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Types of Rollers Available to Hire

Smooth Drum Roller

Smooth Drum Roller

Pad Foot Roller

Pad Foot Roller

Multi Tyred Roller

Multi Tyred Roller

3 Point Roller

3 Point Roller

1,270 Rollers for Hire on iseekplant

Rollers are versatile machines used for compaction and creating smooth surfaces in road works, agricultural, and landfill projects. Rollers can efficiently compact concrete, gravel, asphalt, and soil for precise and accurate surface preparation.

Many great mixed fleet plant hire companies have rollers in their fleet. There are also some companies that specialise in compaction and have very large fleets of rollers. Run a search on iseekplant, specify your location and refine that search with our filters. You should be able to find a big or small supplier who is perfect for your compaction job.

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Below you’ll find information on average rates for various Roller Hire, the different types of rollers available for hire, their applications and attachments.

Roller Hire Rates Guide

Rollers are one of the most affordable earthmoving machines you can hire, because they are relatively uncomplicated and low maintenance.

Below are the different types of rollers available for hire on iseekplant and a table of average rates you can expect to get back from suppliers based on the size (operating weight) of the machine. Please note that these rates can vary greatly depending on the supplier, location, availability, and specific project requirements.

All rates are in AUD and exclude GST.

Roller TypeSizeDry Hire Rate (Per Hour)Min. Dry Hire DurationWet Hire Rate (Per Hour)Min. Wet Hire Duration
Smooth Drum Roller
Small (up to 3 tonne)$40 - $601 Day$70 - $904 Hours
Medium (4 - 7 tonne)$60 - $801 Day$90 - $1104 Hours
Large (8+ tonne)$80 - $1001 Day$110 - $1304 Hours
Padfoot Roller
Small (up to 3 tonne)$45 - $651 Day$75 - $954 Hours
Medium (4 - 7 tonne)$65 - $851 Day$95 - $1154 Hours
Large (8+ tonne)$85 - $1051 Day$115 - $1354 Hours
Multi-Tyred Roller
Small (up to 3 tonne)$50 - $701 Day$80 - $1004 Hours
Medium (4 - 7 tonne)$70 - $901 Day$100 - $1204 Hours
Large (8+ tonne)$90 - $1101 Day$120 - $1404 Hours
3 Point Roller
10 Tonne$46 - $651 Day$105 - $1154 Hours
15 Tonne$56 - $701 Day$125 - $1454 Hours

Additional Hire Costs to Consider

Additional Roller Hire ChargesRate
Dry Hire Roller Pick UpUsually Free
Wet Hire Travel to SiteUsually 1 Hour Each Way
Roller Mobilisation To Site$100 - $500
Roller Demobilisation from Site$100 - $500
Travel to & From Site for Wet Hire Staff1 x Hour
Penalty Rates - Saturday after 12 pm1.5 x Rate
Penalty Rates Sunday2 x Rate
Penalty Rates Public Holidays2.5 x Rate
Penalty Rates Night Time1.5 x Rate

Types of Rollers for Hire

At iseekplant, you’ll find many 3 point rollers, pad foot rollers, multi tyred rollers and smooth drum rollers for hire throughout the country. Below is a quick description of the roller, and a table discussing the ideal applications of each type of roller.

Smooth Drum Roller

A smooth drum roller is a heavy-duty piece of construction equipment with a smooth cylindrical drum used for compacting and leveling surfaces. It's the most common roller, and can be used to smooth out and compact a variety of aggregates.

Multi-Tyred Roller

Also called a ‘Pneumatic Roller’ - a multi-tyred roller is a heavy construction machine equipped with multiple tires designed to compact and level surfaces effectively. It's usually a finishing roller, designed to compact and finish asphalt.

Padfoot Roller

A padfoot roller, also called a sheepsfoot roller, is used for compacting clay or other wet aggregates, by using a drum with protruding pads. It works best on relatively loosely packed aggregates in the formative stages of the compaction process.

3 Point Roller

A 3-point roller is a compact and efficient machine with three points of contact on the ground, typically used for compacting soil or asphalt in smaller construction projects or tight spaces.

Marco Roller

The marco roller is a specialised construction equipment designed for efficient and precise compaction of large areas, featuring a wide drum and high compaction force. You can often see marco rollers being used in the construction of airplane landing strips.

Roller TypeSize Ranges (Operating Weight)Compaction AggregatesTypes of JobsCommon Attachments
Smooth Drum Roller1.5 - 13 tonnesSoil, gravel, asphaltRoad construction, site prep, asphalt compactionPadfoot shell kit, vibratory system
Padfoot Roller3 - 15 tonnesCohesive soils (clay)Road construction, earthworks, embankmentsVibratory system, dozer blade
Multi-Tyred Roller8 - 18 tonnesSoil, gravel, asphaltRoad construction, final soil compactionWater sprayers, scrapers
3 Point Roller3 - 12 tonnesAll soil types, sub-base materialsSite prep, road sub-base compactionVibratory system
Marco Roller3 - 20 tonnesGravel, asphalt, soilRoad construction, site prep, asphalt compactionVibratory system, scraper bar

Common Roller Attachments

Our suppliers who specialise in compaction usually have a plethora of special attachments and vibration equipment that can be hired alongside the roller to increase its efficacy.

Double Drum

At iseekplant, we don't consider double drum rollers a different type of roller - we consider it an attachment to either a smooth drum roller, or a padfoot. You can therefore find double drum rollers by selecting the attachments in the refinement panel on the left hand side of the directory.

A double drum roller, with two steel cylinder rollers positioned in the front and back, offers increased power and efficiency for preparing and refining surfaces, making it ideal for heavy-duty asphalt applications.


A roller can be made to be articulated by incorporating an articulation joint, which enables the drum or tires to pivot independently, allowing for better maneuverability and improved weight distribution over uneven terrain.

Vibration System

A vibration system attachment on a roller is a mechanical feature that generates controlled vibrations to enhance the compaction process by increasing soil or asphalt density.

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