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Asphalting Specialists for Hire on iseekplant

Finding the right asphalting specialist is crucial for any serious asphalting project, whether it's for a driveway, road or commercial parking lot. At iseekplant, we connect you with asphalting specialists based across Australia. Our network includes experts in all aspects of asphalting, from initial consultation to final execution, ensuring your project meets the highest standards in both material and finished product.

Asphalting Specialist Hire Rates Guide

In asphalting, costs vary widely depending on material, scale and location. This section outlines average hire rates for various asphalting services to help you plan your budget. Whether it's a small driveway project or large commercial resurfacing, these rates offer a reliable starting point for cost estimation:

Service TypeAverage Rate (Per Square Metre of Asphalt)
Residential Driveways$25 - $40
Commercial Parking Lots$30 - $50
Road Surfacing$35 - $60
Asphalt Repair and Maintenance$20 - $35
Asphalt Resurfacing$40 - $70
Asphalt Sealing$15 - $30
Asphalt Milling$35 - $60
Asphalt Line Marking$10 - $25

Note: These rates can vary based on project complexity, location and asphalt type. Rates are exclusive of GST and are in AUD.

Additional Costs to Consider When Hiring Asphalting Specialists

When planning asphalting projects, it's crucial to factor in extra costs beyond basic rates. Here are more additional costs to account for when budgeting for your project:

Additional CostStandard RateDescription
Preparation Work$5 - $15/sqmIncludes site clearing and levelling
Material Transport$100 - $300Cost varies based on distance and volume
Surface Treatment$10 - $20/sqmFor improved durability and finish
Edge Finishing$2 - $5/sqmAdditional cost for precise edge work
Drainage Installation$200 - $500Essential for water management and longevity
Project Management10% - 15% of total costCoordination and supervision of the entire project

Unsure about the total cost of your asphalting project? Keep yourself informed about potential extra expenses with our Get a Quote tool. This tool connects you with experienced asphalting professionals on iseekplant for an accurate and customised quote.

Types of Asphalt and Their Applications

Asphalt is a versatile material in various construction projects, each type tailored for specific needs. From highways to decorative paths, the right asphalt mix can enhance durability and aesthetics.

  • Hot Mix Asphalt: Composed of aggregates and bitumen, hot mix asphalt is heated and poured at high temperatures. Its durability makes it ideal for highways and withstands heavy traffic for about 20 years.
  • Warm Mix Asphalt: This type uses a special additive to lower the required temperature for mixing and laying. It reduces emissions, perfect for urban projects and lasts up to 20 years.
  • Mastic Asphalt: A dense mix containing a higher bitumen content, mastic asphalt is waterproof. Ideal for roofs and flooring, it provides a seamless surface with a lifespan of over 25 years.
  • Porcelain Asphalt: Combining asphalt with porcelain aggregate creates a visually appealing finish. Great for landscaping and walking paths, it offers aesthetic appeal with a decent lifespan of 15-20 years.

Here’s a table comparing the different types of asphalts and how to use them best for your needs:

Asphalt TypeBest ForStandard Life SpanBenefitsBest Practices
Hot Mix AsphaltHighways, High-Traffic Areas20 yearsHigh durability, withstands heavy trafficProper heating and fast application
Warm Mix AsphaltUrban Projects20 yearsReduced emissions, eco-friendlyUse special additives, lower temperature
Mastic AsphaltRoofs, FlooringOver 25 yearsWaterproof, seamless surfaceEnsure higher bitumen content
Porcelain AsphaltLandscaping, Paths15-20 yearsAesthetic appealCombine with porcelain aggregate

Essential Equipment in Asphalting Projects

Asphalting projects require specific equipment to ensure high-quality, efficient outcomes. The essentials range from heavy-duty machines for laying asphalt to smaller, more precise tools for finishing touches:

  • Asphalt Pavers: Essential for laying asphalt evenly across surfaces. Asphalt pavers distribute asphalt smoothly and are adjustable for various thicknesses.
  • Rollers (Tandem and Single Drum): Rollers are crucial for compacting asphalt to create a smooth, durable surface. Multi-tyred rollers, for instance, offer efficient asphalt compaction, suitable for both large road projects and smaller paths.
  • Skid Steers with Asphalt Attachments: You can fit skid steers with various attachments for asphalting, making them versatile for edging and finishing tasks in confined areas.
  • Tipper & Dump Trucks: These trucks transport asphalt and other materials to the site. Tipper trucks offer a large carrying capacity and durability for transporting heavy loads on registered roads. Dump trucks can carry much larger payloads, but can only operate off-road.
  • Graders: Used for levelling and preparing the base layers of aggregate before laying asphalt. Some motor graders feature advanced blade control technologies, ensuring precision in creating the perfect foundation for asphalt.
  • Water Trucks: Essential for dust control and better compaction on sites where roads are being constructed. Water trucks provide sufficient water capacity and easy manoeuvrability around the worksite.
  • Wheel Loaders: Wheel loaders are your standard equipment for moving and loading materials like asphalt and aggregates. Their powerful lift capabilities and efficient operation make them indispensable in larger asphalting projects.

This table provides a quick overview of these machines, quick specs and standard hire rates:

EquipmentPopular ModelQuick SpecsApplication in AsphaltingWet Hire RateDry Hire Rate
PaversCaterpillar AP255EWidth: 1.75m; Paving Range: 1.75 - 3.42m; Weight: 4500 kgAsphalt Laying$800/day$600/day
RollersDynapac CA2500DDrum Width: 2.13m; Operating Weight: 9800 kgCompacting Asphalt$550/day$350/day
Skid SteersBobcat S770Engine: 68 kW; Operating Capacity: 1554 kgEdging, Finishing$450/day$300/day
TippersIsuzu FVZ 260-300Load Capacity: 15 tons; Engine Power: 221 kWMaterial Transport$500/day$300/day
Motor GradersVolvo G940Blade Width: 3.7m; Engine Power: 180 kWBase Preparation$700/day$500/day
Water TrucksHino 500 SeriesTank Capacity: 15,000 litres; Engine Power: 177 kWDust Control$350/day$250/day
LoadersKomatsu WA320-8Bucket Capacity: 2.3m³; Operating Weight: 14500 kgMaterial Handling$600/day$400/day

Asphalting Techniques and Technologies

Despite being a really old infrastructure technology, asphalting has evolved significantly, using advanced techniques to ensure the most efficient placement of a material that has a substantially high cost compared to the other materials used in road construction. Adopting these methods is key to achieving superior results in modern road construction and maintenance:

  • Recycling Techniques: Reduces waste by reusing old asphalt. These practices lower costs and are eco-friendly.
  • Infrared Repair Technology: Heats and blends existing asphalt for seamless repairs. It's quick and reduces material waste.
  • Digital Planning Tools: Facilitate precise project planning and resource allocation. They ensure accuracy and efficiency in asphalting.
  • Cold Mix Asphalt Applications: Useful in colder temperatures and for temporary repairs. It's easy to apply and sets quickly.
  • Eco-friendly Binders: Incorporate bio-based or recycled materials. They reduce environmental impact while maintaining performance.
  • Automated Compaction Technology: Ensures consistent asphalt compaction. This technology improves road quality and longevity.
  • 3D Paving Control Systems: Enhance layer thickness accuracy. They maximise material use and improve road smoothness.

Need Professional Asphalting Services?

We link you with Australia's top asphalting specialists that are proximate to your jobsite, so you receive premium services tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's a residential driveway, a major road project or a large commercial parking lot, our network has got you covered.

For further assistance or inquiries, feel free to reach us at [email protected] or call 1300 691 912. If you're ready to kickstart your project with top-notch asphalting services, click 'Get a Quote' and let's pave the way to success!

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