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iseekplant is Australia's premier online platform for connecting clients with qualified welding and fabrication services. With 797 verified companies specialising in welding and fabrication, you can find a service provider that suits your needs. From general welding tasks to specialised fabrication services, these companies offer an array of solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of your projects.

In this guide, we highlight the welding and fabrication specialists on our platform. We also cover standard rates, types of welding and fabrication services, factors that affect how these companies charge their services and situations when you need to hire welding and fabrication experts.

Welding and Fabrication Rates Guide

Welding and fabrication costs can vary widely based on various factors. The table below provides an overview of average rates for different sizes and types of welding machines:

Machine Size/TypeWet Hire Rate (per hour)Dry Hire Rate (per hour)Hourly Rate Minimums
Small Welder (e.g., 150-200 amps)$60 - $80$40 - $602-3 hours
Medium Welder (e.g., 200-300 amps)$80 - $100$60 - $802-3 hours
Large Welder (e.g., 300-400 amps)$100 - $120$80 - $1002-3 hours

Note: All prices listed are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD.

Additional Costs to Consider in Welding & Fabrication

The standard rates are just the tip of the iceberg when working with a welding and fabrication company. You may encounter some additional expenses depending on your project's complexity, This table highlights the potential costs with welding and fabrication jobs:

DescriptionCost Range
Materials (e.g., specific metals)Varies widely by type and quantity
Additional shielding gas$10 - $50 per cylinder
Specialised Welding Consumables$5 - $50 per item
Equipment Setup & Transportation$50 - $200
Overtime Fees (for after-hours work)$50 - $100 per hour

Types of Welding and Fabrication Services

Welding and fabrication services are essential in creating strong, durable joints in metalwork projects. From constructing frameworks to repairing equipment, the right welding technique depends on the materials involved and the desired strength and finish of the weld. Here’s an overview of various welding types our professionals offer, each with its specific method and application:

  • MIG Welding (Metal Inert Gas Welding): Uses a wire-feeding gun that feeds wire at an adjustable speed and flows an argon-based shielding gas or a mix of argon and carbon dioxide.
  • TIG Welding (Tungsten Inert Gas Welding): Uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce the weld.
  • Stick Welding: Uses an electrode with flux around it to shield the weld puddle.
  • Flux-Cored Welding: Like MIG, flux-cored uses a special tubular wire filled with flux.
  • Plasma Arc Welding: Uses a constricted plasma gas stream with an electrical arc to create high-precision welds.

This table highlights the practical applications of each type:

Welding TypeCommon Applications
MIG WeldingAutomotive repair, construction
TIG WeldingThin sections of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals
Stick WeldingConstruction, industrial fabrication
Flux-Cored WeldingConstruction, heavy equipment repair
Plasma Arc WeldingAerospace, automotive repair

Factors Affecting Welding & Fabrications Costs

Welding and fabrication costs can vary widely, influenced by a range of factors from the type of materials used to the complexity of the project. Understanding these factors can help in forecasting the budget needed for your welding tasks accurately and ensuring there are no unexpected costs down the line. Here’s a closer look at the elements that can affect the bottom line in welding and fabrication services:

  • Material Types: Different materials, such as steel, aluminium or copper, have different welding requirements, impacting costs.
  • Welding Method: As noted above, different welding methods have different cost structures.
  • Project Complexity: The more intricate and specialised the project, the higher the potential costs.
  • Labour Rates: Depending on the expertise and qualifications of the welder, labour rates can vary.
  • Location: Urban projects might cost more than rural ones due to logistical factors.

These costs, welding methods and other factors are just a starting point. Consult with our network of suppliers using our Get a Quote tool for a detailed and accurate quote tailored to your specific project.

When Do I Need Welding and Fabrication Services?

Welding and fabrication services are vital in numerous projects across different industries. But how do you determine the right time to engage in such services? Here are some key indicators and situations:

  • New Construction Projects: Whether you're building from scratch or expanding existing structures, welding and fabrication are often required for constructing frames, supports, and other custom metal parts.
  • Repair and Maintenance: Over time, metal structures and components can become worn out or damaged. Welding can mend these structures, restoring them to their full strength and functionality.
  • Customisation Needs: If you have a specific design in mind that requires bespoke metal components, fabrication services can create tailored solutions that fit your precise requirements.
  • Infrastructure and Public Works: From bridges to public transportation systems, welding and fabrication are critical in ensuring these structures are sturdy, safe, and long-lasting.
  • Automotive and Machinery: Whether modifying vehicles or repairing heavy machinery, these services are essential for joining metal parts seamlessly.
  • Artistic Endeavours: Sculptors and artists often require fabrication services to bring their metalwork visions to life.
  • Safety Upgrades: If you're looking to improve the safety of a facility or structure, you might need to add or modify railings, barriers, or other protective metal elements.
  • Equipment Modification: For industries that rely on large machinery, there might be times when equipment needs to be modified or adapted for a specific task.
  • Restoration Projects: When restoring old vehicles, buildings, or machinery, welding and fabrication can replicate or repair original metal components.

While many assume welding and fabrication are for large-scale projects or industries, these services can benefit tasks of all sizes. Whenever you have a project that involves shaping, joining or repairing metal, it indicates that welding and fabrication expertise may be required.

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iseekplant ensures your welding and fabrication needs are met with precision and professionalism. Our extensive network covers Australia, connecting you with the experts tailored to your project. Whether you need steel fabrication, steel fixing or steel scaffolding contractors or need welding equipment, simply post your job specifics and receive multiple proposals from seasoned specialists and companies.

Need further guidance? Drop us a line at [email protected] or dial 1300 691 912. Eager to get started? Click 'Get a Quote' right away.

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