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Rollers are one of our most popular machines that are used for compaction and creating an evenly smooth surface. While these machines are commonly used for road works jobs, they’re also used for agricultural and landfill purposes. Rollers will compact concrete, gravel, asphalt and soil into a perfectly flat foundation, allowing the final surface to be laid accurately and precisely. Generally, rollers have a few basic features regardless of the type, including a smooth, static or vibratory drum, compaction metre, water system, tyres, and protection for the driver.

At iSeekplant, you’ll find many padfoot rollers, 3-point rollers, multi tyred rollers and smooth drum rollers throughout the country. We also have suppliers specialising in compaction with a plethora of special attachments and vibration equipment for the roller hire.

Are you looking for the best rates for roller hire? At iSeekplant, we have a nationwide network of roller hire suppliers across Australia who offer attractive and competitive rates. All you need to do it use our get a quote tool today! Alternatively, contact the iSeekplant team by calling 1300 691 912 or emailing projects@iseekplant.com.au.

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Roller FAQs

Here's some tips & frequently asked questions on how to find the right roller for your job

1. What is a roller?

A roller compactor is a machine used to compact or flatten materials such as soil, sand, gravel, asphalt, concrete and other surface material. Typically used for road work jobs but not limited to use for agricultural and landfill tasks, rollers are one of the most common pieces of machinery used on sites all over Australia. Find out more about rollers here!


2. How does a roller compactor work?

Roller compactors work by reducing the size of soil and other materials by applying direct pressure to crush, rub or vibrate loose materials into the ground. Rolling ensures that loose materials are coarsely compressed, so they are secure and remain compact in the ground. The result is a beautifully flat foundation that allows for smooth and accurate laying of the final surface.


3. What are the common types of rollers?

The most common types of roller compactors are padfoot rollers, 3-point rollers, multi tyred rollers and smooth drum rollers. At iSeekplant, the choice of rollers is extensive including single rollers (with a large steel drum in the front and two wheels at the back) to double rollers (with two steel cylinder rollers, one at the front and one at the back).


4. What is a smooth drum roller?

A smooth drum roller is primed for use on soils such as gravel, sand and mixed soils. The smooth tread on the smooth drum roller wheel is ideal for creating flat, level surfaces. The use of a smooth roller on granular materials can create a strong grip to the surface which aids in locking the material together.


5. What is a padfoot roller?

Padfoot rollers are dynamic compaction machines consisting of a unique padded drum wheel with rectangular tread design. Primarily used for compaction of semi-cohesive and cohesive soils and clays, padfoot rollers use vibration mechanisms to increase density and strengthen the surface of the soil. These rollers utilise higher speeds to break up larger pieces of material, producing a higher quality of compaction.


6. What is the best roller for my job?

With many varieties of rollers for hire in the construction industry, it can be daunting knowing what type of roller is best suited for your job. At iSeekplant, we have a highly useful guide available here that was designed to find out which roller is perfect for your project needs.


7. What are average roller hire rates?

The average roller hire rates vary depending on the type of roller compactor, size and your preference for dry hire or wet hire. At iSeekplant, we offer a free service to help you connect with our roller hire suppliers who will deliver competitive quotes so you can find the best fit for you! Visit our Roller & Compaction Hire Rates Guide to see more information on the hire rates for rollers.


8. Where can I hire a roller?

iSeekplant has a nationwide network of superior roller hire companies operating in all Australian capital cities from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth. We also offer roller hire solutions in all major towns and cities from Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong to Toowoomba, Mackay and Cairns. We will find the closest roller available for your needs wherever you are in Australia.


9. How do I hire a roller through iSeekplant?

The easiest way to get a quote for a roller compactor in your area is to use iSeekplant's get a quote tool. Just tell us what roller compactor you need and where you need it, and we'll get you the best quotes available! Otherwise, give us a call on 1300 691 912 or email us at projects@iseekplant.com.au.

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