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Ezali Hydro Excavation and Communciations PTY LTD

Wilsonton, QLD 4350


Ezali PTY LTD has been operating for over 8 years and is family owned and operated. Specialising in servicing the mining, construction and communication sectors and industries with expertise in Hydro Excavation and telecommunications infrastructure installation.

Our head office is located at Toowoomba QLD and from there we service the Queensland South East, the Surat Basin and further West and all other areas as and when required to our residential and commercial clients.

Our Team has extensive knowledge and experience in all facets of civil construction and communication infrastructure and use the latest technologies available. The scope of our works includes installation of telecommunications infrastructure, vacuum excavation, locating of utility services and excavator hire.

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Ezali offers the following vehicles and units:

  • Excavators – Kubota 2016 Track Mounted -3.5tonnes – 5.4tonnes
  • Skid Steer - Kubota SVL75
  • Vacuum Excavators – Hydrovac 2015 Sucker Trucks
  • HV01: 3000L Hyrdrovac unit with Boom. 5000psi 1550L water. (Mine spec)
  • HV07: 4500L Hydrovac unit with boom. 5000psi 2200L water. (Origin mine spec)
  • HV08 Vermeer 4500L with Boom. 5000psi
  • HV09 Vermeer 4500L with Boom. 5000psi
  • HV10 Vermeer 3000L with Boom. 5000psi
  • Jetter Trailer. Cannon. 105 lpm WET Hire
  • Water Truck. Isuzu FVZ1400. 15000 L Mine Spec DRY/WET Hire

Our units are generally hired out as wet hires but can be dry hired if the situation requires it.

All units come with appropriate safety equipment required for the specific site and project.

All vehicles and units are serviced on a routine basis as recommended by the manufacturer to keep the units working in the field to their best potential.


Ezali provides services for the following:

Earth Moving: With our extensive construction projects with Telstra and NBN infrastructure we have the ability to trench, bore, dig, and remove soil. Provide installation of pits, manholes and pipes. Along with the hydrovacs tipper and excavators, Ezali can provide a civil crew for any project requiring earthmoving.

Hydro Excavation:

  • Potholing: The essential way to visually identify services for a positive location without damage to underground services.
  • Trenching: Non-destructive digging allows for no damage to services that could be in the trench path. It is also a clean cut and safer way to the trench where there are known services and reduce the likelihood of damages which are costly.
  • Pipe cleaning: Flushing of conduits full of mud and sand etc with high pressure jetting nozzles and at the same time remove the excess waste.
  • Removal of materials: Utilising the suction hose to remove water, soils, sand, sludge, wet concrete etc from above ground or underground pits, tanks and manholes. 
  • Understructure boring: Dig underneath existing structures such as footpaths driveways etc up to 5m wide. Some possibilities could be for installing stormwater drains, conduits and cables.
  • Excavate: High-pressure excavation around structures for removals such as poles, or the provision of holes for installation of pits, poles and buried services.
  • Strip trenching: If excavation of the entire hole is not warranted then a strip trench in the form of a cross can eliminate the presence of services before drilling, digging or boring proceeds. 
  • Installation of rope in conduits: Sucking a rope into occupied or vacant conduits for the purpose of hauling cables.

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  • 8 Murdock Street, Drayton QLD, Australia
  • 8 Murdock Street, Drayton QLD, Australia

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"Ezali are my go to on all projects requiring underground services. From Hydrocac to Underboring, Anthony always provides a quick turn around on pricing with innovative delivery solutions that save us and our clients money."

1 year ago

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