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Hydra-Wash specialise in Pavement Cleaning Services. We have a fleet of 20 Road Sweepers, 10 Ride on sweepers, 6 Ride -on Scrubbers, 5  Specialised pressure washing trucks and 6 Water Carts fitted with

HP sprays and cannons., over time gained a solid reputation for service, quality and reliability in the industry.

We are 100% Australian owned and operated and our Hydra-Washing system (patent pending) was engineered and manufactured in Australia 20 years ago. It has become a sought after design which has eliminated many of the environmental problems that have plagued the industry.

Our large range of ride-on sweeper and floor scrubbers are available for hire to clean your warehouse, carparks and driveways, shopping centres and construction sites.



Road Sweeping Hire
Car Park Cleaning
Airports and Wharves Sweeping
Emergency Spills – Concrete, Oil, Waste, Gravel, Sand
Pits and Gulley’s Cleaned – up to 1.5 deep
High Pressure – Spray bars
Construction Sites
Government – Councils, Hospitals, Car parks
Railcorp and RMS approved contractors
University and TAFE Car Park Sweeping

Water Carts - Wet and Dry hire

Chewing Gum Removal

Truck Types

MacDonald Johnson Road Sweepers  VT651 -
Schwarze Road Sweepers  XL6500

Johnson CN200 Footpathe Sweepers
Tennant- Full range of Sweepers and scrubbers available

High Pressure spray bars and suction wands on all sweepers.

Water Trucks 10,000 and 14,000 litre

Pressure Washing trucks- with Hot Water Heaters.

All our Trucks are Fitted with GPS tracking

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Machines & Services

Road Truck Street Sweeper (1)

Small or Ride On Street Sweeper (3)

  • T20
  • 2018
  • S30
  • 2019

Truck Mounted Water Cart (2)

Services (2)


  • 113 Fairford Rd Padstow 2211
  • 2 Journeyman Close, Berkeley Vale NSW, Australia

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