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542 Crushers and Screeners for Hire on iseekplant

The demand for crushers and screeners has risen significantly across Australia, driven by infrastructure and mining projects. iseekplant has listed 542 crushing and screening equipment from suppliers across the nation to ensure you find the right equipment for your project.

From jaw crushers for primary crushing applications to vibratory screeners or moving trucks for final product separation and delivery, our platform simplifies the process of finding the right machinery tailored to your needs.

In this quick guide, you'll learn more about the crushing and screening equipment available on our platform. You'll also have a better understanding of the equipment and how much they'll cost on average.

Crushing and Screening Equipment Hire Rates Guide

Understanding the costs of hiring crushing and screening equipment is paramount for your project's planning and budgeting. The rates for hiring these machines vary depending on several factors, including the machine's capacity, brand and the region you're operating in.

Clear understanding of these rates helps your business make informed decisions and ensures optimal utilisation of your resources. Below are the standard rates and capacities for different crushing and screening equipment:

Equipment TypeCapacityWet Hire Rate (per hour)Dry Hire Rate (per hour)
Jaw Crusher30-50 TPH$150 - $250$120 - $200
Cone Crusher100-300 TPH$180 - $300$150 - $270
Vibratory Screener60-120 TPH$130 - $220$110 - $190
Horizontal Screener100-250 TPH$140 - $230$115 - $200

Note: Rates vary depending on the machine's age, brand, location within Australia and additional project requirements. All prices listed on this page are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD.

As always, the rates here are estimates and may vary per supplier. Use our Get a Quote tool to connect with a crushing and screening equipment supplier to get an accurate, customised quote based on your project today!

Types of Crushers (with Capacities)

Crushers are fundamental in breaking down large chunks of materials into smaller, more manageable sizes. Each crusher type has its unique mechanism and application, with its capacity indicating the volume it can process within a specific time.

Knowing the capacities of different crushers is critical when determining the best equipment for your project's scale and nature. The table below shows standard jaw, cone, gyratory or impact crushers, their capacities and the most popular brands and models:

Crusher TypeDescriptionCapacity Range (tons/hour)Popular Brand and Model
Jaw CrusherSuitable for primary crushing; breaks material by squeezing it between two jaw plates10t - 1,200tTerex Finlay J-1175
Cone CrusherUsed for secondary crushing; uses compressive force to crush material20t - 1,000tMetso Nordberg Lokotrack LT1213
Impact CrusherBest for soft to medium-hard materials; uses impact to break material15t - 800tSandvik QH331
Gyratory CrusherUsed for hard and abrasive materials; has a central vertical spindle100t - 14,000tMetso Superior MKIII

Types of Screening Equipment (with Capacities)

Screening equipment is crucial in segregating crushed materials based on size. Different screeners cater to varying requirements, with their capacities showing the volume of materials they can process per hour.

Understanding the different types and their respective capacities will help you choose the appropriate screener for a project. Here are the common screening equipment, capacities and notable brands you'll find in many mining operations all over the country:

Screener TypeDescriptionCapacity Range (tons/hour)Popular Brand and Model
Vibratory ScreenerUses vibration to separate materials based on size10t - 400tSandvik QA451 Triple Deck
Rotary ScreenerAlso called trommel screen; best for bulky materials; uses a rotating cylinder with perforations70t - 200tDoppstadt SM 620 Plus
Grizzly ScreenerIdeal for primary separation; uses a series of parallel bars100t - 1,000tMetso VF Series™ VF661
Dewatering ScreenRemoves water from granular materials30t - 200tMcLanahan VD18 Double Deck
Horizontal ScreenerSuited for wet or dry applications; screens material in a horizontal manner150t - 2,500tTelsmith Valu-King® 4x10

Types of Conveyors

Conveyor belts ensure the seamless transfer of crushed and screened materials between different stages of the crushing process. Various conveyor types cater to different project requirements, be it the nature of the material, the volume to be transported or the distance covered.

Recognising the different types of conveyors and their applications can make material handling more efficient and effective. These conveyor types and the most notable brands and models find home in operations nationwide:

Conveyor TypeDescriptionLength Range (metres)Most Popular Brand & Model
Belt ConveyorUses continuous belts to convey products or material10-200Fenner Dunlop Series 500
Screw ConveyorTransfers material using a helical screw blade3-12WAM ES Series Screw Conveyors
Chain ConveyorUtilises a powered continuous chain arrangement5-50Rexnord Apron Conveyors
Roller ConveyorUses rollers to move materials; often unpowered1-20Hytrol Gravity Roller

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iseekplant is your trusted partner in sourcing the best equipment for your project needs. Our vast network ensures you'll find the perfect match in no time. Whether you need a crusher for a small-scale project or mobile screening equipment for a major mining operation, we've got you covered.

For assistance or enquiries, reach out at [email protected] or call 1300 691 912. Ready to hire? Click Get a Quote now.

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