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What is a Pavers, Spreaders, Stabilisers, Profiler?

For those working on roadworks projects, you’re probably going to need to be using specialised machinery, which, if you buy it outright, will often involve significant outlays. We have extensive hiring options on our Australia-wide database, increasing job efficiency since you’ll have access to the best machines for the job, and saving you money as it’s often more economical to rent these machines short-term.  At iSeekplant, we have a huge range of equipment available for roadworks projects, and our suppliers can ensure that you have the right machines for your next project.

Pavers For Hire

Our paver suppliers in Sydney and throughout Australia have many different pavers available, so you’ll be sure to find one that suits the needs of your next project. Asphalt pavers are used for effectively and quickly laying asphalt, and can either be operated in tandem with a dump truck, or can also use a material transfer unit. These machines shape and distribute asphalt, which is a combination of a binding agent and aggregate, and the asphalt is laid on an area like a parking lot or road, by an asphalt paver which will then compact it down. While it’s more economical to use a dump truck, this does involve some risk when it comes to the surface finish.

If you’re using a dump truck and too much material is loaded into the hopper, this can cause the screed to rise, creating an uneven surface. On the other hand, if there isn’t enough material available, this will cause the screed to lower, and the asphalt mat may end up too thin. We also have a range of concrete pavers for hire in Melbourne and elsewhere in the country, allowing you to pave airports, parking lots, footpaths, driveways, and more.


If you’re looking for spreader suppliers in Perth, you’ll find plenty on the iSeeplant database. Spreaders are useful for a range of jobs, including spreading soil, cement, and more. Spreaders will evenly spread aggregate across the ground, and there are a range of different machines, some of them controlled by computers to ensure an even spread, regardless of how fast they are travelling.

Stabilisers For Hire

Stabilisers have a metal drum containing rows of mixing paddles or blades. They make soil cement and are often attached to the front of a tractor, and driven with the tractor’s hydraulic system, with the driver controlling the spreading quantity. There are a range of stabiliser suppliers in Brisbane and throughout the country, and the iSeekplant team can help you find the right stabiliser or stabiliser supplier for your next roadwork project.

Profilers for Hire

Profilers have recently been becoming more popular for site excavation projects as they ensure minimal traffic disturbances and produce neater end-results. These machines are also used to grind and remove old asphalt off the road so it can be recycled.

If you’re looking for paver, spreader, stabiliser, or profiler suppliers in Adelaide or anywhere else in Australia, check the iSeekplant database or get in touch with our team today.

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