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What is a Roller?

Roller Hire - Padfoot, Smooth Drum & Multi-Tyred Suppliers

Rollers are one of our most popular machines and are used for compaction and to evenly smooth surface materials. While these machines are usually used for road works jobs, they’re also used for agricultural and landfill purposes, and compact concrete, gravel, asphalt and soil into a perfectly flat foundation, allowing the final surface to be laid accurately and precisely. Generally, rollers have a few basic features regardless of the type, including a drum, which can be a smooth, static drum or a vibratory drum, a compaction metre, a water system, tyres, and protection for the driver. At iSeekplant, you’ll find many padfoot, smooth drum and multi-tyred suppliers in Perth and throughout the country.

We have many padfoot, smooth drum and multi-tyred suppliers in Melbourne and throughout Australia on our database, along with suppliers specialising specifically in compaction, with a plethora of rollers including many special attachments and vibration equipment.

iSeekplant can help you find reliable and effective rental solutions, simply look through our listings or give us a call on 1300 691 912 for expert advice.

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The different types of rollers

What is a Pad Foot Roller?

Padfoot Suppliers

Padfoot rollers are ideal for compacting soil, ranging from 2.5 tonnes to 20 tonnes and higher, and can easily complete and scale surface preparation work for your next project. These are sometimes known as a sheep’s foot roller, and generally cover small surfaces- compensating with high pressure. Padfoot suppliers in Sydney supply rollers which can be used on many different types of soil.

What is a Smooth Drum Roller?

Smooth Drum Suppliers

Smooth drum rollers are the type to choose if you’re after a finished product, and can be hired in a range of configurations and sizes. Some models can provide an extra vibratory force leading to extremely effective compaction. Brisbane smooth drum suppliers have ride-on and pedestrian models available, and you can also choose between a double or single roller setup, depending on the surfaces and materials you’ll be working with. 

What is a Multi Tyred Roller?

Multi-Tyred Suppliers

Multi-tyred rollers can vary in width, and can have up to 11 wheels. These heavy tyres are used for compacting the soil, and the machines will also often have a drum which can be filled with water to increase the weight, and emptied for easier transportation between work sites. Adelaide multi-tyred suppliers have both open and closed cab rollers available, and many of these rollers will have additional features like an adjustable ballast. These rollers are often used with other asphalt rollers for surface stabilisation and sealing, along with soil compaction.

Multi-tyred rollers are a unique type of roller, and are used to avoid unstable foundations when the machine is compacting around bends or curves. The wheels will often have a swivel and couplings, which allows the weight to be moved onto each separate tyre, and since the tyres overlap, the full area is easily covered. This type of roller is one of the most versatile options, since workers can easily change the roller’s weight, tyre width and tyre pressures, depending on the needs of the job.

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