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What is a Grader?

The iSeekplant platform has a number of suppliers offering wet and dry grader hire. Our grader hire suppliers offer a wide range of attachments, meaning the machine can be set to different jobs, and with a long blade and three axles on the front, they’re perfect for the creation of an even and flat preparation surface or final trim.  We categorise our graders for hire by their blade width  – from below 10ft, through to 12ft, 14ft, 16ft and larger. The largest grader we have available to hire on our site is a Caterpillar 24M.

Both large and small construction and earthmoving projects will often require a grader. For civil engineering projects, graders are used to precisely refine the level of a surface that a bulldozer or scraper has “rough graded”. Motor graders were traditionally used to maintain roads and flatten surfaces before asphalt was applied. These days, graders are often used for spreading, fine grading and earthmoving, clearing brush and debris, and even snow removal.  Our grader hire suppliers can complete a wide range of detailed earthworks including pad work and camber. Graders are able to produce both horizontal and inclined surfaces, and depending on the depth, can also be used for the digging of drainage ditches.

At iSeekplant, you can find the highest quality graders for hire anywhere in Australia and can compare different providers and manufacturers with a few simple clicks. Don’t have the time or inclination to search yourself? Just contact our experienced team on 1300 691 912 or email our Projects Team with your job specifications, and let us find the most reliable and best value plant for whatever you need to get done.

Different Grader Blades

Grader hire suppliers categorise their graders by blade width, from less than 10ft, to 12ft, 14ft, 16ft, and right up to 24ft. Some of the most well-known and respected grader manufacturers include Terex, Komatsu, John Deere and Caterpillar, however there are so many grader hire suppliers that you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for your specific needs.

Graders have a movable blade, and different sized blades are required for different jobs. The blades are mounted onto the grader, attached under the frame with a ring that swivels vertically, adjusting the angle of the blade. This means that the grader can work sideways on jobs like sloping banks and pulling ditches.

A Scarifier blade penetrates gravel, frozen and hard-packed surface with less horsepower and down pressure than standard blades, and will also usually do it with fewer passes. The blades feature individual self-sharpening and rotating tools so blades last longer and allow an even cutting height.

A dual-carbide planer blade has two inserts in the edge, made of carbide. These blades are ideal for low-impact, highly-abrasive jobs.

Grader hire suppliers are likely to let you know that the thickness of the edge of the blade is an important consideration, and a thicker edge will be less susceptible to breakage and will also wear for longer, however the penetration is less compared to a thinner edge. A thicker edge also requires more down pressure to cut and penetrate material which can burn more fuel.

Using an edge that’s too thin or small can also make it more susceptible to early wear and damage, and there are many different materials used that can influence how long a blade will last for.

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Grader Hire Rates

Grader hire rates change depending on a number of variables. We have a number of grader hire suppliers that offer both wet and dry hire options. As wet hire rates include a qualified operator behind the controls and often fuel, it is the more expensive option of the two. Some examples of recent dry hire rates include:

  • Grader 12ft $75 to $135/hour on dry hire.
  • Grader 14ft $90 to $145/hour for dry hire.
  • Grader 16ft $105 to $160/hour on dry hire.

Different GPS systems and attachments also affect the hourly rate of graders for hire. In some cases, we've seen grader hire rates increase by $20-$50 per hour. Often, graders require minimum working hours calculated on a monthly or weekly basis. Mobilisation and demobilisation are also a very expensive process for graders and the further they need to go, the more you will pay. Use our new Go-Line telematics to find a grader near your project and save money.

If you're looking to hire a grader, run a search for a grader in the location of your next job. Our site will return a complete list of suppliers that have matching graders for hire in your area. Simply call the supplier direct or send a Get Rates enquiry and the supplier will discuss their rates with you. If you have a grading or final trim project and you would like some assistance in requesting rates, availability or in sourcing plant in new regions, call us today on 1300 691 912.

Click here to read iSeekplant's comprehensive guide to grader hire rates.

Some of our Grader Hire Suppliers

  • Cleveland QLD
  • Fleet Size: 57
  • Perth GPO WA
  • Fleet Size: 2

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Thousands of Grader Hire Suppliers

View Grader Hire Suppliers and Grader Fleets around the country. Get Grader Hire rates, request multiple quotes - hire instantly!