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WA Soakwells: The Cheapest Soakwell Installation in Perth

Need Help Installing a Soakwell? WA Soakwells Have Installed THOUSANDS of Soakwells All Around Perth.

Plus We Offer a Generous 10 Year Warranty Guarantee on all of our Soakwell Installations!

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Perth’s Fastest & Cheapest Soakwell Installation

Need help with a Soakwell installation? We specialise in new home concrete & polypropylene soakwell installations, stormwater drainage installations, channel grate, and pipe work. Call us today for a FREE quote. We service all areas of Perth, including surrounding rural areas.


Concrete & Polypropylene Soakwell Installation

We specialise in helping new homeowners install sturdy, long-lasting, regulatory-compliant soakwells.

We’ll help you supply and install a top quality concrete soakwell. We have dozens of sizes to suit your needs and capacities – and all of our soakwells are wrapped in geo-cloth to prevent unwanted leaching.

Fixing Poor Installations

Are you having flooding problems or issues with your soakwells and paving sinking?

We’re used to fixing lousy soakwell installations.

We can remove and reinstall your paving, including clearing away any excess water and soil. We’ll help you restore your paving to its former glory.

Channel Grate

Having trouble with your garage flooding?

Channel strip drain systems are excellent solutions to commercial and domestic slot and strip drains.

We’ll stop your garage flooding – we supply and install high–quality channel grate.


Proper stormwater drainage management is critical to keeping your home flood-free during a big storm.

Don’t let excess runoff put your home at risk. Contact us for a comprehensive price list for all your 90mm stormwater pipe and fittings.

Pipe Work

Well-managed pipework is critical to ensuring a long-lasting soakwell installation.

We can install pipework from the downpipes though to the soakwells, as well as to the council drainage spigot if required.

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Excavator Hire

Need to hire an excavator? We have a 1.5-tonne excavator for hire for all of your excavating needs.

We can help you with trenching, stump removal, digging footings for your house – or anything else that you need an excavator for!

Jonathan Suckling

Soakwell Specialist (20+ years experience)

Jonathan leads WA Soakwells and has over 20 years of experience in soakwells, excavation, and stormwater drainage.

Jonathan is passionate about making sure his clients get the right stormwater system at a fair price, with the minimum amount of inconvenience.

You can reach Jonathan directly at 0412 226 517 to discuss the details of your stormwater installation.

About WA Soakwells

WA Soakwells is a wholly WA owned and operated family business based in the Perth suburb of Cannington. We specialise in new home storm water drainage installations. We have been installing storm water drainage and concrete soakwells since 1993, and have a world of experience when it comes to all things storm water drainage and soakwells.

Soakwell installations can quickly become complex when the various regulations, site conditions and other underground services are taken into consideration. We do this every day and can help you navigate this complex job. We’ve installed soakwells working alongside many of Perth’s top builders, including:

  • APG
  • Artique Homes
  • Ben Trager Homes
  • BGC
  • Sapphire Homes
  • Content Living Homes
  • Dreamstart Homes
  • Mindful Homes

We have experience in installing soakwells in new homes, units, car parks, and more. You can learn more about what a soakwell is, or contact us today to find out how we can help you with a hassle-free soakwell installation.

What is a Soakwell?

A soakwell (also known as a drywell or dry well) is an underground structure that disposes of unwanted water, most commonly surface runoff and stormwater, and in some cases, greywater. It is a covered, porous-walled chamber that allows water to soak into the ground slowly (that is, percolate), dissipating into the groundwater. Soakwells are known as soakaways in the United Kingdom or soak pits in India.

Perth Soakwells are usually made of concrete, polypropylene or masonry bricks. Typically, rainwater from a dwelling roof or impermeable ground area travels via stormwater piping to a soakwell or underground tank, gently seeping into the surrounding soil. Soakwells are mostly connected to downpipes leading from gutters on practically most outdoor habitations unless a common drainage system is available.

In the past many homeowners installed soakwells by digging a hole and building it out with bricks and mortar, however, this system often allow leaching of sand back into the soakwells

A soakwell can range in size from a few litres to 5000 litres in concrete or extended volumes in polypropylene. A soakwell is installed typically 300mm to 500mm below ground with the bottom edges varying in depth between 900mm to 2.4 metres.

Why Do We Need Soakwells?

Forgetting the fact that managing rainwater on your property is a legal requirement in Western Australia, it makes no sense to cut corners with your soakwell system. 

When a volume of rainwater arrives, you need the confidence that your soakwells will perform as required.

Rainwater, which is not effectively managed on your property, can cause a range of issues. Apart from the apparent effects of erosion on your property and your neighbours, a build-up of water against your property can cause many problems, including:

  • Erosion of house stumps and building subsidence
  • Subsidence of footings and concrete pads
  • Rising damp to walls and foundations and flooring
  • Wood rot

And let’s not forget termites love a drink and you could be the principal provider

Unless you effectively manage rainwater on your property, you could be faced with carrying out extensive repairs and renovations to your home, both inside and out, above and below. 

However, if you install a soakwell system which is designed to accommodate the expected levels of rainwater for your property, you are likely to avoid significant maintenance costs and avoid issues with your neighbours.

How does a Soakwell Work?

When rain falls on undeveloped property, it’s evenly distributed across the soil, where it will later disperse. The introduction of non-porous structures like roofing, foundations, and paving prevents the even dispersal of rain, which leaves the bare soil around those structures to absorb much more water than it would in their absence. This can contribute significantly to problems like soil erosion and flooding while also presenting a risk of foundation damage.

Soakwell installation is one of the most commonly relied-upon methods of preventing water damage related to flooding. Soakwells work by collecting rainwater diverted through pipes and dispersing it into the soil. They’re installed underground, and come in a variety of sizes.


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