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Over 700 Loaders Available for Hire on iseekplant

iseekplant is Australia's leading online construction marketplace. We offer a vast range of construction equipment, including more than 700 loaders from over 25,000 verified suppliers. Whether you need a front-end loader, an integrated tool carrier, a track loader, or an underground loader, we can help you find the perfect machine for your project.

Loaders are a staple in construction and mining due to their versatility, power, and the wide range of attachments available. They can perform a variety of tasks such as moving materials, digging, and running various materials around a site.

Loader Hire - Wet and Dry Hire Rate Guides

So we’ve included quick rates guides on front end loaders. Please note: All quoted prices are averages, AUD and exclude GST and additional on costs (and are our best guesses).

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Loader TypeSizeAvg. Bucket CapacityAverage Dry Hire RatesMin Hire HoursAverage Wet Hire RatesMin Hire Hours
Front-end LoaderSmall1.0-1.5 m³$100.00One Day$1604 Hours
Front-end LoaderMedium1.5-2.5 m³$110.00One Day$1704 Hours
Front-end LoaderLarge2.5-4.0 m³$120.00One Day$1804 Hours
Integrated Tool Carrier (ITC)Small0.8-1.2 m³$74.00One Day$1344 Hours
Integrated Tool Carrier (ITC)Medium1.2-1.8 m³$85.00One Day$1454 Hours
Integrated Tool Carrier (ITC)Large1.8-2.5 m³$95.00One Day$1554 Hours
Track LoaderSmall0.6-1.0 m³$140.00One Day$2004 Hours
Track LoaderMedium1.0-1.5 m³$160.00One Day$2204 Hours
Track LoaderLarge1.5-2.5 m³$180.00One Day$2404 Hours
Underground LoaderLarge2.5-4.0 m³Usually long-term mining leases.

Additional Costs to Consider when Hiring a Loader

There are some additional costs you need to consider when hiring a loader on wet or dry hire. Every supplier is different, so your best bet is always to use our Get a Quote feature to get accurate quotes.

Additional Loader ChargesRate
Mobilisation and Demobilisation$500 - $1,000
Travel to & From Site for Wet Hire Staff1 x Hourly Rate
Attachments$20 - $50 per hour
Penalty Rates - Saturday after 12 pm1.5 x Rate
Penalty Rates Sunday2 x Rate
Penalty Rates Public Holidays2.5 x Rate
Penalty Rates Night Time1.5 x Rate

Common Loader Attachments and Average Hire Rates

These are some of the most common loader attachments available from hire companies and their rough average hire costs for each.

Loader AttachmentPurposeAverage Hire Rate (per hour)
General Purpose BucketUsed for digging, loading, carrying, and dumping loose material$15 - $25
4-in-1 BucketCan be used as a dozer blade, scraper, grapple, and bucket$20 - $30
Grapple BucketUsed for handling bulky items or debris$20 - $30
Pallet ForksDesigned to lift and carry heavy loads, such as pallets$10 - $15
Auger DriveUsed for drilling holes in the ground for fence posts, footings, and more$20 - $40
Rock BreakerUsed to break up hard surfaces such as rock or concrete$40 - $60
TrencherUsed to dig trenches in the ground$30 - $50
SweeperUsed to clean and sweep surfaces$15 - $25

Types of Loader

  • Front End Loader / Wheel Loader: A versatile machine designed for moving heavy materials and loading them onto trucks or into bins.
  • Integrated Tool Carrier (ITC): A multi-purpose machine equipped with a quick coupler system to easily switch between various attachments for different tasks.
  • Track Loader: A robust machine that combines the capabilities of a bulldozer and a loader, ideal for working on rough terrains and in challenging conditions.
  • Underground Loader: A specialised machine used in mining operations to load and transport materials in underground tunnels and confined spaces.

Here is a table of the most popular types of loaders in each category for hire in Australia and their specs.

Loader TypeSizeProduct CodeOperating WeightHorsepower
Front-End LoaderSmallCAT 906M5,849 kg73 HP
Front-End LoaderMediumCAT 938M13,604 kg188 HP
Front-End LoaderLargeCAT 980M30,054 kg386 HP
Integrated Tool Carrier (ITC)SmallCAT 903D3,915 kg40 HP
Integrated Tool Carrier (ITC)MediumCAT 930M13,184 kg158 HP
Integrated Tool Carrier (ITC)LargeCAT 938K14,907 kg170 HP
Track LoaderSmallCAT 259D4,425 kg74.3 HP
Track LoaderMediumCAT 279D4,643 kg73.2 HP
Track LoaderLargeCAT 299D XHP4,791 kg95 HP
Underground LoaderSmallCAT R1300G22,680 kg165 HP
Underground LoaderMediumCAT R1700G30,644 kg257 HP
Underground LoaderLargeCAT R2900G48,071 kg398 HP

Machines with Similar Functions to a Loader

You might be able to get your job done faster or better with another (smaller) machine that does the same job as a front end loader. Check out these alternative categories:

  • A Bobcat or Skid Steer Loader is a compact utility machine that can perform similar tasks to a front end loader, such as lifting and moving materials, but it is smaller in size and offers greater maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • Posi Track: The Posi Track, also known as a compact track loader, shares similarities with a front end loader in terms of its lifting and loading capabilities, but it features rubber tracks instead of wheels, providing enhanced traction and lower ground pressure.
  • Drott: The Drott, or crawler loader, is a heavy-duty track loader that is smaller than the track loaders in this category, that can handle tasks similar to a front end loader, including material handling and loading, but it is equipped with tracks for increased stability and improved performance on uneven terrain.

How to Find Quality Loader Suppliers on iseekplant

Looking for reliable loader suppliers on iseekplant? Look no further! Just share your job requirements and leave the rest to us. Our expert team will swiftly connect you with top-notch suppliers who will send you competitive quotes. You can call us on 1300 691 912 or email [email protected].

Take your pick from the best and kickstart your project today! Don't forget to explore our website's powerful search tools, including filter options on our supplier directory, to find the perfect loader models and attachments tailored to your specific needs.

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