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  • Sumner Park BC QLD
  • Fleet Size: 19
  • Toowoomba QLD
  • Fleet Size: 804
  • Carrum Downs VIC
  • Fleet Size: 620
  • Oakdale NSW
  • Fleet Size: 6
  • South Granville NSW
  • Fleet Size: 841
  • Jamisontown NSW
  • Fleet Size: 10
  • Dandenong South VIC
  • Fleet Size: 389

Welders and Compressors Hire

Hiring a welder is common on job sites due to their high cost of purchase. Welders are required for many residential, civil and building projects where steel fabrication is required, especially in the reinforcing of concrete slabs or structures or the joining of reinforcing steel panels in pre-cast buildings. Whilst a lot of the welding can be done offsite, large structures are often welded together in-situ, once the foundations have been dug and shored up. Welding machines are also hired onto sites with many earthmoving machinery operating — to make, amend or maintain attachments to the machines and for machinery maintenance and repairs, or to repair the hard facing cutting edges and GET components of attachments — particularly attachments that are deployed over many hours in the cutting of rock or harder aggregates. Diesel welding machines are the most common, and there are also special types of marine welders suitable for underwater applications. Many types, sizes and kinds or welders can be found on iSeekplant.


Air compressors are common small plant found on civil and mining jobsites and are not just used for filling tyres on hire earthmoving machinery. They can be used to re-charged air-operated tools such as rattle guns, grinders, needle guns or air-operated torque wrenches. We have a range of air compressors and their size is usually measured in the Cubic inches of air output (called the CPI range).

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