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What is a Septic Tank Pump Out?

What is a septic tank?

A septic tank is usually made from concrete or plastic, and it’s how we keep harmful chemicals and waste from entering into our water supplies.

When we flush water down the pipes in our kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and laundry rooms, this water often flows into a septic tank. The role of the septic tank is to safely contain this waste water and to direct the waste into sewage networks.

How does a septic tank work?

When water flows into a septic tank, the heavier waste will settle at the bottom, and any oil, fat or grease floats to the top. 

This wastewater gets digested by good bacteria which turns it into sludge. It can then be repurposed as sewage water, which flows into nearby absorption trenches. This helps us to keep the wastewater away from our homes and our drinking water supply!

As oils, greases and fats aren't as heavy, they float to the top and form a “scum blanket”. This helps to keep the smell contained, and allows the bacteria to work faster.

What is a septic tank pump out?

As you can imagine, with all of this sludge and scum getting stored under your home, there comes a point where you’ll need it cleaning out. This is exactly what happens in a septic tank pump out. 

With a septic tank cleaning, a truck will suck out the scum, sludge and any wastewater from your tank so it runs smoothly again.

Septic tank cleaning services Australia-wide

If you’re looking for septic pump out services for your home or property, iSeekplant has loads of contractors listed online, and we’ll help you to find the best contractor for your situation and budget. 

You can find contractors for septic tank pumping all over Australia, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our team today.

When do I need a septic tank pumping?

To an untrained eye, it’s not always easy to see when you might need your septic tank pumping, but there are a few signs to look out for:

Can you smell something odd?

One of the most common signs your septic tank needs pumping out can be a lingering rotten-egg smell. If this smell is haunting your home, give us a call.

Are your drains taking a while to clear?

Another sign could be that your toilets and drainage systems are taking a long time to clear. 

Do you know the last time your septic tank was pumped?

If you haven’t had any inspections of your septic tank for over 12 months, it’s probably best to get someone in to have a look at it. As time goes by, septic tank cleaning becomes more essential due to build up. 

Is the grass around your septic tank lush and green?

In many cases, this could be a sign of septic tank failure. This is not always the case, but if sewage is leaking, the grass around your septic tank might be an unusually dark green colour.

How does a septic tank pump out work? 

How we conduct your septic tank pumping depends on your property, the size of your tank and just how full it is already.

Here at iSeekplant, we’re experts at finding you the best price, no matter how big or small your septic tank clean out is. 

First of all, someone will likely be sent out to inspect your septic tank and ensure it is working to satisfactory standards. During this time, your expert should identify the inspection hatches to speed the emptying process up. If your septic tank is particularly full with solid materials, your expert may have to dig around your tank in order to remove the lid completely.

From this, you’ll be assigned a truck suited to the precise size of your septic tank - taking into consideration ease of access, for example just how close your septic tank is to the nearest road. 

You can then expect your septic tank to be inspected for any damage that may have occurred since your last pump out. Once given the all-clear, your septic tank will likely be sealed up again and back into perfect working order! 

You may need a septic tank pump out again from anywhere between two and six years after your last, depending on how many people live at your home and the type of waste you wash into your drains.

Do I need a septic pump out?

Although only you can make that decision, there are definitely warning signs that mean you’re long overdue a septic pumping.

If you don’t pump your septic tank, you could end up with raw sewage backing up into your home or backyard. This can happen when your sewer drain blocks and can cause a whole manner of health risks due to parasites and bacteria - not to mention the financial cost of cleaning up the spill safely. 

Also, if left unpumped, high levels of solids can damage pumps and block filters, which can be a costly and time-consuming problem to fix further down the line.

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