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Water Pump for Hire on iseekplant

Water pumps are your friend if your site has copped a pizzling and you need to remove water, fast. Water pumps have many applications, from construction and landscaping to flood control, agriculture, and mining. As Australia's largest digital marketplace for water pump hire, we specialise in connecting you with the best water pump hire suppliers in the industry. With our easy-to-use platform and a few clicks, we can connect you to Australia’s reputable suppliers, and compare prices, specifications, and reviews to find the perfect pump for your needs.

At iseekplant, we categorise all our water pumps as follows:

  • Ground Dewatering Systems: These systems efficiently remove water from porous soil layers, which is crucial for construction and mining. They prevent water-logging and stabilise the ground.
  • High Head Water Pumps: High head pumps are designed to move water over long distances or high elevations. Ideal for irrigation and municipal water supply.
  • Portable Water Pumps: Compact and easy to transport, portable pumps are perfect for quick water removal. They're essential for emergency flooding or irrigation tasks.
  • Silenced Water Pumps: Silenced pumps operate quietly, making them suitable for residential areas or night-time work. They minimise noise pollution while managing water levels.
  • Submersible Water Pumps: Submersible pumps are placed underwater for efficient water extraction. They're ideal for deep wells, drainage, and sewage treatment.

Water Pump Hire Rates Guide

The right water pump is crucial for various industries, including construction and agriculture. Here's a breakdown of different types of water pumps and their current hire rates:

Hire Rates of Water Pumps on iseekplant

Water Pump TypeSize and CapacityHire Rates (per day)Hire Rates (per week)
Ground Dewatering SystemsMultiple units: 6in/150mm & 8in/200mm pumps combined systemPOAPOA
High Head Water PumpsPump – 4in/100mm Towable High HeadPOAPOA
Portable Water PumpsPump – 4in/100mm Towable$229$1,603
Portable Water PumpsPump – 6in/150mm Towable$289$2,023
Portable Water PumpsPump – 8in/200mm TowablePOAPOA
Silenced Water PumpsPump – 4in/100mm SkiddedPOAPOA
Silenced Water PumpsPump – 6in/150mm SkiddedPOAPOA
Silenced Water PumpsPump – 8in/200mm SkiddedPOAPOA
Submersible Water Pumps8 kW Rental Pump$38$266
Submersible Water Pumps8 kW Standby Pump$15$105
Submersible Water Pumps20 kW Rental Pump$58$406
Submersible Water Pumps20 kW Standby Pump$27$189

Please note:

  • 'POA' indicates 'Price On Application', used where daily hire rates are not available.
  • Weekly rates are calculated based on a 7-day rental period; actual rates may vary based on the rental company's policies.
  • The size and capacity for Ground Dewatering Systems often involve multiple pump units working together, depending on the project's scale and the amount of water to be removed.
  • Ground Dewatering Systems are complex and customised to the project's requirements, hence the need for individual quotations from the rental company.

Hire Rates of Other Water Pump Types

Pump TypeSizeCapacityHire Rates (per day)Hire Rates (per week)
Centrifugal Pump2", 4", 6"200 L/min, 500 L/min, 1,000 L/min$100 - $300$600 - $1,800
Trash Pump3", 6"300 L/min, 800 L/min$200 - $500$1,200 - $3,000
High-Pressure Pump4"500 L/minPOAPOA
Agricultural Pump4", 8"400 L/min, 1,200 L/minPOAPOA
Borehole Pump5"1,000 L/minPOAPOA
Suction Pump2", 4"250 L/min, 700 L/min$200 - $500$1,200 - $3,000
Eductor Pump3"350 L/minPOAPOA

Note: All prices listed on this page are estimates, exclude GST and are in AUD. Price estimates can vary based on location, model and additional requirements.

Types of Water Pumps

When it comes to water management, knowing the right pump for the job is essential. Each type of water pump serves specific purposes, from dewatering construction sites to irrigating agricultural fields. Understanding these pumps and their applications can greatly improve efficiency and effectiveness in various industries. Here's a breakdown of different water pumps and their applications:

Water Pumps on iseekplant

Pump TypeApplication
Ground Dewatering SystemsUsed to lower groundwater levels, ideal for construction sites to keep excavations dry.
High Head Water PumpsSuitable for moving water over long distances or to high elevations, such as in mining operations.
Portable Water PumpsEasy to transport, perfect for irrigation, flood water removal, or emergency water supply.
Silenced Water PumpsDesigned for use in noise-sensitive areas like residential zones or night-time operations.
Submersible Water PumpsPlaced underwater, ideal for draining flooded areas, emptying pools, or removing water from wells.

Other Water Pump Types

Pump TypesApplication
Centrifugal PumpWidely used for general water transfer, irrigation, and dewatering in construction sites due to their versatility and ease of use.
Trash PumpDesigned to handle solids-laden water, making them perfect for dewatering construction sites and removing debris from water bodies.
High-Pressure PumpUsed for tasks requiring high-pressure water, such as jetting, firefighting, and industrial cleaning, due to their powerful output.
Agricultural PumpSpecifically designed for agricultural use, these pumps are ideal for irrigation, crop spraying, and transferring water on farms.
Borehole PumpUtilised for extracting water from deep underground sources, commonly used in boreholes, wells, and deep water applications.
Suction PumpIdeal for suctioning water from one location to another, often used in drainage systems, aquaculture, and water transfer tasks.
Eductor PumpUtilises a high-velocity fluid to create a vacuum, commonly used for pumping liquids and gases, and mixing or agitating liquids.

Seeking the perfect water pump for your project? Let iseekplant be your guide! Request comprehensive quotes from our suppliers using our Get a Quote tool for an accurate estimate today.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Water Pump

Selecting the right water pump is crucial for ensuring the success of your project. Several key factors should be taken into account to ensure you choose a pump that meets your needs and delivers optimal performance. From pump capacity and power source to the type of water being pumped, each consideration plays a vital role in the selection process. Understanding these factors will not only help you make an informed decision but also ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of your water pump.

  • Pump Capacity and Head: Choose a pump with the right capacity and head to meet your specific needs efficiently. Matching capacity with demand ensures optimal performance.
  • Power Source: Selecting the appropriate power source – electric, diesel, petrol or solar – maximises pump efficiency and suits your location's needs.
  • Type of Water: The water type dictates the pump choice; clear water pumps for minimal debris and trash pumps for solids-rich water. Ensure compatibility for peak performance.
  • Pump Efficiency and Reliability: Opt for pumps with high-efficiency ratings from reputable manufacturers to cut costs and minimise breakdown risks. Quality investments yield long-term benefits.
  • Cost and Budget: Balance your pump choice with budget constraints, considering both upfront and long-term operating costs. Smart selection ensures financial and operational efficiency.

Pump Hoses and Accessories

Choosing the right pump hose and accessories is crucial for the success of any pumping operation. Different applications require specific types of hoses to ensure efficient and safe water transfer. Whether you're managing dewatering tasks, irrigation, or chemical handling, understanding the available hose options can greatly enhance your project's efficiency. Always consult your supplier to find the best match for your pump and project needs.

Common Types of Pump Hoses

When you find the right local supplier with the pumps you need, make sure you ask about what type of hose you might need to hire alongside it. Here are some common types of hoses available at most suppliers:

  • Flanged Pump Hose
    • 150mm - 660mm - Hired on a per metre basis
  • Lay Flat Pump Hose
    • 25mm - 300mm - Hired on a per metre basis
  • Lightweight Steel Pump Hose
    • 100mm - 200mm - Hired on a per metre basis
  • Chemical Pump House
    • 50mm - Hired on a per metre basis
  • Suction Pump Hose
    • 100mm - 200mm - Hired on a per metre basis

Other Hire Options

If you’ve got a big dewatering problem on your hand, ask your specialist supplier which of these other dewatering equipment items they can also offer you:

  • Clarifying Tanks: These tanks serve as crucial components for separating solids from liquids, thus enhancing water purity for various projects. They're perfect for construction sites that need to meet environmental discharge standards.
  • Bunding: Bunding creates safe, contained areas for storing liquids to prevent contamination and protect work sites. It's a must-have for environmental compliance and spill management.
  • Hose Cross Over Road Ramp: This tool safeguards hoses and cables across work areas, preserving their integrity against traffic. It's indispensable for urban and infrastructure projects to ensure continuous operation.
  • Sediment Tanks: Sediment tanks strategically capture sediment from dewatered fluids, crucial for maintaining clean discharge standards. They are ideal for projects near water bodies or in ecologically sensitive areas.
  • Flow Meters: Flow meters provide precise measurements of water flow, essential for monitoring and managing water usage efficiently. They are critical for optimising pump operations and project water management.
  • Water Treatment Systems: Water treatment systems transform contaminated water into clean, reusable, or dischargeable water, essential for environmental stewardship. They are key for projects requiring stringent water quality controls.

Find the Perfect Water Pump at iseekplant!

Hiring a water pump is essential for efficient water management, preventing flooding and ensuring your project stays on schedule. From water pumps to a wide array of construction services and equipment, iseekplant has you covered. Any queries or need guidance? Shoot us an email at [email protected] or ring us at 1300 691 912. To get rolling, just tap on 'Get a Quote'!

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