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  • Fleet Size: 15
  • Mackay QLD
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Excavator Hire

Excavator and Digger Hire Suppliers

The humble excavator is one of the most commonly seen pieces of machinery on construction sites around the world. iSeekplant have a huge range of excavator and digger hire suppliers in Newcastle and throughout the country, which can be used for both large mining projects and smaller scale jobs. Excavators and diggers are often used for jobs like demolition, excavations, digging trenches, and in mining operations. The many attachments available (which you’ll also find in the Refine Search panel on iSeekplant) also allow the equipment to function as trenching machines, pipelayers or pile drivers.

Which Type of Excavator should you Hire?

There are many Perth excavator and digger hire suppliers, all offering a variety of different types of diggers. If you’re not sure which excavator is right for your next project, get in touch with the iSeekplant Projects Team with your job specifications.

Track Mounted Excavator

One of the most popular types of excavators and diggers requested on iSeekplant is the track mounted excavator. These are sometimes known as crawlers, since they can drive on surfaces that are less stable, compared to the wheeled excavators which struggle with driving on sand and mud. Track mounted excavators and diggers have a mechanism similar to a conveyor belt instead of wheels, and since it evenly disperses the weight of the machine across the ground, it won’t sink down into wet or muddy terrain. Since it can only be used on site, this machine requires transportation to get from one job to another.

Wheel Mounted Excavators

Included in the database of excavator and digger hire suppliers in Brisbane and elsewhere in Australia, is the wheel mounted excavator, which is also a popular option. While the track mounted excavator works well for uneven and unstable terrain, wheel mounted excavators have much more manoeuvrability and mobility and are also faster.

Chameleon Clamshell Excavators

These excavators and diggers have a telescopic boom, which extends and bends through the knuckle joint at the midpoint. This is a long reach excavator, and is often used for both construction and demolition projects. The chameleon clamshell excavator has a base, a boom, a cab and a bucket, and the cab will usually have bulletproof glass, protecting the operator from any falling debris. The base of these excavators can have either rubber-wheeled tires or crawler tracks, depending on the type of terrain.

How do Excavators and Diggers Work?

Understanding how excavators work will be helpful when it comes to choosing amongst the excavator and digger hire suppliers in Sydney and in the iSeekplant database. Hydraulic excavators have two separate levels. The arm has two hydraulic cylinders- the boom and the bucket, which you’ll see on the upper part of the machine. Just like a human arm, excavators move at the “elbow” and “wrist”. Inside the hydraulic cylinder is a piston and a rod, which, along with the help of oil, enables the arm to move.  The machine changes energy from the engine to hydraulic power, and the excavator’s swing allows it to turn, with ball bearings ensuring that this happens smoothly.

Excavator Hire Suppliers in Australia

Excavators are definitely among the most common equipment for hire in Australia. Many, many plant hire companies have at least one excavator for hire. Just about every general purpose earthmoving hire company will have a digger or two in the yard ready to load onto a float and shoot off to a job. We've seen a host of excavator hire and digger hire companies sign up with iSeekplant, and there are more listed every single day. 

Need help with finding the right excavator for your next project? Get in touch today and our Projects Team will help you find the best Melbourne excavator digger hire suppliers.

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