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What is a Pipe & Drain Inspection Camera?

Pipe inspection CCTV cameras are used to inspect and test underground services, pipelines and drains. Pipe and drain inspection cameras can be used to inpect clogged and blocked drains.

What are pipe and drain camera inspections?

Over time, tree roots, rocks and other debris can build up in pipes, sewers and drains, causing blockages that can stop them from functioning efficiently, as well as cause minor or major damage to the infrastructure. When blockages occur, a pipe or drain camera inspection is necessary to locate and identify the cause, so that the right processes can be implemented to remove the blockage and fix any damage that's been caused.

A pipe and drain camera inspection involves inserting a drain camera, specifically designed for these types of plumbing applications, into the blocked pipe, drain or sewer, and feeding it through until it locates the cause of the blockage. The camera is connected to a CCTV system, so that the video footage can be recorded and analysed in detail to determine a range of factors including:

• What type of blockage it is (e.g. tree roots, dirt, sediment or rubbish)
• How much damage has been caused by the blockage
• Position and depth of the blockage

After the inspection has been completed, and the blockage has been located and identified and the extent of the damage done to the pipe, sewer or drain has been assessed, then your plumber can determine what needs to be done to unblock the drain and fix any damage caused. This may involve water jetting, pipe relining, or excavation and a new pipe, drain or sewer installation, depending on the extent of the problem and the age of the infrastructure in place. 

While pipe, sewer and drain camera inspections are primarily used for locating blockages, there are other applications this technology can be used for, such as pipe relining, identifying faulty workmanship with plumbing installations and locating drain displacements. If you're considering building, your local council may also request you to have a sewer CCTV camera inspection as part of the building approval process for:

Building which is being undertaken over local council’s sewerage infrastructure
• Changing of the land's surface where building is taking place which could result in a water pond developing over the access chamber to the local council’s sewerage infrastructure
Building that will interfere with access to local council’s sewerage infrastructure
• Any building which could cause an increase or reduction over the council’s sewerage infrastructure.

After your inspection, your plumber will provide you with a CCTV survey report which contains:

• A description of the location
• The name of the builder or developer 
• The date and time the inspection was undertaken
• A detailed description of your plumber’s observations
• Video footage of the inspection, which supports the recorded observations
• Photos highlighting any faults or features of interests which have been detected
• Comprehensive records of both the conduit length and any defects and features of interest which have been uncovered
• A detailed report from your plumbing contractor. 

By having a CCTV camera inspection as part of the building approval process, you will uncover any faults, breakages or weak points in the council sewer line, that could affect your building project. It also enables you to detect any features of interest, such as if there are any property connections in the area. 

Benefits of CCTV sewer, drain and pipe camera inspection services

There are many benefits from having a CCTV sewer, drain or pipe camera inspection undertaken.

Some of these are:

• Save time and money on labour costs from pipe excavation, if relining can fix the problem
• Accurately locating and identifying blockages ensures these can be removed quickly and efficiently
• If the inspection is to uncover displacement or plumbing infrastructure, or poor or faulty workmanship, the inspection can be used for legal purposes
• By identifying the plumbing issue with an inspection, the right processes can be implemented to fix it properly, so this problem doesn’t occur again.

Pipe, Sewer and Drain Camera Inspection Services Australia-wide 

With iSeekplant, you have access to pipe, sewer and drain camera inspection services Australia-wide. As a leading national database and online platform of plant hire equipment, suppliers and services, you can find plumbers in your local or regional area offering CCTV drain inspection and CCTV sewer inspection services. 

We have a vast network of plumbing contractors and companies advertising on our database who are equipped with the latest CCTV systems and drain cameras who have a broad scope of experience in blocked drains and camera inspections. Whether you need a residential, commercial, industrial or civil drain inspection undertaken, through iSeekplant you'll be able to find the right service provider with a drain camera or sewer camera that has the right expertise to fulfill your demands. 

There are also plumbing contractors and companies available who can undertake water jetting, pipe relining and replacement services, to fix the issue that has resulted from the blockage.

If your inspection reveals you need to have your pipe, sewer system or drain excavated so that new plumbing infrastructure can be installed, iSeekplant has excavators and operators for hire in your area.

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