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Types of Generators Available to Hire

Diesel Generator

Diesel Generator

Petrol Generator

Petrol Generator

Hundreds of Generators for Hire on iseekplant

Looking to power up your construction project or event with ease? Explore the extensive range of generators for hire on iseekplant. Our platform connects you with reliable suppliers offering a diverse selection of generators to suit your site needs. Whether you require power for pneumatic tools, compressors, lighting towers to illuminate your workspace, or mobile generators for operations in remote locations, iseekplant has you covered.

Subcategories of Generators on iseekplant

At iseekplant, we subcategorise our generator suppliers by the fuel that powers the generators: diesel and petrol. Let's take a look at these literal powerhouses.

Diesel Generators

Offer a wide range of power outputs, from 3 KVA up to 100+ KVA, ensuring there's a suitable option for every need. They are available in three key variants, each designed to cater to specific requirements:

  • Conventional Diesel Generators: Known for their robustness and reliability, these generators are ideal for a variety of applications, from construction sites to backup power.
  • Inverter Diesel Generators: Provide clean and stable power, perfect for sensitive electronic equipment that requires consistent energy without fluctuations.
  • Silenced Diesel Generators: Designed with noise reduction technology, these are suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments such as residential areas or event locations.

Petrol Generators

Feature a diverse range of power outputs to suit different scales of power needs, from as low as 1 KVA up to 15 KVA. Additionally, certain models offer dual-fuel capability, running efficiently on both petrol and gas, including the following:

  • Standard Petrol Generators: Versatile and easy to operate, making them a go-to choice for general use in both residential and small-scale commercial settings.
  • Dual-Fuel Generators: Offer the flexibility of using petrol or gas, providing convenience and the option to choose the more economical or accessible fuel type.

Generators also come as portable for the smaller units or fixed for the larger ones.

Generator Hire Rates Guide

Generator hire rates can vary widely based on the generator's type, capacity, and hire duration. Here's an overview to help budget your needs:

Inverter Generator Hire Rates (Below 10 KVA)

Inverter generators stand out for their ability to produce clean, stable electricity, making them ideal for powering sensitive electronic devices. Their compact size and quieter operation complement settings where noise and space are concerns. Here’s a table outlining the hire rates for inverter generators below 10 KVA:

CapacityDaily Hire RatesWeekly Hire RatesMonthly Hire Rates
2 KVA$93$205$625
3 KVA$95$210.00$630
4 KVA$125$410$685
6 KVA$150$450$1260
7 KVA$155$475$1315
8 KVA$160$500$1500

Conventional Diesel Generator Hire Rates (Below 10 KVA)

Conventional diesel generators are known for their robustness and reliability, capable of delivering high power for extended periods. Preferred in industrial, construction, and large-scale event settings, these units offer the endurance needed for heavy-duty applications. The following table presents the hire rates for conventional diesel generators:

CapacityDaily Hire RatesWeekly Hire RatesMonthly Hire Rates
2 KVA$89$189$578
3.5 KVA$91$200$604
5 KVA$122$396$709
6.5 KVA$150$494$788
8 KVA$163$525$892
9 KVA$174$567$945
10 KVA$189$614$1050

Silenced Diesel Generator Hire Rates (Above 10 KVA)

Silenced diesel generators bring the powerful performance of diesel engines with the added benefit of reduced noise levels, making them suitable for use in residential areas, film sets, and any site where minimising disturbance is essential. This table details the hire rates for silenced diesel generators above 10 KVA, catering to projects that demand significant power output without the noise typically associated with diesel units:

CapacityDaily Hire RatesWeekly Hire RatesMonthly Hire Rates
14 KVA$173$546$1680
20 KVA$178$578$1890
30 KVA$194$651$1995
35 KVA$200$682$2048
40 KVA$209$682$2100
45 KVA$231$735$2310
50 KVA$247$808$2520
60 KVA$289$945$2940
80 KVA$304$998$3150
100 KVA$346$1155$3570
125 KVA$399$1297$4095

Petrol Generator Hire Rates (Below 10 KVA)

Petrol generators are less common in higher capacities due to their fuel consumption rates and the efficiency offered by diesel units in these ranges. However, they are valued for certain applications where diesel may not be preferred.

CapacityDaily Hire RatesWeekly Hire RatesMonthly Hire Rates
1 KVA$30$120$360
2 KVA$35$140$420
3 KVA$40$160$480
4 KVA$45$180$540
5 KVA$50$200$600
6 KVA$55$220$660
7 KVA$60$240$720
8 KVA$65$260$780
9 KVA$70$280$840

Gas Generator Hire Rates (Below 10 KVA)

Gas generators are often valued for their clean operation and efficiency, which is why they might be priced slightly higher than petrol generators due to the benefits they offer. These include reduced emissions and potentially lower fuel costs over time. Here's an estimated table reflecting the hire rates for gas generators with capacities below 10 KVA:

CapacityDaily Hire RatesWeekly Hire RatesMonthly Hire Rates
1 KVA$35$140$420
2 KVA$40$160$480
3 KVA$45$180$540
4 KVA$50$200$600
5 KVA$55$220$660
6 KVA$60$240$720
7 KVA$65$260$780
8 KVA$70$280$840
9 KVA$75$300$900

Note: Rates vary depending on the machine's age, brand and location within Australia. All prices listed on this page are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD.

Additional Costs to Consider When Hiring a Generator

When hiring a generator, it’s essential to look beyond just the hire rate to fully understand the total cost of the rental. This table outlines common additional costs associated with generator hire, complete with specified average rates for clearer financial planning:

Additional CostAverage RatesDescription
Mobilisation and Demobilisation$75 - $250Covers the cost of transporting the generator to and from your site, influenced by distance and accessibility.
Fuel Charges$0.90 - $1.50 per litre + actual usageGenerators consume fuel (diesel, petrol, or gas), with costs dependent on the generator's efficiency and current fuel market prices.
Maintenance and Servicing$50 - $150 per hire periodEssential for ensuring the generator runs efficiently, especially for longer rental periods.
Extension Cords and Accessories$15 - $60 per itemNecessary cables, extension cords, and other accessories might be required for your specific setup.
Insurance$20 - $100 per hire periodCovers potential damage or theft of the generator throughout the rental duration.

Diesel vs. Petrol vs. Gas Generators: Quick Comparison

Fuel TypeKVA RangesEfficiencyCostNoise LevelSuitability
Diesel5 KVA – 2,000 KVAHighHigherLouderIndustrial & Construction
Petrol1 KVA – 50 KVAModerateLowerModerateSmall Projects & Events

From portable units ideal for outdoor events to industrial-grade generators for construction sites, the range of generators available for hire on our platform includes the following:

  • Portable Generators: Easy to move, suitable for small-scale needs.
  • Standby Generators: Designed for automatic operation during power outages.
  • Inverter Generators: Provide clean energy for sensitive electronic devices.
  • Induction Generators: Typically used in renewable energy setups, such as wind turbines. They require a prime mover to operate.
  • Industrial Generators: High capacity for large projects and industrial use.

This table compares the popular models for each generator type, including their advantages and disadvantages:

Generator TypePopular OEM & ModelCapacityProsCons
Portable GeneratorsHonda EU2200i1.8 - 3 kWEasily transportable; Ideal for small to medium power needs; Quieter than larger generatorsLimited power capacity; Frequent refuelling required
Standby GeneratorsGenerac Guardian Series7 - 150 kWAutomatic operation during power outages; Can power entire homes or buildings; Runs on natural gas or propaneHigh initial installation cost; Requires professional installation
Inverter GeneratorsYamaha EF2000iSv21 - 4 kWEnergy-efficient; Low noise level; Provides clean power for sensitive electronicsHigher cost per watt than portable generators; Limited capacity
Induction GeneratorsSiemens AGVariesNo excitation circuitry needed; Robust and reliable; Ideal for wind energy applicationsRequires initial power source to start; Less efficient at low speeds
Industrial GeneratorsCaterpillar C32500 kW - 2 MW+High power output for large scale operations; Durable and reliable for heavy-duty use; Can run on multiple fuel typesSignificant investment;  Requires substantial space and maintenance

Eco-Friendly Generator Options

In recent years, the shift towards sustainability has become more pronounced across all sectors, including power generation. Eco-friendly generators, which include models running on alternative fuels like bio-diesel, as well as those equipped with advanced emission control technologies, represent a significant step forward in aligning operational needs with environmental stewardship.

Here are the technologies that pave the way for powering today’s and tomorrow’s eco-friendly generators, ask your local supplier if they have any of these innovative generators in their fleets:

  • Bio-Diesel Generators: These generators run on renewable energy sources from animal fats or vegetable oils. Bio-diesel is biodegradable and produces fewer emissions than fossil fuels.
  • Solar-Powered Generators: Solar generators use photovoltaic panels to convert sunlight into electricity, storing it in batteries for later use. They emit no pollutants, making them ideal for environmentally sensitive applications.
  • Hybrid Generators: Combining traditional fuel engines with renewable energy sources, hybrid generators can significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions. They often incorporate solar panels or battery storage systems to enhance efficiency.
  • Emission Control Technologies: Many modern generators are equipped with technologies such as selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel particulate filters (DPF) to reduce NOx emissions and particulate matter, respectively.

Do You Need a Permit to Use a Generator?

In many Australian jurisdictions, using a generator does not require a specific permit, but adherence to local noise regulations and environmental standards is where things get tricky – because generators are noisy beasts of things to run. Regardless of whether you're using a generator on a construction site, at an outdoor event, or for emergency backup power, your operations must meet the localnoise and environmental guidelines.

If you’re confused, here’s a quick overview of the guidelines for generator operation in each of the state jurisdictions:

State/TerritoryLocal RegulationPermit(s) RequiredQuick Description
New South Wales (NSW)Protection of the Environment Operations (General) Regulation 2022Environmental Protection LicenseRequired for generators that significantly impact the environment, including noise and air pollution.
Victoria (VIC)Environmental Protection Act 2017Planning Permit, EPA Works ApprovalLarger generators might need a planning permit and/or EPA Works Approval, especially if they pose a risk to the environment.
Queensland (QLD)Environmental Protection Regulation 2019Environmental AuthorityGenerators affecting the environment beyond standard conditions need an Environmental Authority.
Western Australia (WA)Environmental Protection Act 1986Works Approval/ LicenseSignificant projects may require Works Approval or a License from the EPA, focusing on emissions and noise.
South Australia (SA)Environment Protection Act 1993EPA LicenceRequired for activities that have a significant environmental impact, including operating large generators.
Tasmania (TAS)Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994Environmental Protection NoticeMay be issued to ensure compliance with specific conditions related to environmental management.
Northern Territory (NT)Environmental Protection Act 2019Waste Discharge LicenseRequired for generators that discharge waste or pollutants into the environment.
Australian Capital Territory (ACT)Environment Protection Regulation 2019Environment Protection AgreementMay be needed for activities posing significant environmental risks, including large-scale generator use.

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Looking to keep your projects running smoothly with reliable power solutions? Look no further than iseekplant! We connect you with top generator suppliers across Australia, ensuring you get access to high-quality equipment perfect for your project requirements.

Got questions or need assistance? Reach out to us at [email protected] or call 1300 691 912. Ready to power up your projects? Click 'Get a Quote' to get started today!

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