks called caterpillar track or tank tread. If the job involved is small scale digging then a mini excavator hire, bobcat hire or dingo hire would be enough. However, if there is a lot of digging or tonnes of material that has to be moved around, an excavator hire is the one to choose.

A typical excavator contains three parts, the undercarriage, house, and an arm. The undercarriage consists of tracks, track frame and a final drive which houses the hydraulic motor. The house includes the operator cab, engine, counterweight, and hydraulic oil tanks. The arm typically consists of a boom, stick and a bucket with three joints between them and the house.

There are two types of excavators based on how they function; hydraulic excavators and cable-operated excavators. Hydraulic excavators couple engine power to three hydraulic pumps rather than mechanical drivetrains. The movement and functioning are achieved with the help of hydraulic fluid, hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders. On the other hand, cable-operated excavators make use of cables and steel wires to move the relevant parts to perform the intended function. These are generally considered to be first-generation digging machines and hence they are rarely used they are no longer widely used. If you are looking for an excavator hire then you might also be interested in a truck hire or a tipper truck hire. Once you have dug, you can use the trucks to dump the waste.

With the availability of attachments such as the breaker, grapple or auger, the capabilities of an excavator have gone far beyond excavation. They also have a quick coupler for simplified attachment purposes. This can also increase the machine’s productivity and utilisation at the worksite. Excavators are generally used along with loaders and bulldozers.

Plant hire is very expensive; it can cost anywhere from 20% to 30% of the budget for your project. Hence it is really important to select your excavator hire supplier carefully. The supplier should be closer to the work site so that there are no delays to deliver the excavator. Generally, you would have to conduct your research of all the suppliers in your area, what they offer and how much they charge. You could use yellow pages or newspaper advertisements to find suppliers on your own. But thanks to iseekplant, you can save all that time.

iseekplant is Australia’s largest online construction hire marketplace. At iseekplant you can find many top suppliers near your location. With detailed specifications and images, you get a proper idea about what you are getting. You can also find user reviews for all the suppliers that will help you choose the best one for your project. We have suppliers all across the major Australian cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin.

Excavator hire also requires an experienced operator who can handle the excavator; if any untrained people use it, it might lead to accidents at the worksite. If your project does not have any professional or experienced operators then we also provide wet hire option. Using this, you can also hire a professional operator along with the excavator to complete the task in a faster and safe manner.

Some safety tips to make sure there are no unwanted accidents while using the excavator are, to first check the propel system before operation. And after the operation, make sure it's parked on a level surface with the bucket attachment facing towards the ground. Turn off the auto-idle switch and run the engine at half throttle without load for a few minutes. This helps to cool the turbocharger. Also, make sure the RPM is set to low idle before the engine is shut down with the key switch.

For excavator hire, simply search on iseekplant with your requirements and you will get the top suppliers near you. You can compare suppliers or make a shortlist and contact each one directly.

If you can’t be bothered searching through suppliers, simply use the Get a Quote tool, submit your request and we’ll get matching suppliers to contact you with their best quote. If these don’t work, you can call us and our team of experts would find you a new supplier based on your requirements.

We understand that projects are extremely time-sensitive and missing out on your schedule can result in huge losses which is why we have a standard 30-minute response time. We have an innovative supply chain that focuses on providing faster solutions to clients. With a supply network of over 8000 suppliers, you are sure to find a suitable excavator hire supplier in your local area. And the best part is that using our site to find machines and services is free. Apart from excavator hire, we also have suppliers who offer scissor lift hire, crane hire, forklift hire, cherry picker hire, compactor hire and more.

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