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We’re Australia's leading marketplace for the wet and dry hire of machines and earthmoving equipment. With over 2,800 excavator hire companies listed nationwide, we make it easy for you to request multiple hire quotes from reliable suppliers local to your job site.

Whatever your excavator rental needs - from residential to commercial to civil - our suppliers at iseekplant provide reasonable hire rates on excavators and other earthmoving equipment, at a location near you.

Below you’ll find details regarding excavator hire rates, a breakdown of the types of excavators available for hire and popular excavator attachments that can be requested for hire from our suppliers.

Excavator Hire Rates - Wet and Dry Hire

Below is a table of average hourly rates for excavators on wet or dry hire. If you want to calculate the day rate, multiply the hourly rate by 8-10 hours (depending on how many hours your site operates) then apply around a 5% discount, as suppliers prefer to hire on day rates for longer contracts.

Strong discounts are offered on rack rates if you’re contract is over 30 days, and if you’re working for a reputable contracting company. We always recommend getting multiple accurate quotes using our Get a Quote tool.

Excavator SizeDry Hire Hourly RatesMin Hire HoursWet Hire Hourly RatesMin Hire Hours
1-2 Tonne Excavator$404$1152
3-4 Tonne Excavator$504$1203
5-6 Tonne Excavator$554$1253
7-9 Tonne Excavator$604$1303
10 Tonne Excavator$654$1353
12, 13, 14 Tonne Excavator$701-3 Days$140Full Day
15-19 Tonne Excavator$751-3 Days$140Full Day
20-25 Tonne Excavator$901-3 Days$170Full Day
26-30 Tonne Excavator$105One Week$180One Week
30-35 Tonne Excavator$120One Week$190One Week
40 Tonne Excavator$165One Week$225One Week
50 Tonne Excavator$180One Week$270One Week

Additional Costs for Hiring an Excavator

While every supplier has a different charging method, below are some common additional charges that could be included in your hiring costs. Be sure to ask your supplier for a comprehensive quote.

Excavator ChargesRate
Pick Up Small ExcavatorUsually Free
Small or Mini Excavator Dry Hire Delivery$150 - $500
Small or Mini Excavator Dry Hire Return$150 - $500
Travel to & From Site for Wet Hire Staff1 x Hour
Mobilisation for Large Excavators$650 - $2,000
De-Mobilisation for Large Excavators$650 - $2,000
GPS$20 - $50 per hour
3D GPS$50 - $100 Per hour
Penalty Rates - Saturday after 12 pm1.5 x Rate
Penalty Rates Sunday2 x Rate
Penalty Rates Public Holidays2.5 x Rate
Penalty Rates Night Time1.5 x Rate

Wide Range of Excavator Sizes Available

The range of excavators our suppliers provide for hire are made to suit small to large jobs. From 1 tonne mini's to large civil and mining excavators, our platform helps you search for the most suitable excavator hire for the job..

Micro ExcavatorsMini ExcavatorsCivil Sized ExcavatorsLarge Civil & Mining Excavators
1 Tonne - 3.4 Tonne3.5 Tonne - 5.4 Tonne8 Tonne - 11.9 Tonne40 Tonne - 49 Tonne
-5.4 Tonne - 7.9 Tonne12 Tonne - 14.9 Tonne50 Tonne - 59 Tonne
--15 Tonne - 19 Tonne50 Tonne - 80 Tonne
--20 Tonne - 29 Tonne80 Tonne - 100 Tonne
--30 Tonne - 39 Tonne101 Tonne - 200 Tonne
---201 Tonne - 300 Tonne
---301 Tonne and Above

Micro Excavator Hire

Commonly used as a hire option for residential jobs, a micro excavator will deal with compact spaces and are perfect for excavating around obstacles, such as trenching, digging foundations, excavating footings, grading and excavating drainage systems.

Mini Excavator Hire

Our supplier's mini excavators are unrivaled when it comes to small-scale projects and tight spaces. If you're looking for ideal solutions for residential landscaping, plumbing or small construction jobs.

Civil Sized Excavator Hire

Ranging in size from 5 to 40 tonnes, a machine of this caliber is the most popular and prolific excavator in the Australian construction industry and are suitable for a variety of civil & heavy commercial sites, like road construction, trenching, the establishment of commercial building foundations, and utility installations.

Large Civil & Mining Excavator Hire

For large-scale projects, such as mining and major construction operations, our heavy-duty mine-spec excavators are the perfect hire solution. Ranging from 30 to over 300 tonnes in size, these mighty machines pack the punch needed for large-scale excavation and mass haul projects.

Common Excavator Attachments

Not only can you hire excavators on iseekplant in a variety of sizes, but our suppliers also feature a huge array of excavator attachments. Below is a list of our most popular excavators for hire.

Excavator Buckets - The most common excavator attachment used within Australia when handling bulk materials. It comes in a range of different sizes that can be fitted to both mini diggers and excavators.

Auger Drills - The auger drill attachment is used for drilling holes for pipes or poles. The auger comes in a range of different lengths and dimensions and is mainly used across road constructions, subdivisions and installation of gas or water.

Grapple - A grapple attachment is ideal when you have oddly/awkward objects such as rocks, logs or piles of concrete that need to be moved. It can easily scoop up loose debris like dirt or sand and will assist in efficiently cleaning up the site.

Post Hole - Used to assist in digging holes for retaining walls, trenches, house foundations and trees.

Tilt Buckets - These attachments allows you the flexibility of using a bucket that delivers a maximum flexibility. They are designed to trim up to a 45 degree angle.

Ripper Blades - Attachments of this nature are ideal when your project requires breaking through surfaces such as rock, tarmac or paving, to loosen roots and rocks in soil and other solid ground.

Rock Breaker - A rock breaker attachment (sometimes referred to as a hydraulic hammer attachment) can be used to service a wide range of jobs including road construction, trenching, landscaping and demolition.

Multiple Excavator Hire Quotes from Local Suppliers

Hit the Get a Quote button and that puts you into a tool that asks you a bunch of questions about your job so it can be sent to a number of local suppliers.

On average, about 3 will respond and be available (depending on the quality of your job and requirements). Our goal is to try to get every Seeker on iseekplant 3 responses.

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