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Garden maintenance, landscaping and forestry tasks often involve clearing tree limbs, branches and trunks. While one can manually remove these, it's not efficient, especially for larger projects. Chippers are invaluable at this task, with their ability to reduce these into small, manageable woodchips.

At iseekplant, we understand this need and have curated a comprehensive list of 179 chippers available for hire across Australia. So whether you’re a homeowner looking to clear your garden after a seasonal prune or a commercial entity embarking on large-scale land clearing, we ensure you’ll find a chipper that fits your requirements.

In this guide, let's look at chipper hire estimates, specs and sizes, what materials suit the chipper and a few alternatives.

Chipper Hire Rates Guide

Given its specialised functionality, renting a chipper can be incredibly cost-effective, particularly for projects with a short duration. The rates, however, tend to fluctuate based on factors like size, model, location and demand.

To give you a clearer picture, we've detailed some general hire rates for chippers across different sizes:

Chipper SizeWet Hire Rate (per day)Dry Hire Rate (per day)Hire Minimums
Small (up to 50mm)$120 - $180$90 - $1501 Day
Medium (up to 150mm)$250 - $320$190 - $2601 Day
Large (over 150mm)$400 - $550$300 - $4501 Day

Note: All prices listed on this page are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD. Price estimates can vary based on location, model and additional requirements.

Specs and Sizes of Common Chippers

The world of chippers is diverse. From small manual-feed chippers to heavy-duty hydraulic models, choosing the right one is crucial for efficiency. To guide you in this selection, here are some specifications for popular sizes:

Chipper SizeMaximum Chipping DiameterEngine PowerFeed System
SmallUp to 50mm20-30 HPGravity or Manual
MediumUp to 150mm40-70 HPHydraulic
LargeOver 150mm80+ HPHydraulic

Suitable and Unsuitable Materials for Chippers

Using a chipper can be immensely satisfying, watching large branches get reduced to small chips. However, not all materials are meant to be chipped. Some can harm the machine or even pose safety risks. To ensure you optimise your chipper's performance and longevity, here's a guide:

Suitable Materials

  • Tree branches: They are the primary input for chippers. They're organic, break down easily and their linear shape feeds smoothly.
  • Shrubs and bushes: Similar to tree branches, these are organic and do not harm the chipper blades. They are broken down into compact woodchips useful for gardening or composting.
  • Organic yard debris: Things like leaves, plants and smaller twigs, although not producing substantial chips, are still organic and safe for chipping, often used for mulch.
  • Softwood and hardwood logs: Although harder than branches, logs are still wood. Chippers designed for more substantial wood can handle these efficiently.

Unsuitable Materials

  • Metals or plastics: These materials are too tough and inorganic. They can blunt or damage the chipper blades, causing costly repairs.
  • Timber containing nails or screws: The metal in nails and screws can damage the chipper's blades, reduce efficiency and pose safety hazards due to flying debris.
  • Stones or rocks: These hard materials can seriously damage a chipper. Even small rocks can lead to significant blade damage or pose safety risks if they get thrown out.
  • Overly moist or green wood: Excessively wet wood can clog the machine, making it inefficient. Also, freshly cut or 'green' wood is more flexible and sappy, causing potential blockages and reduced chip quality.

Alternative Machines with Chipper Attachments

Not all land clearing requires a standalone chipper. Sometimes, a multi-functional machine that can chip and then move or manage the debris is a more efficient option. Explore some versatile machines on our platform that offer chipper attachments:

1. Skid Steer Loaders

A versatile machine on most job sites, skid steer loaders can easily have a chipper attachment fitted, allowing operators to manoeuvre around sites easily and chip materials on the go.

2. Excavators

While primarily used for digging and earthmoving tasks, smaller excavators can be equipped with chipper attachments. The arm's articulation offers precision in positioning the chipper, especially in challenging terrains.

3. Backhoes

With their extendable arm and the capability to change out buckets for various attachments, backhoes can serve as efficient chipping machines, especially in environments that require digging and chipping simultaneously.

4. Wheel Loaders

While larger wheel loaders might be overkill for chipping tasks, compact wheel loaders can be fitted with chipper attachments, offering the benefit of mobility and quick material transport.

5. Telescopic Handlers

Telescopic handlers, or telehandlers, and their extendable arms can be equipped with various attachments, including chippers. Given their reach and height capabilities, they're especially handy for chipping tasks at elevated positions.

6. Tractors

Farm tractors, primarily used for agricultural tasks, can be equipped with PTO-driven chipper attachments. This turns the tractor into a mobile chipping unit, especially useful in large farms or orchards where there's a need to process plant waste.

Whether you're looking to hire a standalone chipper or a multifunctional machine with a chipper attachment, it's crucial to consider the job's demands, the volume of material to be processed and the site's terrain. Using a machine with the right attachment not only enhances efficiency but also ensures the safety and longevity of the equipment.

Additional Costs to Consider When Hiring a Chipper

It's not just the rental costs one should consider when hiring equipment. Often, there are additional charges that can surprise you if you're not prepared. The table below shows you possible costs to keep you informed:

Additional CostsEstimated Price
Delivery and pickup$50 - $150
Fuel or power costs$10 - $50 per day
Operator training (if unfamiliar)$50 - $200
Excess wear or damage repairsCosts vary depending on the extent of damage

Note: All prices listed on this page are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD. Price estimates can vary based on location, model and additional requirements.

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