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What is a Loader?

ITC Loader Hire

These are often called a tool carrier loader and are some of the most versatile machines around. ITC loaders can act like a forklift on a construction site, even on inconsistent or uneven ground.

While forklifts can only move tools and materials around flat surfaces like concrete slabs or warehouses, the ITC loader hire suppliers in Melbourne supply ITC loaders which can move supplies, materials, tools and pallets over the type of uneven surfaces that are often found on earthworks projects.

Tracked Loader Hire

You could be mistaken for assuming that these are bulldozers when you first see them, as they look like dozers and have a very similar chassis. However, Sydney tracked loader suppliers actually provide tracked loaders that can move huge quantities of materials around the site and into dump trucks - picking them up from stockpile areas when necessary.

Because tracked loaders have a track-mounted chassis, they have greater stability on inconsistent, unstable, or loose ground. While this makes them excellent for challenging conditions, they’re also slower and less mobile than many loaders, and only made by a few manufacturers.

Underground Loader Hire

Underground loader hire suppliers in Adelaide and throughout Australia provide loaders exclusively for mining applications underground. Because they operate in spaces that are height restricted, they have a broad, flat chassis. The also have a large bucket capacity which allows these loaders to efficiently move materials around underground.

Because these are niche loaders, only a small number of iSeekplant suppliers have them available since they’re usually purchased by mine sites.

Wheeled Loader Hire

These are the most popular and most commonly requested loaders on the iSeekplant website. You’ll see that they’re categorised by the capacity of their buckets, which generally fit into three different sizes - less than 3m cubed, between 3 and 6m cubed, and more than 6m cubed for bucket capacity.

The engine size, chassis and horsepower will also increase as the bucket capacity increases, meaning that wheeled loaders with larger buckets can lift and move more material at a time.

Wheeled loaders are also sometimes known as bucket loaders or front end loaders and can perform a multitude of different tasks, such as road building, site preparation, load-and-carry, digging, and material handling. Some models have been specifically developed for waste handling as well.

Wheeled loaders have a pivoted frame which these days, is usually articulated. The engine is mounted over the back wheels of the machine, with a canopy or cab resting over the front. This machine is extremely manoeuvrable due to the pivot arrangement which allows it to work within small turning circles.

If you’re unsure about which Brisbane loader hire suppliers or type of loader is the best fit for your project, get in touch with the experts at iSeekplant who can help you navigate our categories and find the perfect supplier and machine for your job.

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On iSeekplant, we have a huge number of suppliers who have a range of loaders available for hire. Here is a basic breakdown which will show you how loader hire suppliers throughout Australia categorise loaders, and how they’re categorised within the iSeekplant database:

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Thousands of Loader Hire Suppliers

View Loader Hire Suppliers across Australia. Get quotes from Loader Hire suppliers, view loader hire fleets, or hire instantly!