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Pipelaying for sewerage, gas, water or other services involves a range of specialised equipment. At iSeekplant, we offer an extensive range of pipeline equipment available for hire, including padders, vac-lifts and poly-welders. Pipeline equipment suppliers are located across Australia in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide and surrounding areas.

Pipelaying hire practices

Local conditions and the nature of the project both play a large part in deciding the methods used to lay pipe. A natural consequence of differing pipelaying methods shows that companies who hire pipeline equipment do things differently too. Some companies will insist on wet hire only, as there is a definite skill to trenching and pipelaying. Others offer dry hire and contract their pipelaying equipment to major firms who are fulfilling government contracts that often extend over 12 months. In these situations, they usually have multiple experienced pipeline operators on stand-by.

Pipeline Equipment process

As part of the pipeline equipment process, padders are often needed to filter excavated material from a trencher, so that it can be screened for rocks and then used to protect newly laid pipe from temperature and pressure changes. When the larger rocks and particles are screened out, the remaining finer soil can compact more easily around the pipe. Without the use of these machines, pipeline projects can become incredibly labour intensive; padders can save not only time but also labour costs, making your project more streamlined and cost effective. A padder is basically a necessity on any pipelaying project that requires some time and effort - even on smaller jobs such as running a pipe from the reservoir to the stock yards.

Other pipeline equipment provides solutions for conforming poly pipe as required – including powerful pipe benders and poly welders to suit any scale project. Welding platforms are available through our directory in a variety of sizes, depending on the exact requirements of your next pipelaying job. There is also a number of pipelaying and pipelifting attachments that can be added to machines - such as backhoes, excavators or skid steer loaders.

Simply run a search on iSeekplant to find your best pipeline equipment hire match. Otherwise, contact the iSeekplant team by calling 1300 691 912 or emailing projects@iseekplant.com.au. You can also use our get a quote tool for quick and competitive quotes based on your project.

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Pipeline Equipment Hire

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