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What is a Water Pump?

In the construction industry, water pumps and dewatering systems are crucial, especially during rainy seasons, as groundwater and rain can flood the entire site, causing delays, downtime and more.

We have a range of water pump hire and dewatering systems suppliers in Melbourne and throughout the country, to help your site stay dry.

Water Pump Hire

There are many different types of water pumps, and Sydney water pump hire can help you navigate the right type for your next job. Water pumps help reduce downtime from large rains, and allow you to reduce operational costs and keep productivity high.

The two main types of water pumps include positive displacement pumps and centrifugal pumps. Both have the same purpose, and are continuously moving water from one point and disposing of it elsewhere.

Centrifugal water pumps have a rotating impeller which moves water into the pump, pressurising the discharge flow, while positive displacement water pumps have a fixed amount of flow and a flexible diaphragm. These are an efficient choice as they automatically remove air from lines.

When you’re browsing water pump hire in Geelong or wherever your next project is based, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind. Knowing the flow rate is important as it will let you know the approximate horsepower that you will need. There are a few different motors to choose from, including manual, hydraulic, gas, diesel or power.

Dewatering Systems Suppliers

Just as there are many different dewatering systems, there are also many dewatering systems suppliers in Adelaide and throughout Australia. The most common and simplest dewatering system is sump pumping, when an excavator installs sumps and groundwater is collected inside the sumps before being pumped away from the site.

While this is a cost-effective method, ground loss and excessive seepage can be both time-consuming and expensive to deal with, and can cause instability of the ground.

For this reason, pre-drainage dewatering systems are often used, and there are a number of installations which already have filtration devices installed, allowing you to avoid any water and silt problems.

Jetting is another option, and this is when a number of well points are installed and then connected up to a suction pumping system. Borehole pumps are typically used for deep well applications, while suction pumps are ideal for traditional well points, and eductor pumps are good for low flow and low permeability applications.

An effective dewatering system often relies on properly laid pipework, which allows pumps to be checked, maintained and replaced, ensuring that the site remains productive.

If you’re browsing water pump and dewatering systems suppliers in Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia, iSeekplant have a huge range of suppliers with a variety of systems that can help you keep your site clean, safe, and dry.

If you’re time-poor or unsure which equipment is the best for your next project, give us a call on 1300 691 912 or email our experienced Projects Team for advice, and we’ll compare suppliers and equipment for you.

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