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iseekplant is the leading reputed construction hire marketplace in Australia, with over 450 earthworks suppliers who have registered their business information and service capabilities in our database. We provide one of the best platforms for finding quality earthwork companies to efficiently meet the needs of your construction projects.

On iseekplant you can hire the best earthworks, bulk earthworks, earthmoving, excavation and subdivision services at affordable rates for projects of any scope or scale through our Get A Quote Tool.

Below we cover the rough costs of general earthworks services, along with descriptions defining what these services include, in the case that you're not sure what work you need completed.

Earthwork Contractors Rates - A Rough Guide

Below are some general rates of earthworks tasks for common residential earthworks projects. We haven’t included rates for civil or commercial jobs, because these need to be priced properly (and we also don’t expect that engineers will read this and be building their estimates from this information).

This is very general guidance - and we encourage you to get accurate rates for your projects using the iseekplant Get A Quote Tool.

Cost ItemMeasurementLow RangeHigh Range
Excavation equipment rentPer Day$550$990
Professional excavation servicesPer Hour$70$300
Small excavation operations with Combo (2-tonne excavators or bobcats)Per Hour$95$105
Medium Excavators on Wet Hire (6-tonne excavators)Per Hour$105$130
Excavation jobs (excavators and tip trucks)Per Hour$140$170
Specialised equipment (Mini dumpers, augurs, diamond drills, etc.)Per Day$200$800
Soil RemovalPer Cubic Meter$30$50
Land Clearing for Residential PropertiesPer Cubic Meter$40$150
Excavation House FoundationPer Task$800$15,000
Regular Basement ExcavationPer Task$2,000$15,000
100 SQM Basement ExcavationPer Task$15,000$25,000
Excavation of Driveway or PathPer Task$500$900
Pool ExcavationPer Task$500$3,000
Large Land or Site ClearingPer Acre$1,000$5,000
Excavating a 35-metre trench for plumbing and septic system installationPer Task$350$1,500
Rock excavationPer Cubic Meter$30$100

Common Earthworks Tasks

Our earthworks providers can help you with the following types of projects. Just be sure to specify what you need when you submit a Get A Quote request through iseekplant.

Common Residential Earthworks Tasks

  • Site Clearing: Clear the land by removing obstacles like trees, rocks, and debris.
  • Excavation: Dig into the ground to create space for foundations and underground elements. Trenches are also dug for utilities.
  • Grading: Level or slope the ground for proper drainage or to meet design requirements.
  • Soil Compaction: Ensure a stable base for foundations by compacting the soil, preventing any future shifts.
  • Backfilling: Fill in excavated areas or trenches after construction or installation work is complete.

Common Commercial or Civil Earthworks Tasks

  • Site Preparation: Land clearing, grubbing, and removal of vegetation, debris, and any existing structures.
  • Excavation: This includes bulk excavation for building foundations, basements, and underground utilities, as well as trench excavation for laying pipes and conduits.
  • Grading and Levelling: For proper drainage and to prepare the site for construction.
  • Road Construction: Construction of access roads, highways, or parking lots. This includes subgrade preparation, compaction, and surfacing.
  • Drainage Construction: Stormwater drains, culverts, and other drainage systems to manage water flow and prevent flooding.
  • Retaining Wall Construction: Projects to hold back soil on a slope, create level areas on a hilly site, or for aesthetic landscaping purposes.
  • Soil Stabilisation: Improving the load-bearing capabilities of soil, which is crucial in commercial construction to support larger structures.
  • Soil Compaction: Compacting the soil provides a solid base for foundations and pavements.
  • Underground Utility Installation: This involves the installation of sewer, water, gas, electricity, and communication services.
  • Landscaping: Commercial and civil landscaping
  • Demolition: Before new construction can begin, existing structures often need to be demolished and the debris removed.

Hire quality earthworks providers with iseekplant.

Our iseekplant experts can connect you with reliable excavation contractors who specialise in your specific needs. Take advantage of our Get A Quote Tool to compare prices from professionals in your area.

For some of the best excavation & earthworks contracting services in Australia, look no further. We're dedicated to finding the perfect solution for your project. Contact our team today at 1300 691 912 for assistance.

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